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Stourport Steam Rally 12/13 July 2014

Apologies for this update being a little late on last week ends event at the 'Stourport Steam Rally' but it's such a busy time and can you believe we're even talking 'Christmas'! 
Anyway, before you get the 'crackers and nuts' out, back to last week end and what a lovely 2 days, great to be back into the events, you never know whats going to happen next, always new updates from those who have left FDR and now happy and safe in their forever homes, plus we hear stories from people we've never met before, so interesting and mostly with happy endings (very often we stand there listening, tears welling up and not knowing whether to get the tissues ready but more often than not, thankfully its smiles all round. We met a couple next door who rescued a fella called Roxy, lovely lad but he bares the scars of his previous owners, can't imagine the pain and misery he must have suffered - he couldn't be touched anywhere in the top half of his body, his devoted new mum and dad have slowly but surely worked their magic on this lad and now you can stroke his head (gently of course) - well done both and well done Roxy for trusting mankind once again. 
We had a visit from Petal now named Pepper and she is just gorgeous and so happy! There were quite a few updates and lots of fun in the arena so before I end up writing a book, please enjoy the pictures and if you didn't make it this year, maybe you can join us next year, really lovely couple of day's out. 
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