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7th Oct 2012 - Carboot - Green Gap Kennels

The picture on the left is of a young soul who has had a really tough and cruel start to her young life. She is a German Shepherd/ Huskycross and thankfully now she is in a loving and very caring family who will treasure her for the rest of her life. Fudge's owners told me that 9 weeks ago she was thrown out of a moving vechicle into the road and run over by the car behind.She already had a broken front leg before being thrown and was in a terrible state, But you can see how well she is doing now, she has been with her new family for only 5 weeks and she is getting stronger in every sense of the word. Fudge wasn't rehomed from FDR, she was from another rescue which only enhances the fact that all rescue's are so important to all animals for what ever reason their need. Finishing on a happy note, Fudge will have her leg repaired when she has stopped growing so for this little lady, life has a happy ending, please consider rehoming from any rescue, they all deserve another chance.
With our catch up's today we met little Max, not looking too happy as mom is getting stuck into a gorgeous egg and bacon buttie and the little fella isn't going to get any, never mind Max, mom knows best little man!
Then there was Benji, he came by to say hello, he is doing very well too considering his new family came looking for a small dog!
Another Fudge showed up (formerly Scrappy) - she is doing well andtruly settled in with her new family - she's nicknamed 5 point because her bodyis quite long and she rarely turned in one go!
Little Sam came back to visit and he is not so little anymore, he is growing fast and so much bigger already compared to his last picture which was in the July's Car Boot write up, he is so handsome too.
With everyone's loyal and kind support, we raised yet another wonderful total of £380! Thank you to all and look forward to seeing you all again on Nov 4th for our next Car Boot. If you're looking for something to do before then, why not join us on the 27th Oct for Pumpkin Day in Bewdley!
Whatever you find yourselves doing, take care and keep safe x
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