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"Happy Tails"

This new page is where we hope to share monthly updates from some of the lucky dogs who have finally found their forever families, we adore the stories and pictures people share with us, we hope you do too

We start September's Happy Tails with Penny!

So a week tomorrow we will have had moneypenny (now penny). She has settled well, tummy upset all resolved, she's come into her first season and done a bit of gardening for me too  ! Her and Arnie (my staffy) are getting on well and she seems to be relaxing into our home.

Remo's first holiday to Devon. He loved the beach and swimming in the sea.

Bertie - I am settling in well! I can't quite understand the difference in Inside and outside, but I'll get there ! I get walked off the lead all the time and I'm usually a good boy and come straight back. I like chasing runners in bright tops ! I spend most of my day sleeping and I love cuddles so much! I get so much attention when I'm out, people even pull over in cars to talk to me ! Thank you for finding me a home   I will come and visit you all soon. Love Bertie xxx
Ps I have even attended special fox hound shows so I can play safely off the lead with other dogs just like me ! 

Eddie enjoying his second holiday. He loves the beach & playing in the sea. He's been part of our family for 1 yr 9 months. He's the most kind hearted, cleverest dog. He loves long walks & curling up next to me. Our loveable gentle giant.

Dear Hoomans, 
Since the car boot this morning was cancelled due to the poor weather, so I couldn't come to see you, I thought I should send you this photo of me, taken this very afternoon! You know, in case you are missing my lovely smile too much - this should keep you going until I visit again   Hope you are all well and happy just like me! Lots of love, Daisy xxxx

Nuala has been living in her new home for a whole year now! 
Feels like I have had her forever! 
She loves her sister and has many doggie friends, she loves her agility lessons and obedience classes, however she's still an absolute nut case  , but I would not have her any other way, she is the most sweetest girl!! ♥️ ♥️

Thank you all at forest dog rescue for saving her from the streets and allowing her to come into our lives xxx
Sorry about the picture quality, couldn't get them to keep still. But Penny and Arnie bonding over a tug!

Glorious George looking guilty. Getting ready for his first holiday by the sea xxx

Munchkin now Basil settling in well. Enjoying his new life likes to sit in the doorway looking out at the garden.

Risby in his Equa Fleece keeping him dry on a muddy walk x

Lucy's first trip to the beach  ❤️ — at Llandudno West Shore Beach.

Deuce is settling well into his new home

Tizer - cuddles with my boy.. :) x

Glorious George loves the beach xxx his first holiday

I'm sure you've given us the wrong dog   patch has not sat down for more than a few minutes fuss since he got here and even that's just sat on our laps   marc tried to play fetch with him and he just wanted to play on his own for now haha
He's certainly not a lazy old man at the moment. Love him to pieces thank you for letting us give him his forever home
Patch SBT - 

Think we are going to need a bigger sofa. This is patch this morning

We have the same problem with our beloved Doug

Fab pupdate picture from Lucky who hasn't been the luckiest dog in the world so far but here is in his new home  :) Lets keep fingers and paws crossed he continues to do well!

Doug enjoying a lie down in his pool.

Blast from the past  :) Had a wonderful visit the other day from Pauline and Lady!! Great to see you both - don't leave it so long next time  :)
So Penny is definitely finding her feet... She stole hubbys lunch off side yesterday, sausages today, dragged out a full bag of tortoise bedding and spread it all over the kitchen floor and today has literally been stuck to my backside all day long... it's a good job I'm smitten cos she certainly knows how to push my buttons 

Glorious George does Clevedon xxx brave boy on his first pier. — at Clevedon Pier.

You may remember Nell (with broken tail), now Keeva. We are celebrating second anniversary with this crazy girl today. Not the easiest of dogs and you know I was up a year ago for some moral support as we were getting nowhere in helping her anxieties. Still, I think we now understand each other and we are in a better place. Hope we might visit for the fete on Sunday, but sending good wishes to you all and the dogs who are waiting for new homes.

Hello all, just wanted to show you what a nightmare patch is! Omg as you can see he's totally terrorising the place   well and truly made himself at home, thankfully he can't get up on the bed or I'm pretty sure he'd be in there all the time instead of the sofa   thank you for allowing us to share our lives and home with this beautiful boy

The gap was bigger than she anticipated!!!

This little girl was spayed yesterday. You wouldn't think so today. She dying to run about. Haha. She keeps bumping into things when she has the cone on.

I can't believe it's 2 years since we got Lottie from you, we can never thank you enough she is an absolute sweetheart xxx

Thank you so much to all at the rescue centre for our gorgeous new hero. As you can see he has settled in very well  ❤️

Glorious George on tour xxx

Today we had a 2nd annual reunion of Forest dog puppies, sadly 2 (Monty & Candy) were unable to make it but Tess (in the harness), Luna & Marley (the 2 tan & white dogs) had a fabulous time running free at Habberly valley with Luna's house mate Sky (and lets be honest any other dog that happened to be there this afternoon!! it was just as if they had never been apart! Photo taken by Marley's owner.

The girls had a fabulous day at Forest Dog Rescue show! Nuala got two 3rd places in Best Rescue & Fastest Sausage Eater   Arnie got 3rd in Most Handsome Dog and was honoured to get 1st place in Judges Favourite   lovely day out and we kept the rain away!  ☀ ☀

Penny - She's just so lovely! A complete and utter pain in the butt but she's perfect! And I'm definitely her "person"

Storm (now ruby) is doing fantastic! 

