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"Happy Tails"

This page is where we hope to share monthly updates from some of the lucky dogs who have finally found their forever families, we adore the stories and pictures people share with us, we hope you do too

We start our March Happy Tails with Penny!

Hi guys just to let you know that I entered Penny into a competition to have her picture printed in a boxer colouring book and she's won...

Hi All. Thought i would send this pic of our gorgeous girl Ellie (was Alesha). Here she is keeping warm in her new hoodie on the sofa watching the snow lol. 
I couldnt resist the hoodie when i saw what was printed on it.
She's our Princess and is never happier than when being cuddled or tucked up under the duvet with us lol as you will see from the 2nd photo.
Gotta keep them warm in this weather. But Ellies a real princess she sits by the basket where her outfits are & waits for us to dress her lol. One time i put a jumper on our chihuahua x as he wasnt too well. She had a tantrum & sulking fit that lasted days til we worked out why. Soon as she was dressed she was so happy .Shes such a funny girl lol 

Hope you are all ok and that the dogs are too with this cold weather.

Hetty now poppy I am loving my new home I have just arrived mummy made daddy go and fetch my new brother ziggy and my sister zia first so we went for a mile long walk and I loved it . I have explored the garden and my new home I am now in my new bed . Thank you for looking after me but I have now found my forever home see you all soon .
Poppy x

Buddy loves his new home

Here’s a picture of dear boy Billy who seems to be another happy chappie in his new home, have a wonderful life Billy 

All 5 rescue dogs together Ziggy Zia and Poppy and my friends 2 rescue Bear and Lola we had a great walk for 3 miles and back and lots of new sniffs x

It's been 12 months today since we picked up Rusty from Forest Dog Rescue and he's such a big part of the family. He loves his morning cuddle in bed with us. He's a funny chap and we love him to bits. As we have no history we're going to celebrate his birthday today too. Thanks Forest Dog Rescue. Happy birthday Rusty xxxx

Don't know if you remember my baby boy (Stan the man) it's coming up to 4 years I must admit he's a pain in the you know were but so r my two son's and I wouldn't get rid of them he might be a pain but he's my pain and I love him

We have had Tia 5 weeks and she is doing really well

Good morning to you all at forest dog rescue. One year ago today we took this bundle of joy and energy into our lives. What a glorious day that was. We haven't looked back. Happy Gotcha day Luca (formly Lucky). 

I just love this picture of Ace, so had to share it with you. We rehomed him at the beginning of the year. He has settled in nicely with his furry brother and sister. Walks can be a challenge some days as the outside world is a big scary place, but we are getting there slowly. Thank you so much for this little ray of sunshine he is amazing

All is well with Bobby Moore
He's settling really well and becoming more confident every day

Thought you might like to see how Curly has been doing since he came from Ireland getting on for two and a half years ago.
What a character !!!
Please note :
Everybody has to pull their weight 
Apprenticeships available for those wishing to learn new skills
Rest breaks negotiable !!!

Lola has settled in our home and getting lots if love

Hello my name is Chance I left you one year a go I am still in my lovely home and I am the boss 

Quick Zion update...
He’s just such a joy! Thought I’d share! Xx

Had a very special little lady come to visit us at the kennels - Amber (was Cora). She won the hearts of all the staff and has seriously landed on all 4 paws in her new home. Unfortunately she will have to have her front leg amputated soon but we all (including the consultant) felt it was in her best interest to wait for her to settle first. Such a happy girl and brought smiles to all our faces when she popped in - it's always great to see how our pups are getting on and really brightens up our day  :)
Thank you Sheila for bringing her over and giving her that second chance of a better and brighter life xxx

Best news ever - PETE HAS BEEN REHOMED!!!!!!
After 9 long months of being in kennels his wait is finally over  :)
His new dad Paul picked him up last week and we have been on tender hooks to see how he settles before telling you all. 
Well we are over the moon to report he has settled brilliantly - has been to the pub, gone on loads of walks, accompanied his dad on his fish and chip runs and taken over the sofa.
Thank you so much to everyone for sharing this special lad and massive thanks to Paul for giving our boy his very own home.
Good luck Pete and hopefully we will see you soon xxxx

Max is such a great dog, seems so happy!

Bertie "I know it’s early days but after a good hour of playing with his favourite toy and some dinner he’s found his place on the sofa on his very on cushion!
Bless him"
Absolutely made our day!!!!!!! After 6 long months with us in kennels Bertie looks so happy out and about with his new dad. We couldn't be happier for this little man  :)

Really pleased to let you know how well Flint is getting on in his new home, just after 3 weeks settling in superbly well ..!! Sure has loads of energy and loves his ball and walks.. hot dog today cooling off in the last of the snow..  ❄️  thanks so much for helping us find our new member of the family ..

Good morning Just a quick message to say its a year ago today that we got Taco (formerly Milo) from you. Its been such a joy to watch him blossom into such a happy, healthy and confident little dog. We are so grateful you allowed us to have him so thank you! Love Sami and Paul and of course Taco! Xx

The face you make when you sit and walk in mud on walkies   he is doing so well! Come out his shell completely. Jumped on the side and ate a bag of treats today   he is so happy, loving the constant company and 2/3 walks a day 
Second bath now needed   "Muddy Max"

Bubby he is a little star bless him loved by everyone  with Sharon Downey

Hi All
Bertie & Milo have been with us for 6 months today! They are such gorgeous boys and bring us so much pleasure.
Thank you for bringing us together and for all that you do! Kind regards Sue

Thank you for letting Pedro come to live with us! We absolutely love him, he is the perfect addition to our family! 

"Hi there, hope all is well with you and your residents - with a bit of luck this is the time of year that folks think about getting out and about with a four-legged friend, so hope you're keeping busy with rehoming!
Thought you'd like a few pics of Barney (was Kent whilst with you). He is very happy that it is picnic season once again  . Growing in confidence by the day, much less fearful around other dogs and was even able to enjoy a little time off his lead today up at Kinver - happy days"

Just a quick pupdate from Billy-whizz..he has had his first trip up the Malvern hills. Went to the cafe for some cake and a trip to mountain warehouse.....oh and he met some cows . We will bring him over to see you all soon

Quick Easter update from Rolo. We have started training to help him over come his stress when out for walks. He is doing so well bless him small steps. He has also found a mouse in the garden and has been busy digging every inch given the chance trying to find it!!!! Hope you are all well love Rolo and family. Xx

We adopted Rosie from you last July. Yesterday she took her Kennel Club Silver test (the Good Citizens Scheme) and passed with flying colours. We're very proud of her! You would hardly recognise her now: the scars on her neck have all healed up, and her tail has bushed out like an enormous feather duster - she makes quite a draught when she wags it, which she does frequently. She send lots of licky kisses to all her friends at FDR.

Thanks for the courtesy call last week 
Bobby Moore aka sometimes Bob is settling so well 
He really is a lovely boy .
He s been to our local park , Kinver and common near us 
He so loves his walks but also just being with us"

Glorious George the holy terror has the life of the Gods....

And to end this months Happy Tails we have Reggie!

Reggie What a difference 8 weeks can make he’s our baby and wouldn’t be without him can’t believe we have had him 8 weeks he’s changed so much xx


We hope you have enjoyed this months “Happy Tails”

All these lovely and so gratefully received updates will be refreshed each month so if you would like to join in, please send your stories plus some pictures if you can to either our Facebook page as a visitors post, private message or via email to – we look for hearing from you!



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