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"Happy Tails"

This page is where we hope to share monthly updates from some of the lucky dogs who have finally found their forever families, we adore the stories and pictures people share with us, we hope you do too

We start our July Happy Tails with Rosey!


Rosey chillin and showing off her rosettes that she won today and all the others she as won at other dog shows. (Before we adopted her from you in 2011 she was called Sophie

Eddie & I met the lovely ladies at the Severn Vet dog show in Worcester today. I got Eddie from yourselves 2 & half years ago. & they asked if I could send some before & after photos as they couldn’t believe how much he’s changed. I think the lady I was speaking to was Ann Dankes? But I’m terrible at remembering names so apologies if got it wrong. 
Eddie has brought myself & my family so much joy. The hard work to begin with has been paid back 100 times by his love & devotion. I use a wheelchair & im often unwell & Eddie stays by my side. When I take him out he helps me by pushing doors open. & warns me if he smells smoke, cigarettes etc as they cause me to have severe asthma. He turns around nudges my knee & makes a sniffing sound to alert me if he smells smoke. His nose is so much more sensitive than mine & picks up the smell well before I do. I didn’t train him to do this he just started to try & warn me one day, & then I realised he was doing this every time before i smelt smoke. I will send the photos of Eddie that were taken at the rescue center in Dec 2016 & some recent photos. 
We had a lovely day out at the dog show & Eddie & my son enjoyed trying out the dog agility, will also send a photo of that. 
We had a lovely day & Eddie enjoyed trying out the agility course. I also had a chat with the therapy dogs people & Eddie & I are going to sign up for their training program to become at therapy dog. Eddie loves meeting people & is such a caring gentle soul. My family & I are so grateful to yourselves for rescuing Eddie & allowing us to have such an amazing dog as part of our family. The first few weeks of hard work & then doing basic training were so worth it as he’s given us so much back. 
Hope the dog show went well for yourselves & was lovely to speak with you & for you to see Eddie.
Best wishes Sarah Walker.

Bumped into Zeb on our early walk this morning, he was enjoying a relaxing cool walk too. Lovely to see you Zeb!

Rupe enjoyed helping with the carparking this morning 

Martha cooling off at Pendine Sands this weekend. 

This is what I found at 6am this morning in my kitchen.. 
Jack,9, settled in nicely with his new best mate Bob,14. Seems they will be best friends for life

Hi there Bertie!! Great to see you doing so well! Thanks Sam :)
"Hi guys hope you are all well
This little chap is such a joy to have, he’s changed so much since March when we had him. Here’s a couple of pics of him loving life."

Hello all, 
An update on Smokey - now called Flora  as I know you all love  her and are no doubt missing her cuddles 
She has been with us now for almost 2 weeks, it’s like she has always been here. She has fitted in so well and I is part of the family. Floyd loves her as you can see. I think she loves us too, although she gets very grumpy when my hubby moves her off our bed at night... so that he can get in!

Hi everyone just thought I would send you a message. I am enjoying myself in my new home not so keen on the hot weather but loving the beach life and enjoying the long walks. I'm also not so keen on all the other doggies on my massive garden with water as I can't run free when they are around. Anyway I must go now as I'm off for a stroll with my huuuman daddy as you can see in the pic with my new sum glasses as it's sunny here but with a nice breeze today.
See you all soon and woofs and licks
Sasha  Xxxxxx

Today marks Winston's six months with us. Totally taken over our lives and brings so much pleasure. He has calmed down considerably, well mostly! Loves being outside, hates getting wet and is a remarkable hunter. Six mice and 5 moles in the last 5 weeks. I think he thinks he is a cat.i will send updated foto when I can remember how to do it xx thank you for letting us give him his forever home, such a loving dog and so full of character.xx

Luca (Roosters) First Mini holiday! and he LOVES IT Hope you're all well! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thought you might like to see Chip (now Basil) on his two week anniversary with us. He’s settled in well and finding his feet with our cats. We love him so much, it’s like he’s always been a part of the family.

Great picture of Jojo to start off the morning! Ex racing Greyhounds certainly enjoy their home comforts thats for sure. Great to hear she has settled so well :)

Just quick mail to say Hunter is making himself right at home. He went mad when we got him home but introduced one room at a time. We went for two walks last night and I have taken him this morning and he is not pulling half as much. He slept all night, no crying, peeing or chewing. He's adorable and you’re not having him back . He also buried his bone in the garden and has met the neighbours Happy days :)

Anyone remember little Sydney who came into us in a dreadful state with an awful skin condition? Well he popped in today to say hello and boy what a difference. All his fur has grown back and he put weight on - he looks amazing :) Not only that he brought up his new big sister Poppy, a retired guide dog for the blind to say hello too! Thank you so much both for stopping by :)

Heather has settled in like an old shoe she is absolutely brilliant thank you

Sadie (was Swift) enjoying the shade and the sun. Got the paddling pool, just need the sand pit now  xx

