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Forest Dog Rescue News & Updates

Happy Tails - Jan 2016

Welcome to 

"Happy Tails"

This new page is where we hope to share monthly updates from some of the lucky dogs who have been in our care and have finally found their forever families, we adore the stories and pictures people share with us, we hope you do too.

We start January 2016 with Patch! 
Happy New Year too to you and your family Patch! 

Happy New Year from Patch he says I'm going to have a brilliant 2016 and many more years. Thank you FDR for taking care of me and finding me a new home.xx
Patch waiting for his doggy friend in the field .

Max’s  Birthday today can't believe where time goes thank you so much Forest Rescue

 Sonic and Scramble - Our new boys enjoying Christmas dinner  Happy new year guys X

Maggie aka Vogue - We have a picture from Maggie (formerly Vogue) seen here with her new sister Saffie!  thank you Susan

Lana - Hiya Guys,

Pictures of Lana on Berrow beach in Brean yesterday morning, New Years Eve.
Hope you like the penguin jumper we bought it for her on our doggy holiday to Perranporth last September as she was shivering.
It was a beautiful morning on Berrow beach yesterday but very cold. The beach had lots of dogs for Lana to play with. Lana played alot with a Whippet puppy that wore her out.
Happy New Year!

                                                           Love, Kim, Craig & Lana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

                   This is Aero he is a lòving freindly part of the family that we all love


We had this beautiful dog Harvey from you 8 years ago today. He is the most loveable, loyal,funny, daft friend we could ever have. We've had him DNA tested as no one knew what he was he is mainly staffy with Manchester terrier, Australian terrier, miniature poodle, bloodhound and Rottweiler!!!!! A truly wonderful mix the perfect dog. Happy Birthday Harvey xx Jo Styles

 Hi, We adopted Indie in November, we thought you might want to see some pictures and find out how he's getting on.
He has settled in well and has now met all his family, who are back from uni. He is still slightly timid around strangers, but is very loving at home and is quite content to follow us around all day. We have discovered that he likes to scavenge food after the disappearance of some mince pies, half a sticky toffee pudding, the pastry from an apple pie, along with a packet of crumpets (the evidence of which was found in his bed)! Unsurprisingly, the vet says he is now a healthy weight! He enjoys going on walks (as long as it isn't raining) and is now an expert at putting on his harness, despite some struggles early on.
Thanks for everything, we will be sure to keep you updated!
Happy New Year


Just sharing some pics of my dads dog Bailey, who he adopted around 18 months ago from FDR. He is a treasured member of the family and loved by all, very affectionate, cuddly and funny. Couldn't imagine any of us being without him now  xx

Rosey - Hi don't know if u remember Rosey but she is doing really well. Carol Dawson is really looking after her and spoiling her.

Sasha - All we girls love our comforts don't we Sash lol Happy New Year everyone! 

Mila - Hi, as promised some photos of Mila. She's settled in very well, her fur is growing back, she's very affectionate and we're so pleased to have her. She loves playing fetch in the garden with toys and sticks. She's on a long lead out in the forest and it will be a while before we let her off as she loses focus when she sees something to chase, so I'm going to take her to obedience classes.
Best wishes
Jane, Simon, Katherine and Tom Bunyan

Oliver aka Chip - I just took these of oliver - i love the one of him "laughing" lol xxx he's so lovely xxxx 
Looks like Oliver has offered a helping hand lol
just a few more - up the field - look at the state of him!! Xx

Mcgreger (Beano) has really enjoyed his first christmas with us he loved opening his presents this morning. Would be lost with out him now really settled in well. Sending you all our love xxx

Monty & Millie - Hi All. Hope all is well with you. Thought you'd like these lovely photos ( taken by Bethney Taylor) of Monty and Millie , Sophie, Jack, Pippin and Winnie ( the rest of the pack on their walk today. Xxx

Sapphire - 3 weeks since sapphire was adopted and mum couldn't imagine her life without her now keira had taken her under her wing and is showing her the ropes Emma

Milly aka Tilly - Just an update on Millie ( Tilly) she's a joy to have around and keeps us on our toes.

Buster - Just wanted to update the page that our sweet boy Buster passed away just before Christmas at 14 years old. We adopted him from you when he was 1, and have had 13 fantastic years and wonderful memories. Personally, he has been around for over half of my life and it was devastating to lose such a special boy. Thank you for giving sheltering him all those years ago, and giving us the opportunity to have such a special and long-lasting bond. I've attached a picture with one of the best family memories - he'd just come out of a grooming place, and we took him to a pebble beach where he frolicked in the ocean! Thanks again, and you will continue to have all our support for the work you've done and continue to do.- Lucy

Vinnie  Here is an update on my boy Vinnie 4 years on and he is such a beautiful soft boy he even sleeps with his two furry baby cats . Rotties have a bad name this I will never understand. I couldn't be without this dog he is my life xxxx Tina

Arfur - I don't think we're going out for a walk any time soon  lots of Love Arfur xx Louise

Kane -  Just to let you all know Kane is fine and is such a good boy I'm soooo happy with him – Lucy

Wilf -Hello just picked up a very timid Wilf from yourself , until we walked through the door and he's a different dog , thank you so much - Janine

Blaze aka Kosmo - My BLAZE... HEARTY MEAL .SHOWER..THEN A NAP.. so happy to have my boy home, he seems pleased also, was nervous he’d forgotten me.. been a sad long 8wks. If it wasn't for the love n dedication of the team at forest dog rescue..I may not have seen him again, I learnt a valuable lesson...insist on having vets n microchip docs when buying off a private seller...not rely on them sending in post.. A massive thank you from the 
bottom of my heart, TRUDIE XXX

