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This page provides useful information, helpful hints and tips.  If you would like to share any of your ideas or have a website offering information you feel could be of benefit to our staff, supporters, volunteers or dog owners please send the details to  We will consider all submissions but reserve the right to decide what is published on this website.

Holidays with your Dog in the UK

When we are fortunate enough to take our 4 legged friends on holiday with us, we sometimes forget the most simplest of items to take along with us.

Below is a very informative and useful link to help you feel rest assured you have packed all you need and more, enjoy!

Travelling with your Pet Abroad

Thinking about taking your pet abroad? Recent changes have meant that bringing your pet into or out of the country is becoming increasingly more straightforward, however it is important to follow all the regulations or you may find your pet being quarantined or re-exported at your cost.
The Heathrow Airport Guide have kindly shared a link to their website which provides a wealth of information on the things you need to consider when looking to take your pet abroad.  We hope you find this information useful.


Lost or found a Dog


Forest Dog Rescue hold the Council contract for any stray dogs found in our area, which covers mainly Stourport, Kidderminster, Bewdley and part of Bromsgrove.

The Control of Dogs Order 1992 states that ‘any dog in a public place should wear the name and address of the owner either inscribed on the collar or a name plate or disc attached to it’ – 95% of our strays do not meet this basic legal requirement.

A good proportion of our strays are micro-chipped which is the good news, however at least half of them are out of date with incorrect details, phone numbers are not recognised, owners have moved house or the dog has been passed on to new families. Saying the dog was given to  “a bloke down the pub with no name, contact number or address” really doesn't give us much to go on! 
Those of us who love and adore our dogs and consider them a part of the family would be horrified by the stories we hear,  some reasons owners give who refuse to pay the council fee’s are;

Keep the dog, it’s always getting out  
Keep it, we will just go out and a get a new one
The dog isn't worth it
It’s getting old now so you may as well have it.
My dogs can be real pains sometimes but I know I would move heaven and earth to get them back home safely whatever the cost.
We obviously love our dogs but do we actually do everything we can to keep them safe?

Have they got a collar and tag with your correct contact details?
Are they micro-chipped? 
Do you know what company they are registered with and their contact details?     
Don’t forget to update the chipping company with any changes of address or new phone numbers – there is usually a small fee but it’s worth every penny     
If you are the new owner make sure you register your details as soon as possible – it’s a 10 minute phone call   When you take them to the vets for any reason just get them to check to see if the chip has actually stayed in – it has been known for a micro-chip to come out after being done so it’s always worth getting it checked as a precaution and it takes seconds and it won’t cost anything
Do you regularly check your fencing is safe and secure. Many of our strays have escaped from the garden – high winds have 
These numbers will guide you through a system which will hopefully help you find your dog as soon as possible or to reunite a lost dog with their owner.
It always helps a great deal if your pet is chipped - a vet or a rescue can trace the owner so much quicker and this action alone will save a lot of heartache and sleepless nights. You can easily have your pet chipped at your chosen vet or you can contact us on 01299 269 181 to arrange to have your dog chipped at the kennels. 
Both options are far cheaper than the costs of the authorities caring for your lost pet while in their care plus you don't go through the roller coaster emotions of worrying any longer than necessary...blown down the fencing, the dog has dug a hole to get out or another animal has dug to get in!     
Check the state of your collar and lead – is it in good, safe, working condition?     
Don’t ever leave your dog unattended – there isn't anything in the shop worth the risk of seeing an empty spot where your dog once sat!     
Always be on the look-out for any strangers in the area – there have been growing incidents of pet theft so keep your eyes peeled.
It really is the best feeling in the world when dogs and owners are re-united 

Below are useful numbers should you find or loose a dog.
Dog Warden details
Worcester Regulatory Services  01905 822799
Kidderminster  Hub -                  01562 732928
Kidderminster out of hours         01562 850053
Shropshire Hub                          03456 789000


Dog Walking in the Countryside

We all love a walk with our four legged friends on these long summer days, but if you walk in the countryside there are a few risks for your dog that you should be aware of. 

Find out more below!

Wildlife: Bees, Wasps & Snakes
If your dog gets a sting/bite they may suffer an allergic reaction or a potentially life threatening, anaphylactic shock. Symptoms are often immediate and include skin rash, itchiness and difficulty breathing.

Farmland: Rat Bait, Herbicides & Pesticides
If ingested they can have serious consequences. 
Cases of rat bait poisoning are seen commonly with the most obvious symptom being bleeding. 
Herbicides and pesticides can cause fitting, vomiting, trembling and frothing at the mouth
Knowing the risks helps reduce them 

Plants: Daffodils, Conkers, Yew & Honeysuckle 
There are a huge number of poisonous plants; many of which can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Discourage your dog from eating plants when out on walks.

Watercourses: Blue Green Algae 
Toxins produced by these cyanobacteria can be fatal if the contaminated water is swallowed. Do not let your dog swim or drink from ponds with floating algae.
Symptoms depend on which organs are affected and can be fatal. 

Litter: Discarded Food & Packaging
Ingesting decaying food can cause an upset stomach. If your dog eats a particularly fatty or unusual food it can cause severe abdominal pain.. 
Plastic and packaging can also cause intestinal blockage if swallowed.

If you are worried that your dog has encountered a threat then you should immediately call your vet for advice. It is important, if your dog becomes ill, to let your vet know if you think your dog could have come into contact with any of the above.


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