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"Happy Tails"

This page is where we hope to share monthly updates from some of the lucky dogs who have finally found their forever families, we adore the stories and pictures people share with us, we hope you do too

We start January's Happy Tails with Forest!

Happy New Year from Forest! He is such a happy dog. There must be so many happy dogs like Forest now they have been rehomed!  ❤ x

Happy New Year from Eddie. Re homed in Dec 2015 & became part of our family. He’s brought so much happiness, love & fun. 
Thank you for looking after & finding homes for all the dogs. Xxx

Thank you for the great work that you do. Lots of love from Mercury who has been with us for 12 years now. Paul.

Happy New Year from Zak (previously known as Danny) who is having a brilliant holiday on the beach in Northumberland. Found his forever home in August 2017 

So Buddy (was Varys) is on his 4th night in his new home and is already part of the family ❤ such a perfect match for us.. He is mischievous, Beautiful, loving and loyal already and cannot wait to spend many years in his company. Thank you forest dog for helping us find another family member again 15 years later! Such an amazing charity  ❤

Winston with his new family 05.01.2018. Dearly loved by all already xx

Happy New Year from Stan x

Happy New Year from Zion, hope you all had a great Christmas! X

Ivor has definitely settled down with us. I know it’s only been a week but i couldn’t imagine life without him.

It's such a good feeling when our pups come back for a visit. Thought we would never be able to rehome ZION - he was becoming one of those boomerang dogs - each time coming back for a different issue! He was obviously just waiting for the right family to come along! He popped in for a visit with his new mum and he was a different dog! He has put on weight and looked so happy  :) This is one much loved pooch and it shows. 
Thanks so much Emma for calling in - great seeing you Zion xx

Hello everyone, Rolo update, I was a bit poorly sick just before xmas so I had a visit to the nice vet lady. I had my own VIP entrance which was fab until I saw a picture of a cat on the wall and almost launched off the table I is much better now!!! Getting in to the new routine of something call work and school. I run and hide when Mum gets ready for work!!! Any way must go as I smell cheese. Love and woof Rolo

Decko (now Dobby) has had a good first day.
He has been getting on great with our other dog, and absolutely adores the kids!
He settled down straight away when we put him to bed, and we never heard a peep from him all night.
Much to my surprise he was totally clean when we came down this morning (he has had a lot of tummy problems in kennels) and has been eating fine. 
He even came on the school run this morning!
He loved meeting all the kids, and enjoyed taking the long way home through the woods.
His only issue so far is he got a bit stressed when he realised there is a rabbit run in the garden.
We have since moved the bunny in to the shed round the side of the house. He is still pacing the back garden whining, trying to find where he has gone, but I'm hoping he will soon forget about the rabbit and just enjoy playing on his nice big lawn 

Hello, Just thought we'd let you know how little Bran (renamed from Bentley) was getting on after his 1st week at home.
He's settled in so well and nothing seems to phase him (apart from his reflection which took a few days for him to realise wasn't a scary, strange dog!)
He's had a busy week meeting lots of new family and doggy friends, exploring new places and lots of learning. 
He's currently fast asleep and snoring on his sofa after a morning at Habberley Valley 

It’s Trixie’s third Gotcha Day today. We can’t believe where the time has gone. We are very lucky to have her live with us! Here’s a few pics from the last 12 months which she thought you’d like to see. She’s had another fab year. She had a little op in May to remove a tiny sebaceous cyst (she wasn’t fond of the baby grow) but other than that all fine. She send lots of love and hopes that all of your current residents get to be as lucky as she is in their search for a forever home 

Tess getting the first of many walks around Himley

We had a wonderful visit from our gorgeous boy ALFIE and his mum and dad who run the Black Star in Stourport. 

Lorne - Thank you for letting us give this fabulous little lad his forever home. He is the best thing that could've happened to us and we think he feels the same! He's cuddly, good on the lead, nice to the cat, enthusiastic about walks and squirrels! Also rather keen on sitting on beds whenever he gets the chance!

Elvis aka Teddy it’s been a month since he’s joined us and he’s really setting in well!

Heres an update on Ellie (was Alesha).
Shes been with us almost 2 yrs in March.
Jeez how time flies.
As I’m sure u remember she was a total nightmare but look at her now.
Within the last 3/4 months it’s almost as if something just clicked with her.
She stopped chewing things - apart from teddies - has finally realised that Lil Charlie our chihuahua x is the boss and alpha dog and now responds very well to commands on walks , etc.
It’s like having a totally different dog.
She’s very affectionate, loves us to play games and at night we have both dogs in bed with us lol.
She’s spoilt rotten and has developed a lovely personality. 
Oh and she loves her collection of dog jumpers, hoodies etc.
She is much loved and I’m so glad we stuck with her and everything finally fell into place xx

Decko - Can't believe he has only been with us a week, he has settled so well, it's like he has always been here 

Charlie chilling with his new best mate Barney on his first holiday in Lincolnshire.

Hi its the Kenco family. Sorry we have not been in touch for a while.
First off merry xmas, lol, and a happy New year. Late as it may be. XXX 
we thought that we would upload a few pics.
First though I want to say that Kenco has lit up our lives ! He is such an amazing dog.
I have been meaning to write this since before xmas but time runs away even with the best of people. I'm not one of those, but I try . I hope you enjoy these pics just as much as I loved taking them.
He was cold but loved my jacket. Every time I put it down he lies on it. I don't think that it's mine any more lol
And the last picture is tonight as I can't sleep.
Seriously though, Kenco has helped me through so much and earned his place on my bed and in our lives. He has grown in more ways than one and is the best of best friends!!!
He has a forever home locked down xxxx

Our beloved boy Max, also from Forests Rescue. Changed from a thug to a lap dog...but loves to be out sniffing for hours - squirrels are his favourite. ..never caught one ....yet! Just loves children, he our great-grandson have been bonding since they met!

