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"Happy Tails"

This page is where we hope to share monthly updates from some of the lucky dogs who have finally found their forever families, we adore the stories and pictures people share with us, we hope you do too

We start our May Happy Tails with Angus!

Happy birthday Angus (Lewis)! Three years today since you came to stay

Good morning, forgot to send this yesterday, but thought you'd like to see Darcey on her 4th birthday, snuggled up on her big sister's bed.

Dylan - My gorgeous old man sticking his tongue out at hydrotherapy - his most favourite thing to do in the whole world x

We had a special visitor the other day  :) Lovely little Bobby looking the picture of heath and happiness. He came to us in a bit of a state as you can see by the picture on the right but just look at him now!! He looks amazing and was very happy to see us all. Be happy Bobby

Reggie having snuggles with his mom

Almost exactly a year since we became this little gal's servants...hup Ruby!
Well, my hoomans tell me it’s a year today since they brought me home. I quite like it here and everyone’s well trained now, they put my bed outside so I can lie in the sun – I love this sooooo much. Then they move this umbrella thing so the sun doesn’t make me too hot. I go for lovely long walks, I’ve got lots of pals and sometimes my best friend Tilly the Lurcher comes and we go for zoomies around the field. I would really like to have a friend to live with me and this would make me really happy, they are trying very hard to find another nice pooch but cuz I’m sooo brilliant it’s hard to find someone who will come up to my very high standards. Anyway, I just thought I would let you know that I’m really happy and trying hard to be a good girl. Lots of love from Ruby xxx

"Morning guys!
Remember Bertie??
Here he is enjoying play time before it gets to hot he’s an amazing little man and we all love him to bits

Penny has been teaching Arnie some of her naughty ways.... latest trick. Chewing the trampoline poles  . It's a good job they're cute 

Axel settling in nicely

Hello there forest dog .... Max the labradoodle here! Well my humans have had me for around 9 months now and I've decided they are for keeps. They like to take me on holiday in the car and I have been to three new places on holiday already!I am working very hard on my recall and I am let off the lead now as long as no other doggies are around as I as always want to go and make friends with them. Here I am on my latest holidays to devon...

Freya (was Sierra) on hols in Barmouth — with Joanne Wynn-collier.

Our Easter hols away with Rolo at Devon Valley, he loved travelling on the ferry! 
He is enjoying his first holiday with us. Travelled well down to south Devon. He has enjoyed exploring quite areas but has found the beach and busy walks stressful, during these times he has been happier being carried. He loves the cottage we are staying in and smelling all the different sniffs in the garden each day and rolling in smelly stuff!!! Oh and eating it . Hope you are all well.

Bentley (now Bran) says hello    ❤
He's turned into a very intelligent, loving, BIG boy!

So does Lexi (Lexus). Fantastic dog with lots of energy and affection!

Bumped into Dakota (now Totty)on a walk this morning, her dad said she is such a good girl in every way, how lovely is that 

"Benson is still a complete wiggle, but we’re working on that with bribery! At least in an attempt to keep him still enough to get his harness on!! He LOVES his walks. We were on a safe, secluded walk on Saturday and let him off lead. Him and Jimmy had a ball chasing each other round!! He seems happy to follow Jimmy, and his recall was excellent! 
That’s it for now!! We are sooooooo happy to have Benson in our lives. We all love him to bits!!
Thank you for your help and hard work and being a great charity....."

Toasty by the sea, great to hear from you!

We had a little visitor that came to say hello the other day - JASMINE  :) She had already been out twice before so we have been waiting a long time to find her the right home. She looked amazing and greeted us all with big hugs and kisses. She is settling in well and has made lots of new friends that she loves to play with! Fingers and paws crossed its third time lucky  :)

"Hi there,
We just wanted to send you a few photos of the lovely Louie after our first weekend together! We're all getting along brilliantly - complete chaos but so much fun!"

"Here's our Lorne looking very smart on holiday! He's a bit daft (he chases bees!) but he's wonderful, always wagging his tail and wanting to be friends with everyone. Recently he met another Forest Dog, the lovely Indie (was Kula) and thought she was great! Hoping to bring Lorne back to see you all soon."

Stan is enjoying watching Eastenders tonight

Our gorgeous rescue pooch Diesel

Billy - What a little sweetheart. Problems to be overcome but seeing improvements already and with his loving gentle nature he is so worth the effort.
It's our belief he's never been taken outside house and garden in previous life as he's so excited and overwhelmed once away from home.
Love him to bits

Mika and me taking a break on the cool grass during her lunchtime walk 

Buster and Eric are really well, we have had Buster 6 years in July and Eric 3 years in June and they truly are best friends - we really are so very lucky to have them.
My only sad news is that my beautiful Jessie went over Rainbow bridge on the 1st of May, aged 17. She truly was an amazing little girl, she took it in her stride when the boys moved in and allowed them to be part of our family. I miss her so very much, she was my little girl and constant companion.
It's been a while since I sent some pictures of the boys and I have sent one of Jessie on her birthday in April.
I hope everyone is all ok at FDR, thank you for my wonderful boys.

Both our girls being absolutely gorgeous today. Bria is calm and happy on her big walk and Marla is being golden off lead, a proper ‘big, little’ sister, showing her the ropes.

Hello all.
As promised some photos of Gobi enjoying life here in wales.
Gobi loves nothing better than playing with other dogs which makes me very happy as when he first came to live with me he was very scared of other dogs. But after lots of persuasion and watching other dogs play, he eventually joined in and now loves a good race around a field.


Sooty at the seaside - exhausted from running around

We hope you have enjoyed this months “Happy Tails”

All these lovely and so gratefully received updates will be refreshed each month so if you would like to join in, please send your stories plus some pictures if you can to either our Facebook page as a visitors post, private message or via email to – we look for hearing from you!



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