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Forest Dog Rescue News & Updates

Happy Tails - Dec 2015

Welcome to 

"Happy Tails"

This new page is where we hope to share monthly updates from some of the lucky dogs who have been in our care and have finally found their forever families, we adore the stories and pictures people share with us, we hope you do too.

We start December with Harry! 

Harry – Two pictures of gorgeous boy Harry of on holiday in Somerset this year. He is such a wonderful boy and we are enjoying him so much - every day with him is fantastic and I may have said so before but he is a real star as my Dad who has Alzheimer's cconstantly as his spirits lifted by 
Harry when he's low - I think he definitely loves him more than us and it's great to see the bond he has with him.
We consider ourselves to be the lucky ones to have him.
He had the best start to his new life being with you and even now he has the little quirk I think he may have picked up from being with you and all the other dogs in your care - did you try to get them in from your garden with the treat tin? He always expected something when he came in from ours!! We've honoured that as it's endearing, and still managed to keep his weight stable lol.
I've attached a couple of photos that we took recently of Dad and Harry in case you'd like to use either of them along with any others too - you can't imagine how much Harry cheers Dad up and he makes him laugh and be interested in things more than we do that's for certain - we're under no illusions about who's the favourite in the family!!
Thanks for your good wishes and a very happy and peaceful Christmas to you and yours and to all the dogs in the care of Forest Dog Rescue - Karen & family 

Tina & Dougal 
Hi everybody at FDR
This is my new Christmas jumper 
Hope you all like it 
I think it's very smart :-)
Especially the poinsettia around the collar 
Dougal is getting his jacket next week :-)

Love from
Tina and Dougal 

Kevin aka Strider 

Hi all just a quick update for you on Kevin (Strider) a week in his new home and he has been fantastic! Couldn't ask any more from him it's like he has been with us his whole life! his character has really come out! He loves spending his time having loads of fuss! He's currently learning 'lie down' which he picked up immediately! He is a real thief when it comes to food haha how he keeps his figure is beyond me!! We are so grateful to you all we don't know how we lived without him!   Kevin says thank you for everything you do and merry Christmas xx Georgie

This is what you get with a dog that has been neglected and Far Forest helped him to become a wonderful member of his new home. I went looking a medium sized dog with a smooth coat! !! But this gorgeous young boy melted our hearts and it's the best thing that's happened 
Thanks again Far Forest for giving us the most beautiful and gorgeous boy so well behaved and good Happy Christmas to you all from Patch and us. Sorry haven't been able to visit recently but will in the New Year.- 
Thanks Christine xx


Petal has had her hair cut and had a bath - Zoe Carter


Hi all,Thanks for the phone call to check on Obi. Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you. He is brilliant. He still loves shoes and slippers and has managed to eat the shoe box in the kitchen. He loves the sofa - either to sleep on or eat. We are managing to tire him out with long walks and is currently fast asleep after a big long muddy walk with his Uncle Murphy - a black lab. He loves Harvey our other dog and cuddles up to him whenever Harvey lets him. Sam, our little boy loves him a lot. He's very cuddly and training is generally going well although he prefers to see indoors if it's raining. We're really looking forward to Christmas with him.

Thank you - Love and happy Christmas,
Claire Whittlestone x


Merry Christmas from Cassie!!!



  I think Lottie needs a bigger jumper!! 
  This one's better haha xx


Its thanks to you we have our beautiful Bronte. We have been truly blessed with a fantastic doggy whom we couldnt imagine being without. Thank you to you all xxx Hi all as Christmas fast approaches Bronte just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Christmas & share with you her preparations for her first Christmas with us. She is well and truly getting into the spirit of things and is enjoying her very own treats to. We've been together now just over 3 months and we are all very much looking forward to our first Christmas together. Bronte says the heart best shows the love she feels this year. 

Thank you Forest Dog Rescue & Happy Christmas 

Tizer is so happy here in the forest of Dean...