Hello to everyone at Forest Dog Rescue. As you can see I’ve been a busy girl on my travels to Wales. I quite like playing in the shallow water & needed that cup of tea afterwards!
Lots of love to all of the brilliant staff and doggies,
From Bella xx

Ted (was Porter!). Having the most amazing time with his new family by the looks of it - what a happy pup!  :)

Hi all at Forest Rescue
A long overdue update from Buddy (was Carling)! It's now 21 months since we were adopted and we couldn't be happier. Buddy is settled with us and it's like he's never known anything else - and we can't remember life without him.
We all love beach holidays and have bought a touring caravan this year so we can take him wherever we go - so far we've all been to Brean twice, France, Cornwall next week and Devon is booked for August, he loves people watching on the campsites and is so chilled! He has his own cool beach kit including a sun shelter and he like a paddle too. 
I think he quite approves of our retired flexibility!
All the best Buddy & family xxx

Mikey is celebrating his 2 year adoption anniversary today - he says he's having a great time and is especially looking forward to his holiday to Robin Hoods Bay in Yorkshire coming up soon, he's hoping there will be some ice creams waiting there for him!!!

Hi FDR ... just a quick update from Max labradoodle. He's been with us for over a year now and come on leaps and bounds  

Its been 6 weeks since our beautiful Winnie (was Celica) brightened our world! She is so perfect for our family and has settled in so well. We can't remember life without her now!
Thank you so much for finding our girl!

Hi FDR just an update on how im doing. Its been 3yrs since i left you to go and live with my mum. Doesnt time fly when your having fun. Well thats exactly what ive been having in this warm weather. Heres me having fun in the pool and keeping cool. All this swimming is good exercise as well for me as ive been spoilt rotten over the years ive put a few pounds on since i was with you. Thats what good living does for you lol. All the best. Cooper xxx

Hi we've had Brodie for a year now and he's so good. As he's found a lovely home he's now become a blood donor. We are very proud of him.

Another update from Hunter - he's says he's missed you all but prefers it here ha ha. The photo was at 7.30 this morning in St George's park. He is settling well and has not messed or chewed in the house. He goes to bed calmly as well. He does demolish his toys so we have got him some seriously strong ones . He thinks the garden furniture is an agility course , including the table ! We have moved it so it's not in his run . He's walking well on the harness too and waiting as told to when we cross the roads. It's still early days but he has settled better than I expected in a week

Happy 1 year gotcha day to Robbie. Still naughty every single day but totally worth it!!! 

Update on Rolo! He has two JRT friends who we meet in our walks. The one he happily walks alongside and the other he has had a good sniff of!!! Small steps on all fronts hoping to curb the mischievous behaviour in the house over the summer hols. He hates our tower fan. Growls and knocks it over many times a day!!!. That being said we love him to bits..
Hope you are all well.  xx

We have had Aiden (Tiny) nearly a week and he has settled in really well.Hiccup on our first walk as he slipped his harness in a maize field but luckily immediately came back when called-you should have seen caths face holding up the empty harness. He has attempted a few more wriggle outs but he now has a very expensive “houdini proof” harness and typically has not attempted to escape so fingers crossed. 
He also tried zooming through doors but now appears to understand “wait”. So life is much easier.
No fighting with our dog lottie and she tolerates the annoying mad pup who is now living with her! We left them alone for an hour to see what would happen, no howling or panicking and he was on settee fast asleep when we got back.
He does love chase and keeps pinching things such as shoes, socks, jeans, glasses and pegs with the idea that you run after him to get it back. Luckily he doesnt chew these things but patiently waits for us to notice he has them then happily runs off. Hes really funny.
He completely ignores the dog bed cath made him in favour of lying at the bottom of caths bed. She is over the moon!
We love him to bits and thought you would like an update. Agility next saturday and i will let you know how he does."

Hi there from myself Phil jess and Paddy from here in irchester! Paddy is settling in well and enjoying meeting the local hounds ! He is a clever boy and quickly learning what he can and not allowed to do! The black dog is ozzie and they enjoy a run over the fields together. He loves playing with his toys and we love having him around. 
Best wishes to you all and will keep in touch.

Hi Joey is settling in very well and loving he’s new home with us 

Here's Aiden (was Tiny) doing his first agility class!! Go Catherine :)

A big hello from Ozzie (was banjo) happily having some fuss with his giant pasty toy. Just under a year since he came to join our family 

Fantastic pupdate from Amber (was Cora) - she has been off to visit Nanny for a few days and she looks absolutely fantastic after her operation to remove her front leg. As you can see she hated all the attention haha!! She has adapted really well and getting around brilliantly. Great to hear - go Amber :)

We hope you have enjoyed this months “Happy Tails”

All these lovely and so gratefully received updates will be refreshed each month so if you would like to join in, please send your stories plus some pictures if you can to either our Facebook page as a visitors post, private message or via email to – we look for hearing from you!



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