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"Happy Tails"

This new page is where we hope to share monthly updates from some of the lucky dogs who have finally found their forever families, we adore the stories and pictures people share with us, we hope you do too

We start November's Happy Tails with Reggie!

Reggie...I can genuinely say that he has already stolen a part of our hearts and it's only been a week! He is everything that we were looking for and much more. He has settled brilliantly and seems so happy. He really does seem at home! I'm just so glad that we found him. He's perfect in every way. We will continue to love and treasure him. Thank you to everybody at Forest Dog Rescue for Reg. My partner and I couldn't thank you all enough.

A message from Lottie:
Hi everyone at forest dog ! I’ve been in my forever home for a whole year now. My new mom and dad say I have come on leaps and bounds since they've had me. I no longer walk on the halti and I walk on my harness. I get to run around off the lead and love to chase my ball. I'm ok on my recall but sometimes I'm a bit naughty and ignore my humans to go and chase the squirrels ! 
I get to sleep on the bed and have lots of yummy treats. Mom tells me I'm not a small dog but I like to curl up on their laps anyway. I've learnt how to lie down (which I could nearly do before) and how to roll over, spin and shake a paw. I have made lots of doggy friends and love to say hello to everyone whilst we're out walking. Mom and Dad have taken me to the beach, the mountains, camping and scouting.

Hey FDR update on Buster almost 3years with us now and he's doing so 
great, hes really well behaved with his little brother and he's about to have another little sibling next month, just down Devon at the moment x

Reval after 2 years of being at his forever home he still hasn’t changed one bit he still loves to roll in muck after a lovely walk in the forest  xx

Billy "aka Bilbo Baggins" came to live with me dec 2016. He settled in very well ,loves people especially my daughter and son in law , very good with children and has alot of dog friends he meets up the common every morning ,he is a bundle of fun a very energetic little man .He is as 'Bonkers ' as me so a perfect match! Thank you for my lovely man !

Martha with Stitch enjoying life, she really is an absolute darling. Thank you Forest Dog Rescue. X

I have a new name - Merlin - and I am settling in well. This bean bag is one of my favourite places.
Meeting new people, new doggy friends and I am living up to my reputation as a super-sonic couch potato
Merlin (formerly Denver)"

Winnie had a very good night no accidents settled in very well

Gorgeous girly Cleopatra (now Chloe) 
She has been with us for just over a week now and OMG she is just perfect!! Bit nervy and scared to start but after a couple days she settled in and made herself at home! Shes been going out for lovely walks everyday and then just chilling (bit lazy) haha She is just the most gorgeous, gentle, loving dog and couldn't ask anymore of her! She has found the rabbit and would not budge from the cage but now they seem to be friends and she barks if the rabbit isn't out  :) I can not imagine life without this one and cant wait to get her playing (if she moves her bum) and being as crazy as we are!! thank you soo much to you all for all your help!!!  :)

Meg, who is now very much part of our family...and being regularly pamper 
Thank you so much for all your help and support, it has been invaluable

Gorgeous George - as you can see he’s settled in really well & has bonded to us. He’s such a lovable little chap He loves going out & making new doggy friends & is doing well with his training Everyone just loves him He sends a big woofy kiss to everyone at FDR especially Mez ❤️ xx

Rosie (Ruby) in her new position on the sofa. She has a lovely character and is much loved already.

Sierra now Freya enjoying a fuss and chillaxin in her new home

Penny playing with Arnie today. They get on so well and she's given him a new lease of life after we lost saffron.

Heloooo, Hoomans!
Just letting you know that I am living it all rock n roll, going out on school nights with my mates, enjoying live music, and what do you think about my grin??? 
PS: that drink was not mine, since I am still underage I am not allowed to drink Cola....