Monty & George

A few more pics of Monty & George celebrating 2 very happy years with us


Happy Christmas from Maisey :)

Jack aka Ajax 
300 rehomed and we have one of them. Jack (was Ajax when he left you on June 14 this year) is now well and truly one of the family and we just adore him. Here he is with his brother Louis - Jack is on the right. I'd recommend anyone taking on a rescue dog - they are so appreciative and although you need to work with them for a while, it's worth it! Merry Christmas x

Lola & Bailey 

Dear forest dog rescue. Lola and Bailey would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! We can certainly say. Having them in our lives was the best new year gift that we had January of this year! We shall pop up and see you in the new year. Lola sends her love to Alison   xx


Happy Christmas to all at FDR from Monty and us. Thanks so much for making our year by letting us adopt Monty who is the most loving,funny adorable dog ever!!. 
All the best to you all for 2016. Lots of love xxxxxx


                                                                                                         Little Chelsea

Hi all at FDR,

Eric has been with us for 6 months now and he is full of life, love and cuddles - a true Staffie. He is best friends with Buster (who we had from you three years ago) and gentle with little Jessie, he really has fitted in so well. We all adore him! 
Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year, Love and best wishes,  Vicky and family x


Maggie aka Vogue 

Hi just to let you know she has settled well in her new home, she was a little nervous at first and had a few little accidents, bless her, she has already become very attached to my husband Dean, so do all dogs and children! She ate her tea 100 miles an hour! lol, she is now as you can see snuggled up on the sofa with Miss Saffron who doesn’t mind a bit! Think miss maggie will defo be the boss though! lol, she is happy to run up the stairs and jump on the beds! but won’t walk down the stairs, we have to carry her! Bless. Anyway will update you further on her lush life here. Xxx


Hi everyone at FDR 
Just an update Mommy and daddy went away the weekend and my Hooman sister and her boyfriend came to stay to take care of me we had a fab time she took a photo of me and sent to mommy showing her what fun I was having lying on the bed :-) 

Today mommy skinned me alive with the clippers she said I was a really good boy having my hair cut and sitting quietly but then I trust her not to hurt me. 
I'm all ready for Xmas now and looking forward to my first Xmas with mom n dad. Hope you all have a happy Christmas too.
Love Cooper x

                                                                         Spud & Pop 

                                           Happy Christmas guys from your                                                  holiday two some Spud and Pop xx


Chad has been a very lucky boy this year! Merry Christmas to all at FDR & thank you for everything you do!


Trixie is having a great first Christmas with us! We love her to bits! She loved the Christmas pudding from her FDR Hamper!

Barney aka Dasher 

Here is a photo of Barney (was Dasher) enjoying Christmas in his new home. It's early days but we are all enjoying the festive season. Thank you Forest Dog Rescue for everything you have done x

Hi to everyone at FDR, it has been exactly five months since we collected Marley (formerly Picasso) and just wanted to share this collage so you can see how much he has changed. He is extremely intelligent – especially when it comes to sneaking food from our other two dogs and pinching tennis balls from different dogs at the park! On his walks he likes to greet everyone and play with every dog he sees. We are working on his recall as he likes to pretend he can’t hear us sometimes when he is having too much fun and he can be quite mischievous when he wants to be and knows he is up to something naughty! He loves his toys especially any that squeak or contain stuffing and he is keeping the two older dogs young – with all of the playing and attention! The time has flown by and we can’t imagine life without him. 
Love the Darbyshire family


Today we had a visit from Colt who was adopted from us 2 and a half years ago. He has certainly grown since he went out and looks fantastic. His new mum had nothing but praise for him and he behaved impeccably today. Was humbling to see the mutual love between them.

Dear all at Forest dog rescue,
Just to let you know how well Pippin has settled in and become a much loved part of our family. 
He has the sweetest nature of any dog we have ever owned and has become a very confident, cheeky little chap who loves his walks over the fields around our village.
His favourite activity is hiding his chewy sticks all over the house (including in our beds).
He has brought much joy into our lives and we would like to thank you for all you did for him at the rescue kennels.
                                                        Kind regards Linda, Richard and Lucy Bayliss


I am very proud of my little super star! He has adjusted to everything beyond everyone's expectations. He is brilliant around the horses and his heel work is almost perfect now on and off lead. He is allowed off the lead in the field before and after work so he can have a run and a play. He comes out on the yard with me during the day and can wander around the yard when the big doors are closed while I work. He enjoys playing with the landlord's Lab and a livery's spaniel.
Thanks again for blessing me with Scooby, seen here enjoying a good run in the woods also Scooby has been helping with the horses today!


