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Forest Dog Rescue News & Updates

Happy Tails - February 2016

Welcome to 

"Happy Tails"

This new page is where we hope to share monthly updates from some of the lucky dogs who have been in our care and have finally found their forever families, we adore the stories and pictures people share with us, we hope you do too.

                                                                      We start February 2016 with Eddie! 

Eddie 1 - Eddie looking very smart after being clipped & groomed

Rosco - Would just like to let you know Roscoe is a very happy dog, I've had him just over a year now and he is very loving and loved so much x.

Patch - Wow Patch, you look a million dollars lad! Loll Christine Hateley
I've been spoilt,had a grooming,bath blow dry ,fur tidy up ,nails done .I feel really posh – I’m a real poser, love havin my photo taken 

Freddie aka Puggles- just a note to say that, judging from these pictures, Freddie seems to be enjoying his new home. - Freddie on his first holiday xx
 Jenny, Catherine and Freddie

Noodle - Just wanted to let you know that Noodle (aka belle ) is 1 today .Time flies

Wickett - Introduced Wickett to the beach today, spent most of the time staring at the sea and not knowing what to do

Maxie - We've had Maxie for nearly six years now. He loves to snuggle. Max takes over the sofa.
Little Eddie - Hi Eddie 
I'm loving my new home, spoilt rotten.
My mum takes me to the club every Tuesday, lots of tit bits when mums not looking. hehe
There's music to entertain us and I join in!
We had a great time at the Christmas party, I was quite the gentleman in my New Year jacket so you will be having some photos soon.
I look after the bungalow and my mum when we have callers, I inspect them and growl and bark if I don't like.
Aunty Val takes me out twice a day and we have lots of fun!
We all have a nap in the afternoon, I use mums tummy as a pillow and Chilli wraps herself round her neck.
Mum had to go to hospital last week, I couldn't go so I went to my new mates house, Phoebe. Kita and Seamus, we had lots of fun chasing round the garden. 
Cheerio for now, will be in touch again
love from Eddie and my mum Pam and Chilli
Hi, it's me again - don't I look a proper gent in my outfit, I made a good Santa paws!
I had a lovely time at the Christmas party, we had some singers to entertain us, they were up on the stage, went up and looked them over, joined in when the singing started, I got a bit tired so I went back to my mum and had a sleep.
Father Christmas came and gave out presents to everyone. He called my name, gave me a present, I ripped it open, it was my own piece of ham! Yum yum!
Well got to go now, will send more pictures soon
Love Eddie x

Scooby thought he was an eskimo yesterday.. 

Today he wants to be a platypus..

Storm has been with us for about six months now. He's slowly settling in. Here he's showing off the funny way he sometimes folds his ear. I do adore him! Storm with his older brother x — at Foskett's Fold..

Forest has settled well into his new home and has spent lots of time exploring Ledbury today. He is lovely! Thank you for looking after him and preparing him so well for his new home.
He has three new beds to choose but just for tonight he is enjoying a human bed! Xx
Forest - Day 1 vs Day 8  xx
Max aka Lex - Hi I'm Rex
Just arrived in Malvern seems a nice place  Chris says he is going to introduce me to some new friends , so looking forward to the future  Just met two nice ladies Chris says they work upstairs, anyway hopefully weather will be better tomorrow and then can have a proper look round. Think might have a bit of lunch Just to let you know in celebration of my arrival in Malvern I have decided that from now on I will be known as MAX !!!!!! Time for some rest - Well 1 night down don't think I did anything to bad paws crossed. Just had a nice walk, few yapping dogs but couldn't be bothered to answer back. Seem to have an upset tummy dam thing started before I left the kennels but hopefully if I can stay here it will clear up, mind you don't stop me chewing on this bone hope it not just a one off and he likes me enough to get another. Anyway better day so out again later

Bronte wanted to tell you she's thoroughly enjoyed her morning walk today enjoying freedom but coming happily back when recalled and proudly showing us her best swimming skills for the first time too. One happy little girl -

Rolo aka Rhys - Here's Rolo (was Rhys) renamed as he loves to have his belly rubbed. He has settled in really well, loves chasing the chickens and the vacuum cleaner! Today we were brave enough to let him off his lead and he came straight back. Happy little chap.