Sassy feeling sorry for herself the evening of the op and of her wound, now healing nicely. 
She is still fizzy, bounding with energy and overflowing with love. Trying to encourage her to 'rest' as the vet recommends is nigh on impossible! She comes to work with me and is loved by all who meet her. Trouble is that all the training I try to do with her, is undone by the world and my mom now! I'll just have to keep trying!
With regards,
Karen Bell

Trixie came to live with us a year ago this coming week. We love her to bits and I think you will agree that she's got her feet well under the table!
Hope all ok with you
Rachael x

Marley - Hi, 2 years ago today Marley (Louie) came to live with us. From a scared lonely little chap, he has turned in to the most loving little character. He is our best friend. here are a few photos. Roger & Jennifer

                   Charlie - Charlie dog and Felix the cat yet again!! Always together xx

Joe -Hi folks
A year ago today we collected our lurcher Joe from your rescue centre it has most definitely been a year of ups and downs tears and tantrums even much wailing & knashing of teeth.
He is a lovely loving boy great with kids & adults gets on very well with our whippet Jack but he has wrenched both my shoulders, broken a bone in my foot caused many bruises either pulling to get to cats or away from dogs I even considered asking you to take him back which upset me badly, now he walks well on the lead and has stopped barking at every dog we see in fact in the last 2 weeks he has been nose to nose with 4 dogs a little scared but not badly AND he only barks, snarls and pulls to chase cats if they move, if they're still he quietly walks past I am so thrilled the hard work is paying off.
Just a couple of the hundreds of photos we have taken
Lots of luv
From Wilma, Neil, Jack & Joe

Bronte - Hi all bit chilly here so I've been snuggling in a place to be. Love to you all there...Bronte  xxx


Nell is a character, she has made our home and hearts complete. Could not be with out her now. I hope her final baby gets her forever home soon.

Macy - Hi, I just wanted to update you on Macy. She has been with me 10 months nearly and she has turned into the most beautiful and loving dogs. She has lost all her fears and loves everyone. 
She lives for her walks and playing ball. She has 3 fur babies who are are best friends. 
I couldn't imagine my life without her. She has bought such joy and happiness to us all. Pictures attached. Xx


Buster - All snug in bed on this cold night x

Poppy - I just wanted to keep you posted about Princess Poppy. She's so loved and she is so funny. Thank you She's so fluffy these days. A ball of love!  I need to return that harness still! I will pop it up one weekend!
Sunshine -Here's a little update on sunshine the collie puppy we rescued off you. She's settled in really well here the children love her and so do we. She's always being spoilt new toys and new bed. Thank you for giving us such a beautiful dog. She's part of our family now couldn't be without her cutie and full of life. Such a great feeling to rescue a dog thank you again for giving us such a beautiful girl 


Sweeney -We are the new proud owners of Sweeney (Fox Hound) he’s been home 15 minutes and his eyes were set on the sofa haha. Welcome Sweeney  –
Nearly a week since we picked up Sweeney he has settled really well so far we couldn't be any happier a great dog we love him millions

Benson - Ah, I'm over the moon this boy has a home. ..we had Benson last year from forest. scared and been mistreated. .he looks like Sweeney. ..really hope Sweeney gives you as much pleasure as Benson has us. ..enjoy xxx ps Benson sends big hugs

Rolf now well settled at home and has come on so well from the scared little chap we rehomed from you x
Adam, Jane & Rolfy x

Blaze enjoying life 

Marley finding a comfy spot to rest on while stealing Milko's body heat! 

Sister Luna (was Wispa). How alike are they!

Alan aka Hunter - A year ago today we adopted 'Hunter' now Alan from you. What a difference a year makes
We wouldn't be without him. He is such a gentle giant x

Tonto - After a month of being with us tonto has settled in nicely. Xx

Lily/Tinkerbelle and Frank hanging out peacefully on the sofa. She's settling in really well. We're so happy to have her... thanks everyone at FDR xx

Toffee doing his usual, squashing me in to the corner for a cuddle or to watch tele with us.
Definitely settled in! 

Milo aka Juno - Juno (now Milo) is settling into his new home really well!

Miss Keeva - Update on Miss Keeva. Still a farm dog at heart but settling into family routine after some interesting adventures in the last 4/5 months. While I look with envy at these home dogs (she still only happy to sleep in at night), I wouldn't be without her. I know you were frustrated at the number of returned dogs in January. As I see it, it's the luck of the draw (rather like having children!). I am committed to this journey. Best wishes to you all at the kennels. Sue Butler

Betty with new bro Tom - Because of all the bad news with so many dogs being returned this January, I thought I'd share a Slightly happy story! This is Betty the jack Russell (formerly Lorri) and Tom at the back! When Betty first came 3 months ago she didn't particularly like mr Tom! But with some hard work And lots of biscuits they can sit with each other, walk around the house happily and stand side by side on walks! (Secretly there becoming good friends) mr Tom who is 13 has had a new leash of life and has started running again! They love barking in tune with each other and taking over my mom and dads bed! She's a great little character to! Here's a photo of them posing this morning!

Hello Barney Boy, you look amazing! thanks Tom

A snap of Mr Barney whilst looking after him this week! Tom


We hope you have continued to enjoy the new version of “Second Chances” now named “Happy Tails”

All these lovely and so gratefully received updates will be refreshed each month so if you would like to join in, please send your stories plus some pictures if you can to either our Facebook page as a visitors post, private message or via email to – we look for hearing from you!


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