Hi all,
Just a few pics of Percy...
 Spoilt as ever and still loves his cuddles.


Christmas is such a tiring time 

Eric aka Dandy 

Thought you might like to see how Eric (was Dandy) has been coming along! Was adopted by Martin Westcott and has simply blossomed into a very intelligent and lovable dog. Here is a before and after pic



Yesterday was the first anniversary of Enya's 'Gotchya Day'… can't believe we've had her a whole year! Think it's safe to say she seems quite settled!


Best gift we could have wished for this year! Wickett is getting into the festive spirit a treat!


Hello everyone! Just another little update on Oliver (chip) - look at ths handsome boy with his mate Buster and then chilling with Frank and Eric the cat - i literally woke up with the pair of them on top of me the other Saturday morning! Lol - we all love him with all our hearts x


Just a quick update from little annie who you can see is not quite so little anmore ☺☺ here she is with her big bro tonka waiting for her favourite thing in the world FOOD


My parents dog, Betty, enjoying a good snooze after a tiring first Christmas with the Smith family. I think she was known as Lori?


                                                            Tinker at home and happy with first chew bone


Trying to get comfy.


          Hi thought we'd send you an up date pic of Lucy with her new friend:-)


Stans nice and cosy tonight and we don't blame him brrrrrrr


                                                 Kane with his best mate lay watching 102 Dalmatians

Chester wishes you all Merry Christmas! Today is our 1 year anniversary (Chester is 1 and 5 months) a year ago Chester came into my life ( thanks to you) and changed it for the better. 
He is a lovely doggie, full of energy, always very friendly with other dogs. Loves walkies and cuddles and enjoys a good nap next to the heater. I can’t imagine life without him.
If you are seriously thinking of adopting a dog, & giving him/her a forever home, do it!
Wishing all the doggies to find a loving family soon xxx
Love, Chester & Patty


This is Milo saying hello to the horses

Danny aka Deligate 

Merry Christmas to all at forest dog rescue from Danny aka Deligate


We had a visitor today and bless her little heart, Judy wasn't too sure about getting out of the car to say hello .. Just in 
case they forgot her!! Don't you just love them


All ready then lol have fun little man X
Santa's Little Helper


Christmas wishes from handsome boy Buster and family, 
                              Merry Christmas to you all too, have fun!

Santa Ned

Santa Ned called Saturday with 2 bags of dog food. Really hope Rex finds his furever home.


                                                          Thank you for our                                                                                                 little Poppy. 
                                                                                                        She is gaining in                                                                                                                 confidence already


Baxter- his mum & dad do a lot for the Greyhound Rescue too, here's Baxter with their selection of goodies! Thank you so much, wishing you a very Merry Christmas too! 

Suzy aka Lucy 

Happy Christmas, love from Suzy (was Lucy). Hope lots of other four legged friends find a fire to call their own in 2016. Xx


Handsome boy Brandy came along with 
                                                              some donations for the dogs in our care :-)

Hi, my name is Bella,I came from Ireland when I was about 1 year old.

FDR knew my mum was looking a new best friend so they gave her a ring. My mum, nanny Val and grampa Pete came to see me, we all liked each other so I had a new home.

I had a few problems, I demolished 3 beds, chewed the stairs and stair carpet, caused havoc in the garden and buried her mobile phone...I don't like the dark but mum loved me because even though she said I was 'hell on 4 legs' she says I am wonderful.

In April mum had a bad fall and was in hospital for 8 weeks with a 4 inch split up her Femur bone.

They all decided I would not be happy or understand going back in to kennels so I was trusted to guard the house.

Nan and grampa live next door, so each day I was on duty, after breakfast the back door was open until at least it got dark. During the day my nan and grampa spent 2 hours with me morning - afternoon and night and I had 3 new young walkers.
I was a good girl and did no damage at all and am now an avid TV watcher.