Bengi aka Beethoven  - Just to give a little update on Beethoven (now know as Bengi) Bengi is the most loving and loyal lad, everyone who meets him falls in love. Each day he makes us laugh with his comic ways. His best game is chasing any birds out of the garden and orchard. He spends most of the time looking up at the sky for any birds that he manages to trips over his own feet  :-) Bengi and his companion Ruby adore one another and love exploring the garden together. We love him to bits! The Jones family xx

Willow 1 aka Wookie - Hello everyone, yesterday I met a lady at Absolutely Barking Agility Addicts show, I didn't get her name and when she said she worked at Forest Dog Rescue we told her we had Willow (formerly Wookie) from there. She asked me to post an update. We had him just over twelve months ago and he soon settled in well with his new friend Milo. He has started his agility training and we are hoping to start competing later in the year.

Willow 2 - I don't think Willow wanted to party with us!!!!! Lol

Mia has been with us for a week now and we have discovered her favourite thing in the whole world (after cuddles and home comforts) is water, the muddier the better. She would play all day digging and retrieving balls from ponds, lakes and streams if she could. She gets so dirty you can't even tell what colour she is but soon cleans herself off and is surprisingly low maintenance for a white dog.

Ford -I am much happier- not panting much at all (except when there is chance of food!).

Indie aka Ruby - Just home after very long and slow M6 journey. It's play time and all is well.
Thank you for our beautiful baby. I'll keep in touch
.X Veronica, Wayne and Indi

Maisie aka Daisy - Hi all at forest  just a little email/photos to let you know that I'm settling in well with my new carers ( Nita, Anthony, Alik and mollie)... Iv made some new doggie friends and slowly but surely doing what I'm told as I go to doggie training  all so have a new name now " Maisie"..... well must go now as I'm late for work  many thanks to you all x

Meg aka Orla – Pleased as punch J

Sky aka Shield - We enjoyed a visit from Sky today (formerly Shield) doing brilliantly
Tess - "I'm nearly a year old now and look how much I've grown! I still chew anything I can get my teeth into, door frames, the door step, baskets & beds, toys and chew sticks - nothing slows me down! , My human Cameron who volunteered at kennels a few years ago has started doing a-level photography at school so here's a couple of photos of me up the field, a real action shot, I'm super fast!, I get on really well with Cleo (another fdr dog my humans rehomed back in 2012) we love to play chase & cuddle up together, she's the brown dog. Well got to go and chew my basket as it's well past my bedtime, I'll keep you posted with my adventures as we're moving house next month where I will have lots more space to run riot!" Love Tessie bear x

Eric - Hi Emma, thought you might like to see a picture of Eric

Chip – so cosy :-)

Bobby - Just to up date you all there bobby has settled in really well with the family and has made a great positive impact on us all.
I would like to say a massive thank you to you all for giving us this opportunity and all your hard work. 
His loving it .

Revel - Just to let you know Revel has settled in very well and made himself right at home he has calmed down lots and has started agility training xx

Milo - This is my gorgeous big boy milo
We love him so much even the cat loves him , so patient waiting to go for his walkxx Katelyn

Indie aka Ruby - Hello Ladies
Just had one week anniversary! Indi has lovely new Union Flag collar, lead and harness. Off to Pets at Home for puppy food! 
She's doing really well. Booked in for spay and dewclaws next Thursday. 
All happy here! 

Philby - We are very sad to let you all know that we had to say goodbye to our lovely foster dog Philby yesterday. We loved him very much and will miss him every day. Thank you Alison for allowing us to look after him for so long and for meeting the never-ending vet bills for his ill-health RIP Philby puffing billy xxx

Minnie - We had a very special visitor today who came along with the rest of her family and hopefully adding a new member to their family, fingers crossed  who remembers gorgeous girl Minnie, this is the slimmer version too bless her. Minnie left us approx 2 years ago and is Stars constant companion. Thanks Ben it was a delight to get another staffie cuddle from this well remembered and loved girl, well done and thank you to Star too for letting Minnie share your lovely life, Minnie in the left for those who don't know her and Star is on the right

Buddy 2 - We have some amazing pictures from Buddy to let us know just what being happy is all about lol

Tammie -  Hello everyone at forest dog!
first off, a huge thank you for giving us a new family member. She has really brought our family closer and has become part of it! 
She has really settled in to our home, she is very lively but also a very sleepy dog. She has had a grooming session and is now fully groomed and more beautiful than ever. 
Tammie loves to play with her ball though is not very toy oriented she just wants hugs and attention.. or food. She loves going for walks but doesnt like to go for too long and sometimes decides to just lay down wherever she is.. she also isnt very good yet at coming when called but that is a work in progress. 
She is training very well to sit and lay down and other basics, but we have had afew accidents on the carpets when it comes to toilet training! whoops! she also has a worrying obsession with socks...
once again from all of us here we thank you for finding us our perfect little family member!
from everyone at Tammies house... and the rest that live here haha!

