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Xmas Lights/Awareness Day Kidderminster 14/11/15

Many thanks to everyone who braved today's weather in Kidderminster today for the Xmas lights!

The morning wasn't so bad and Kerry enjoyed making so many new friends but for poor Ozzie & Ollie, the weather was just a bit too unkind & their day was cut short but not before thanking you all who still took the time to come over & say hello.
It was great to hear all the updates too, many of the dogs stayed at home (wise call) while their proud owners did the honors  we did have one who stopped for a photo shoot and that was gorgeous & very gentle Onyx! Thank you little fella, it was a pleasure to meet up with you again 

Take care everyone, enjoy the rest of this evening and hopefully we'll see you at the Bewdley Xmas lights on the 28 of this month! Bye for now

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