I still have a problem - I don't do RAIN at any price but my mum can be relied upon to always take me outside for a wee...under a golf umbrella, just so I don't get wet!

Thanks FDR for finding me my lovely home, so many friends and my mum. 
Bella x


Dudley's first day with us has gone smoothly. He has already won all of our hearts. He is worn out after an exciting walk around Bewdley. Thank you Forest Dogs for your help and support today

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Ellie aka Shelley 


Just a note from Ellie formally Shelley who we adopted from you near beginning of the year. MERRY my family, my coat and all my Christmas pressies. Xxx


Happy Christmas from Autumn enjoying her second Christmas with us


                                                                                                                                  Eric (formerly Leon) 

Eric has loved his first Christmas with us and we've loved the last 3 months we've had with him. He's a beautiful, gentle, funny dog and is well and truly part of our family. Thank you. X ps the last picture is when Eric met his doppelganger at the park one day. Uncanny resemblance to him!!


Mylo enjoyed his first Christmas with his new family ♡


Hooray Santa's been. He's brought me lots of lovely prezzies and treats. He knows I can be good. SOMETIMES!!! Oh, it's been such a hard day. Time for my siesta. Goodnight all. Love Sam
(Sam & Marion) xx


To all my friends at Forest Dog Rescue - I'm having a lovely time with the Greenings. I've learnt how to play ball but not quite sure why I have to take it all the way back! I love playing with Max and miss him on a weekend. I go on lovely long walks,and went on holiday where I ran on a beach.
I'm waiting for Santa to come and hope he leaves me some Treats.
Thanks for finding me a lovely home - woof woof  - Milo John (MJ)

Poppy aka Sorrell 

Thought I would send some photos of my Poppy (previously Sorrell), who came to live with me in June 2010. She has always been my constant companion and has changed my life for the better. An absolutely super little dog. She's quite old now and has little sight and various health problems but still enjoys life albeit at a slower pace than before. 
We moved to Hertfordshire in the summer and I worried how she would cope, but she took it all in her stride & has settled really well.
I am very grateful to all at Forest Dog for letting me take this little beaut home. 
Keep up the good work!


Eddie dressed up & enjoying his first Christmas with us. New toys & a nice long walk.


Boo wanted to let you all know that she has settled in to her new home very well.
Today she has enjoyed a long walk, and is now fast asleep.
Wishing you all a very happy new year. Xx


4 years ago today you let Rupe choose us to look after him. Thank you from all three of us.

(otherwise known as Little Bear to some lol )

Ted aka Scrappy 

Here's Ted (formerly Scrappy), all settled in and on his snuggle blanket (which was my poncho until he took a liking to it! Here's Ted (formerly Scrappy), in his Christmas jumper taking a stroll with his new 'Sister' Izzy, in her santa suit... This wonderful little boy settled himself in with us in about 30 minutes. He's such a darling little lad, loves the fire, and skips between beds during the night at the moment - his favourite position? ~ under the duvet cover! LOL!!!!


I've had Holly a year now and wouldn't be without her. Happy New Year to you all.


Happy new year from Poppy 


with her friend Rosie (in front) she's bought lots

of joy (and trouble) to our lives over the past 5 years 

Remember this little man from back in August? It's our Smurff, adopted from rescue as a skinny, scatty and nervous little Collie-dog. Four months on and we have a cuddly, faithful......and still scatty, smasher. He's enjoying his second puppy-hood and isn't adverse to getting into mischief at any opportunity We didn't know his birthday so we've decided he can celebrate his birthday on my birthday......which is today (31 Dec) Happy birthday young Smurff (He's already had his birthday dinner......chicken, beef and veg......and he's now crashed out, warm and dry with a full tummy.

We hope you have enjoyed the new version of “Second Chances” now named “Happy Tails”

All these lovely and so gratefully received updates will be refreshed each month so if you would like to join in, please send your stories plus some pictures if you can to either our Facebook page as a visitors post, private message or via email to – we look for hearing from you!


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