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"Happy Tails"

This new page is where we hope to share monthly updates from some of the lucky dogs who have finally found their forever families, we adore the stories and pictures people share with us, we hope you do too

We start July's Happy Tails with Florence!

Fab pupdate from Florence who is living the high life abroad at the moment !
Here she is enjoying a month's camping in France en route from Spain to England. She really enjoys the canoeing  :)

Glorious George is starting to listen to the other of a lead......only starting mind you lol


Update from Molly who's getting just want she lol 

Hello everyone,
It has been a while since Ben and I checked in with you. Ben was adopted by us in February 2014, 3 and half years have flown by! We decided his birthday is on August the first as no one really knew his birth date and he was approximately 6 months old when we adopted him. I've sent you some pictures of Ben on his walks.
Ben is still wary around other dogs, but does really well. He has improved hugely walking on the lead and honestly, we have never met such a dog like him, he is so very very loving, he loves nothing more than to snuggle up to us on the sofa, he adores hugs, demands them in fact. He is very playful and loves his soft toys and playing ball. Ben is one in a million. Truly wonderful personality.
Best wishes Ben and Liz Layton


Nell popped in to say hi of my first loves at the kennels, I could have taken her home...outgoing happy with a beautiful shiny coat...i still love her so much!
Max has enjoyed his first few days with us and is settling in nicely ...

Peggy (was Alice) continues to be adored by all. She's found a love for swimming, every other dog she meets, and sleeping on our bed listening to radio 4. Doing well with the dog trainer as well, and finally warming up to other people! Peggy's new mum has her DNA tested - see if you can guess what breeds she has in her. 
Here is the result : Did anyone get it right?? Wheaten Terrier, Poodle, Border Collie and Labrador!  :)

Thought I'd share Rolo's first hair cut with you. He's a handsome boy don't you think?! 

Been awhile since we checked in with you since adopting Lucky just over 3 years ago. He has come on in leaps and bounds and now has a little brother who he loves so much he gives up his bed for him xx

"Lovely to see a few of you today, when we popped up with Barney. Glad you think he's looking well, he has settled in a treat and we really are loving him being part of our family. He is developing a very cheeky, playful nature, loving to run off down the garden with toys (his own and our daughters!!), gets very excited at the prospect of walks but equally enjoys a mooch around the garden and plenty of loves and fuss at home. Thanks for all your advice, we'll be sure to keep you posted xx"

Nearly 2 years ago since we adopted Lorcan , he is so loving x

Hi all! It's been nearly 6 months since we adopted this little beauty, and yesterday she celebrated her 1st birthday!
Olive has settled in so well and is as good as gold (most of the time..). Thank you so much for allowing us to be Olives forever home, here's to many more years with this little cutie!

Whitney says... owners have bought me my own seed tray and filled it with water, perfect way to cool down in the hot weather!

Sunday chill with Marla.

It's a year today since we collected our Harvey (formerly Potter) from Forest Dog Rescue. He really is the sweetest little man, apart from when he's tired which makes him grumpy!! He loves his big brother Spike and would play with him all day long if Spike let him!! We are so glad we adopted this little one as a friend for Spike and now we couldn't imagine life without either of them, even if they do drive us round the bend. 2 male JRTs doesn't make for a very quiet life!

Little Risby went to his first cav meet yesterday and behaved so well  x he's such a little darling xxxxx

Rolo has his bag all ready for when we go on our hols. The resemblance is uncanny! X

Well it looks like Kali has settled right in already!!! 

Little Lucy back home after her op snoring peacefully  ❤️ ❤️

2 years since we brought Wickett home and his character keeps growing. 

Max enjoying his morning walk 

Just a little update to say Robbie ( was Roux) had a good first night and has been a little star. We are so lucky to have him, he's stealing the hearts of everyone he meets. Thank you x

We had a visit from little Sylvie yesterday, she popped in personally to say just how well she is doing, great to see you little one, 

Here's Kai just enjoying life!! 

And heres Kai's sister Ellie (was Alesha) with her brother from another mother ,
Lil Charlie. ❤❤

Here's Sledge having the time of his life!!  :)

Alexia has had a very busy first day..... Met and played with all the family and loved every minute  :).... Booked in at the groomers too ..... She's now shattered but very content.
having lots of fun with Robert 

Here's Rosie enjoying Dewi's G-gauge garden railway 
And heres Kai's sister Ellie (was Alesha) with her brother from another mother ,

"It's two years ago that we picked up this beautiful girl from you! We just don't know where the time has gone. I remember she wouldn't come in the house for a few months, preferring an old sofa in the garage - look at her now! She's brought so much fun and joy to us and we thank you!
See you all soon!!"

This is our Bella one of those pups   she has lots of red in her coat that glistens in the sun x aww this is so lovely to see her doggy mum 

Look who took a naughty pill yesterday...that was a seat cushion until Ruby got hold of it...

Sleepy update from Bertie! lol 
I have had a very good first day at my new home, the excitement has made me so sleepy ! Xxx

"Hi there!
Just a couple of pics of the gorgeous Max now Jasper.
He's settling in brilliantly; loves his toys, tug of war, playing ball, walks, all finished off with big cuddles and a chest rub. He travels well in the car and is learning (surprisingly quickly, very bright) to wait and not bolt straight out when the door's opened.
You can tell I'm in love.
The Ruffwear front clip harness seems to be beneficial, as yet I haven't been dragged through a hedge!!
Thank you all for the time taken to make sure that your dogs go to the right home, I couldn't be happier."

"Hi all at Far Forest
Just a quick note to let you know that 9 months after adopting us Buddy is doing really well, he's happy, healthy and much loved. He's been on his jollies twice this summer so far and appears to love camping and going to the beach, he can even swim! Camping is a pleasure he's reintroduced us to - its been over 20 years since we last camped and had forgotten how good it can be (fair weather permitting!) but it's a great dog friendly way to holiday so we decided to give it a go and now we're hooked. He's changed our lives and we love him for it!
Keep up the great work you do."


We hope you have enjoyed this months “Happy Tails”

All these lovely and so gratefully received updates will be refreshed each month so if you would like to join in, please send your stories plus some pictures if you can to either our Facebook page as a visitors post, private message or via email to – we look for hearing from you!



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