This is Basil from FDR had him for 4 months settled in well with our other dog x

Winston update;.getting too used to his creature comforts, won't go out when it's raining now, except on his morning and pm walks, but turns round to come home after not very far when it's would rather play xx

Shadow has been to his usual groomer at the local pet shop and they put his photo on their facebook page. Attached the picture for you to see. He is not doing too badly for an old un. I noticed when I took him out in the snow that he was leaving scrape marks with his back feet. He seems to drag them a little before he puts his paw on the ground. The ladies in the groomers tried some bootees on him but he didn't like them. I put some bandages over his feet yesterday. He didn't care for them much but he was walking better at the end of the walk. We thought he was slow coming home from his walks because he was tired but it maybe because his feet were a bit sore. Also put some moisturising cream on when we got covered by socks for a little while - til he pulled them off. We are going to look on line to see if we can find something suitable in the way of boots for him.
He still loves his walks and play fighting with John and is still spoilt by both of us. We have had him almost 2 years now and he is still a funny boy at time. We have never known such an avid TV watching dog!
Best wishes Jill and John

12 months ago today this crazy boy came to live with us. We’ve had a mad year but he’s definitely part of his forever family. We love him very much and thank forest dog for letting us adopt him. Happy Gotcha day Remo, here’s to many more

Glorious George much loved boy. Been good on his walkies on Hednesford Hills today. He makes the sunshine in our world xxx

Capri now Phoebe making herself at home 

Anne isn’t on Facebook but she wanted to share these pictures with you to show you how happy and settled Pip is in his new home , he is loved to bits and I think they are good for each other !!

We nearly lost my boy Arnie on Thursday in a freak accident, was horrendous. Thankfully he's ok now but since he came home Penny has not left his side. Well apart from to start doggy nursery which she started on Saturday and loved every minute 

Well it was only a matter of time til the digging started  lots of love from Rolo ❤
No shower for Rolo today way too muddy! Box bath it is!!!   xx

Had a lovely email from Reggie's mum to say he was doing brilliantly but he has unfortunately been diagnosed with Kidney Failure at 3 years old  :( 
They only knew there was a problem as he had really bad breath - so we thought we share this info as something to look out for with your own dogs.
He is however doing well, is now on special food and it is certainly not letting it slow him down in any way. Here is fab pic of Reggie being very patriotic bless him. 
The ending of the email read -
"Regardless of his life length we will make sure every second counts as he is fully part of our family and loved by all"
Massive thank you to Laura and her family - sending Reggie massive hugs from all of us here  :)

Monty (was Woof!). He was one of Eve's puppies - can't believe its been 2 years!  :)
"Happy birthday to Monty, two years old today! Happy birthday to all of his brothers and his sister.
Thought you’d like picture of Monty (was Woof!) who’s 2 today.
He’s still as lively as ever. Wouldn’t be without him. He loves everyone he meets and we all love him.
Hope you’re all well there and hope to see you at one of your open days this year."
Can't wait to see you Monty  :)

Happy birthday Monty from Luna 

Happy birthday Monty, lots of love your brother Banjo. Xxxx. Here is a photo of me and some of my friends.

Happy Birthday Monty from Ted (was Sunny)

"Hello, Just to keep you updated, enclosed a few new photos with Dodo - 
One is on the ferry from Portsmouth to le Havre - Dodo is with us in a dog friendly cabin - We will be back on this ferry in April and Dodo is going with us to "Centre Park" near Nantes beg. of April for 3 days - Another new holiday for him !
Others photos of Dodo in the snow in the UK, at home in France at Christmas.
Dodo is very happy and enjoying his new life with us - loves the car, does not mind the ferry every 7/ 8 weeks.....
Dodo goes every day in the car for his afternoon long walk - Car is associated with pleasure !! so no more problem to get him in the car !!
Dodo starts to ignore other dogs in the park - but it is still a working progress - apart from that, everything is perfect !!!!
All the family love DODO !!!"

"Greetings from Weston Beggard, and the new domain of the princess Cora (to be renamed when we can get it right!)
Apparently this place is OK. Within 5 minutes she'd eaten her dinner and asked for more.... we put blankets on the floor which she lay on immediately, moving to the rug while we had our supper.... and she was really good.
Having extracted the big dog bed from the loft we have now transferred the blanket off the floor... plus several layers of cushions. This was pronounced to be in order and she is now curled up as relaxed as can be.
Apart from lying down on the freezing grass and refusing to come in until Trevor produced something tasty, the first evening has gone well."

3.5 week update from Winston

Reggie (formally Roman) has settled in fantastic he loves the children and had fantastic first night in his new home xx

Milo (was tiny) and his best friend Blade keeping watch on the neighbourhood. No trouble when these two are around xx

We hope you have enjoyed this months “Happy Tails”

All these lovely and so gratefully received updates will be refreshed each month so if you would like to join in, please send your stories plus some pictures if you can to either our Facebook page as a visitors post, private message or via email to – we look for hearing from you!



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