He's just beautiful xxx so wanted and so loved. Thank you for our handsome Glorious George xxx Soon to go on his winter hols to a cottage in Wales with a huge log burner xxx

Aero post...This is him after his bath cuddled up with his duck he even has a pillow... Only the best for a king 

It was just lovely visiting you last week, Jasper was so obviously happy to meet up with old friends, which only proves how much you care for these dogs not just physically but emotionally too.
He is continuing his adventures; visiting the seaside, coffee shops al fresco, experiencing bikes, mobility scooters, wheel chairs, thunderstorms, motorway services ,etc and, of course, learning to be polite with other dogs. He really is doing so well. He is a delight, full of fun and so cuddly. He still lunges on the lead and (touch wood) I'm still managing to stay upright!!! I just changed my shoes for walking boots...better grip!
Speak again soon, Judith

Wyley aka Walter "I thought you might like to see photos of him. When we first had him and then kitted out in Halloween costume for his picture.
Everybody that sees him loves him and asks where we got him from as they want one too. He has such a sweet nature and besides playing with any other dog that is willing likes to round the day off on his blanket on the settee and then onto our bed for the night"

Hi guys we thought you'd like to see Taco (milo) looking sharp in his new winter coat.

Alfie settling in.

Millie, previously known as Ginger, says hello from her favourite walk over at Kingsbury Water Park where we were staying last week. She's looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks when we bring along all the goodies we've been collecting for the doggies still looking for their forever homes.

Glorious George is the perfect lap dog/hot water bottle xxx so loved this little boy is xxx

Rolo would like to say he is settling in nicely. Slept like a dream last night albeit on the sofa, and has enjoyed some walks today exploring is new surroundings.

Penny is home. All went well but she's very sore and letting the whole house know it already by howling very loud. Extra snuggles today I think 

Nutmeg rehomed last August surprising what 4 months does. Xx

Crisp cold walk this morning and Patch decided to go home!!

Pudsey formally known as Yo Yo is still loving his life in his forever home!!! here’s a bit of what we get up to. Many thanks Luke,Jade and family x

We have renamed Lucy to Amber due to her gorgeous Amber eyes. This little lady has stolen our hearts and I surprised my partner with her and it was instant love and the pair of them have bonded nicely in the last 24 hours. Amber gets a little excited when the cats get too close but we’ve had no problems with her at all and the cats have hissed if she’s got too close. Thank you so much for everything. Sophie left a huge hole in our hearts and Amber is helping to complete our family again 

Just over 2 years ago we visited and came home with Winnie. Sadly she has been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis but we took her on a family trip today to symonds yat. This is her waiting for the ferry with her bestie Stanley. She did brilliantly despite her illness. We love her and feel blessed that she will only know love til the end after who knows what in her past...,,

Lourdes ( which we have now named Lou Lou) is doing fine xx

Hi everyone at Forest Dog Rescue, Mylo here. Just writing to let you know I've been very poorly these past few days. The vets found a tumour on my spleen and it was blocking my intestine, the nice people at the vets removed it and now I'm starting to get better. My humans are taking good care of me as I've been in a lot of pain. I'm not too sure about this lampshade thing they keep putting round my neck though!. Hope to see you all again when I'm feeling better 

Hello all, many thanks once again for letting me adopt Susie!  She is a little dream and has completed me! She gets on great with our other dog Niles and is a bit of a flirt!   She is indeed a cuddle monster but also loves her walks too! Thank you so much as she is brilliant and you all were amazing too! Lovely rescue centre, thanks for her toys too, she loves them   x

We got Rosie, one year ago today. She was called quiver, which she still does when she's cold or a bit scared. We love her to bits. She has had such a positive impact on our lives.
From this......
To this.....
I stood up for one minute, and she grabbed my seat!! Cheeky girl!!


This is the beautiful Cal, formerly Blossom. She’s been with us for a whole year now, it’s like she’s been here forever xx


Look who came to say hi yesterday!! Wiley, previously Walter looking stunning in his winter coat!!!

Miss Maggie and big sister Saffie at their boarding house while mom and dad went away for the weekend xx

Ella (was Bella or Molly or Polly) is 3 today and is loving life  thank you for letting us have her 2.5 years ago xxx

Rolo is helping the squirrels to find their nuts on this frosty morning!!! But he was happy to come in and is snuggled on the sofa now!! Xx

'Wilko' now Flynn has only been part of our family for a couple of hours but already he has found his spot on the sofa and is being a superstar. Thank you all at Forest Dog Rescue xxx

We hope you have enjoyed this months “Happy Tails”

All these lovely and so gratefully received updates will be refreshed each month so if you would like to join in, please send your stories plus some pictures if you can to either our Facebook page as a visitors post, private message or via email to – we look for hearing from you!



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