Ruby is doing amazingly well! A bit skittish but really trying to get involved in family life already ! She comes in the house and slept on the sofa!! She is now testing out the kitchen wondering in an out of the back door as I message, she has been having fun in the garden with polly and let's us pick her up... she slept all night in her crate no accidents, she's going to be great... can't believe how fast she is coming on  Still a bit shy but really coming round, she's even had a bath which she quite enjoyed she smells a lot better  :)
She isn't going for a walk for a while though x

Dylan at his nans waiting to go for his walk with Karen and his pals, so patient, well done Dyl

Even tho Dyl doesn't always get on well with some dogs, he certainly loves the ones he does lol sleep tight 

We have had Nelly in our family now for 4 weeks and she is a complete star. 
We love her to bits and she is doing really well.

The litter that attracted so much interest have turned One year today. This is Rosie and her sister Lola. Such cute pups.

Here's Lola with her big brother Charlie. Although she's a bit naughty at times we all adore her and know that we were very lucky to take her home that day.

Such cute pups, Rosie and Lola. Turned 1 year old today. Such happy little pups, who love their little family reunions. Time has flown by, and Rosie is sunshine in our day. Love catching up with Lola too.

Basil was Munchkin enjoying a longer walk tonight. Even sitting for a treat!

I am so lucky... Arnie, the fawn staff we rescued about 3 years ago and Penny we got nearly a month ago. She's certainly keeping me on my toes but she's definitely worth it 

Bella and Bobby with my two neices, their first adventure to the beach 

Penny having a mad 5 minutes 

Hi its me Lily just sayin HELLO xxx

3 years ago I shared a picture of 'Levi' from your page- he was looking for a home, I'd put that we'd have him if we had room. Within 24 hours we'd made room and he'd moved in. He had a haircut and a new name - he's now Rupert- and he's absolutely taken over! He's such a character! Fitted in immediately with the rest of the pack and his new life. He sits at the table when we eat, has to be tucked in to bed between Matt and I at night, will only eat home made dog food, has the most horrendous bark ever (its more like a scream!), pinches and kills socks daily and is generally very naughty, very cute and very funny. We all absolutely adore him and he was meant to live with us. Thank you Emma for trusting us with another precious soul.

Just thought I would send a photo of Mya enjoying the sun, I think she has grown already.
She is now much better with walking although cars are not her favourite thing and she sits down every time they pass. Thank you for letting us have her."

Zak (previously known as Danny) enjoying the sunshine in the garden today. He is such a delight to have a round (albeit a little cheeky at times). So glad we were able to give him a home

Thought you might like to see Mya relaxing on Orkney. I think she's working on her tan!

Hero crashed out after a long walk. Everyone loves him. He even made an older lady cry (happy tears)

First time I've been out all day and Penny has been home with hubby. Think she missed me 

Risbys first cav meet in Worcester Woods yesterday .... he loved it  ❣ xx( he’s the one on the bottom) ...

Kenco - Dead tired xx

Nutmeg after nearly 2 months. Xx

Daisy is saying 'Helloooooo Hoomans!' She is not quite right in the head, which makes her fit right in within the family - and we wouldn't have her any other way! We are so very grateful that you allowed us to adopt her xxx

Stan loves chillin

Just a little update on Eric (formally Leon). It's now 2 years since he joined our family. With lots of love and attention he's blossomed into the most obedient, gentle, loyal and loving dog we could possibly have wished for. We absolutely adore him. Thank you. 

Rolo's holiday snaps

Milo (was Harry) and Bertie (was William) are settling well into their new home. They have such lovely temperaments and are enjoying their walks and plenty of sleeping!
Thank you to the trustees, staff and volunteers for all that you do to give rescued dogs a better life.

Hello Forest dog rescue! Do you remember Milly?  :) I rehomed her back in early 2011 when she was about just 1 year old! She is the most beautiful and loving dog, She is just a pleasure to call ours and I feel I was to lucky to be able to rehome her!  She had a lot of problems when i rehomed her but with a lot of patience, love and training over a couple of years she overcome her problems and fears  :) Love from Milly, Katie and family xx

Kenco - Bewdley museum , get off the statuesxx lol 

Ben says thank you!

Ben says Hi!   He's just having a rest after his walk through the woods and chasing the ball up and down the field at Springfield Park on a beautiful Autumn morning. We adopted Ben in February 2014, he's grown a bit since then! He's such a cuddly affectionate boy and we adore him. He's definitely a Mummy's boy 

Look at this gentle giant   this is paddy dog (aka spot ) he is such a loving fella   he was one of the flump pups 4 years ago x

Money penny - These are false smiles. They were not happy to go walkies in the rain 

Glorious George is so loved. Today he has been fussed treated by the folks doing the Macmillan coffee morning at Longwood Bridge canal. Tired puppy 

After a long journey Ben (now Dodger) has settled in so well   Thank you so much x


29th September 2017
Django is 1 today happy birthday to his brothers and sister xx

Happy Birthday to all who share Django's special day!
From everyone at Forest Dog Rescue

We hope you have enjoyed this months “Happy Tails”

All these lovely and so gratefully received updates will be refreshed each month so if you would like to join in, please send your stories plus some pictures if you can to either our Facebook page as a visitors post, private message or via email to – we look for hearing from you!



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