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16 &17th Mar 2013 -Tin Shake - 'Pets at Home', Kidderminster

16th &17th March 2013
Tin Shake - 'Pets at Home' - Kidderminster
Many thanks to all who came and shared their time with us today and kindly donated to FDR at 'Pets at Home'. Special thanks to the staff who always look after us so well. Sorry Candy, booked you in for your booster while we were here... don't worry pet, it's only a small needle! oops! moving on....
...little Buster came with Mary this morning but got picked up by his family and carried away before I could get a picture of him but a new friend named 'Sprocket' saved the day and here he is pictured with Mary, isn't he just the sweetest little chap. Sprocket is a rescue dog too and his owner said he is an absolute star and he's only 2yrs old! Thank you to Sprocket and his mum for being such good sports.
Anyone remember a dog called Molly who went missing in the Cookley area a while back in that really cold weather (she eventually made her own way home after 5 days away) we posted and shared her details on FDR's facebook which is always a great way to get as much help as possible in cases like Molly's, well her mum came over, said a very big thank you and gave a very generous donation to FDR too. You'll be pleased to know the update on Molly is she is still abit skinny but coming on well. Thank you to her mum and stay well Molly x.
Finally, little Bobby's (JRT) family came to say hello and to let us know they will be joining us on FDR's 'Spring Sponsored Walk'! look forward to seeing you there and hopefully many more too.
This has been our first Event for 2013; we raised £130.25p! Thank you to all for making it such a successful and pleasant one, look forward to seeing you all again soon. Keep well, keep safe x
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