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May Newletter - June 2013

May Newsletter 2013
Hello again! Blimey these months are passing so quickly we’ll have start thinking about our Christmas lists soon won’t we!
Lets start this months newsletter by introducing FDR’s new kennel manager, Michael Shipley, welcome aboard Michael, we hope you will be very happy as part of our team!
Ten lucky dogs have finally found their forever homes during the month of May, these lucky souls are now safely in their new families, they are Ringo, Jessica, Buzz, Scruffy, Dexter,Trevor, Susie, Gina, Pippa and  last but not least Biscuit!!!
Some of those still waiting are enjoying time out and about with FDR’s staff and volunteers, Harley, Zippy and Charlie have been in the forest, out and about round town and the Arboretum to name just a few places they have visited, Zippy also joined in the ‘Spring Sponsored Walk’! All these boys have been so well behaved its hard to imagine why they keep getting overlooked, fingers crossed boys it won’t be long now.
Everyone has enjoyed the gorgeous weather of late, Poppy, Rocky, Percy and Freddie have joined the staff on their lunch breaks, enjoying the freedom running off lead in the fields (with the staff keeping a close eye of course).
The Charity’s events have continued to do well; the Car-boot in this month is believed to be the highest ever raised £613.40 to be exact!!! Wow, long may it continue!
We must say a huge thank you to young Ellie and Heather who held a stall at their School Fete, so lovely to have such keen young supporters, well done girls.
Then the ‘Wings of Mercy’ bikers, what a wonderful group of people, they raised £500 on behalf of FDR too! 
Thanks to Wyre Forest Parks and the donations of plants from FDR supporters last year, the gardens have been amazing, blooming with colour and raising a smile each time you drive through the gates, wasn’t sure anything was going to survive the cold and wet winter we had but just goes to show how clever nature is.
Hanging baskets have also been donated and look so full, can’t wait for these to show off all the jewels they are holding, many thanks to all for these, we promise to look after them with great care. 
 Well once again it’s time to close, we hope you’ve enjoyed this months Newsletter and are already seating on the edge of your seat waiting for the next one, lol only kiddin!
Thank you for joining us once again and as always thank you so much for your continued support, see you again next month, til then keep well and stay safe, bye for now x
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