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Pet Awareness Day + Fun Dog Show 17/05/15

Hello everyone, what a great day FDR’s "Pet Rescue Awareness Day plus Fun Dog Show" turned out to be yesterday!

There are so many thanks we would like to give to so many; we hope you will all accept this post as our heartfelt thanks to you all.

There has been a vast amount of time given by many to ensure this day was going to be as good as it possibly could be. No one knew how this day was going to pan out but by the end of it, we were totally delighted with the outcome and that is because you and yours rewarded all who have worked so hard by just being there, thank you so much.

Even though we can see where improvements can still be made for next year, no one could have wished for a better day, you all made the day an incredible one and we can only hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.Special thanks to Cindy, Debbie, Becky, Lynne, Kaye, Steve& their young family, Jayne & Mikey, Tony, Ellis and Tash for giving your free time tirelessly today plus prior to the event.Many thanks to all below for joining us too 

Sue and Neil from “NDTS Dog Agility” - 07796276139
Sam from “Bliss Gate Dog Training” - 01299 489 421
Mark Gardner from “Big Lamp Photography” – 01299 211 768/07821 033214
“Hall Green RGT” – 0121 426 4810
“Dogs Trust” - 01386 830 613
“Newbridge Cat Rescue” Marion Parsons – 01299 270 701
“Angell” Dog Food – – 01905 621 888
The lovely bunch of Volunteers who offer their time freely to give information on the care of Ferrets, Guinea Pigs and Horses – – 07901 821511
And finally ( I hope I haven’t missed anyone, please accept my sincere apologies, certainly not intentional) – The Aloe Vera Ladies! (Contact details can be sort if required)
This was the first of hopefully more Fun Days to come at FDR’s Green Gap Kennels and as always, we look forward to enjoying your company as and when possible.
All of our guests above contributed to this very special day and we hope their information helped you one way or another and has given you an insight to the very important work they do also.
Well done everyone, thank you for all your lovely comments, here are some incredible pictures kindly offered to us to use freely by Mark Gardner (details above)
We do have a few more taken by us, which hopefully we can get together and post tomorrow if not sooner - 
thanks again for your support everyone and enjoy

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