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Adoption Policy

If you are considering adopting a dog from Forest Dog Rescue please review the following information about our expectations of adopters:

  1. You will not part with possession of the dog except to return it to the rescue centre from which it came by prior arrangement if for any reason you are unable to keep the dog. 
  2. You will maintain the dog in proper quarters; the dog will not be chained.
  3. If the dog should appear to be ill or injured you will seek the advice of a qualified Veterinary Surgeon.  You will also understand the importance of vaccinations.
  4. Under no circumstances will the dog be used for breeding purposes.  All our rescue dogs are neutered; where they are too young to be neutered prior to re-homing, we will follow up with the new owners to check this is done within an agreed period.
  5. As required by law, you will ensure that your name, address or phone number is attached to the dog's collar.
  6. You will notify the Police, Local Council and Forest Dog Rescue within 24 hours should the dog become lost or is missing.
  7. You will allow any authorised representative from Forest Dog Rescue, at any reasonable time, access to inspect the dog and its living quarters.  If conditions are unsatisfactory, Forest Dog Rescue reserve the right to reclaim the dog.
  8. You understand that the dog is not sold to you; but you will agree to an agreed donation towards kenneling and Veterinary Surgeon's fees. Should you have to return the dog to Forest Dog Rescue, no refund of this donation will be made unless in exceptional circumstances and this will be discussed at the next Trustee's meeting.
  9. You understand that the dog is Micro-Chipped and Registered in the name of Forest Dog Rescue; you are not permitted to transfer the dog into your own name.  You understand that after 4 weeks has passed with the dog in your possession, Forest Dog Rescue will add your details to micro-chip database with Forest Dog Rescue as an emergency backup contact.  Forest Dog Rescue operates a 24 hour phone line and you understand their concern to ensure the dog's swift recovery in those circumstances.
  10. You understand that Forest Dog Rescue has endeavoured to provide you with as much information about the dog as possible.  You understand Rescue Dogs may be unpredictable and no liability will be accepted by Forest Dog Rescue for any consequences whatsoever resulting from events attributable to the failure to give information or the transmission of incorrect information regarding the dog.
  11. You understand that the dog may be incubating disease not obvious at the time of adoption, which may become clinical at a later date and that no liability is accepted for this event by Forest Dog Rescue.  However we will endeavour to offer our support. 
  12. Forest Dog Rescue regard the neutering of any adopted dog as vital both in terms of health of the individual dog and in the avoidance of unwanted litters. Every effort will be made to neuter dogs before they leave the rescue.  If the dog is not neutered for any reason, you will neuter the dog within the agreed timescale as discussed upon adoption.  Upon receipt of an invoice, Forest Dog Rescue will pay to you a Token fee of £50. 
  13. Forest Dog Rescue will not rehome dogs that have come to us with no known prior history to families with children aged 5 years or under.

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