Baz - Hello there,
Just to let you know that baz the staffie that we rescued off you in 2003 has passed away on February 13th 2016.
He was our much loved little dog.
Loved people and loved life.
He will be sadly missed by so many people.
I am also a volunteer at the shop in ludlow, and think the work you do is amazing.
Many thanks for a lovely dog from your center.

Linda and Richard Preece 

GRACIE - Our 6 month anniversary today! Gracie (KC) very happy and much loved mad spaniel xx Thank you xx

Lottie - Hi quick update on Lottie (formerly Kyla) she is a wonderful, happy dog who loves going for walks. We have just started letting her off the lead in the field and she loves it, she needs a bit of work on her recall (especially when chasing birds!) but we are hoping to do a recall training course with her in a couple of months. We all love her to bits and she makes us smile every day, thank you Forest Dog Rescue xx

Patch - Took Patch for a visit today,I did inform him it was a visit ! he was very happy to meet you all and knew you were the lovely people that took all the horrible matted fur off him.
He quite happily wandered around the front and sniffing (a little of selected hearing when asked to come back) but was well behaved, I was so pleased that they could see how lovely he's become and his lovely bushy tail.Thanks again for all you did in giving me my medium sized smooth coat dog! !!!!!Think he chose us and there's no way would change it.

Bagel aka Belle - Hi Ladies,
Just a quick update for you after 2 weeks of our lovely little ”project”.
As she had no response to Belle we changed her name to Bagel – Bagel the Beagle! You can’t help but smile at that and as her character is coming through more each day and she’s no Belle. We had to get a smaller crate for the kitchen after she worked out that jumping on top of the crate allowed her to get on top of the kitchen work surface where her dentastix lived.
Firstly she is loved! By everyone (of course). Oh actually, not by the cats! They are living upstairs, but that’s the bit that will take the most time.
We bought a stair-gate with a catflap for them, within 1 day she decided it wasn’t just for cats and squeezed through the cat flap… that went back the next day.
Travelling has got better after many “accidents” on the back seat we’ve found the front seat works best... Although it does take a good 15 minute for her to work out which way to face and how to lie down.
She comes to work with me, sleeps in her crate bed happily and gets taken out for toilet breaks by the smokers which is great for us both, saves me getting cold/wet. Has a run along the canal or in the woods at lunchtime most days and then goes to granny and grandad’s to run around their garden/field.
She’s good as gold through the day and the howling when I leave the room is now down to intermittent whining at work. This isn’t so good when she is left downstairs at home or on her own at home, but I’m trying to leave her to it a bit and hope she accepts it, once she does I’ll go back downstairs.
We are still working through the “do not bark and horses” challenge but it’s getting better now she realises they are not a). Giant dogs to play with and b) not going to intentionally mow her down.
She’s fully house-trained now and is sleeping through the night with the crate being a nice place now not a bad place. She’s nailed sit and her lie down improves daily as does “leave”. She’s ok off the lead, but recall is our next major project as she mainly comes back via scent and when she is ready more than when you call her. She’s pretty good on the lead too, not quite walking to heel, but not pulling anywhere near as much.
She’s got herself a loving home for life, much to the cats disgruntlement.
Thanks to everyone, but especially Maz. X

Bud - This is Bruno and Bud sharing the sofa although Bud has kicked off the cushions

Tammie - Hello! it has been awhile since we picked up our little doggie.. we are here to show you an update! Little Tammie a.k.a Myst has been such an awesome addition to our family! She has settled in so well and is learning commands a treat! (though we are still having some accidents on the carpet..) she has put on a little bit of weight she loves going to the park and playing with a ball! but what she loves nothing more than falling asleep in our arms.. very spoilt little pooch!

Benson - So proud of our pup. ..Benson picked up his bronze award tonight at dog training. far has this boy come? ! 
Just shows, time, patience and understanding really pays off and is so rewarding. ..

Cracker - Cracker has settled in well today :-) he was a little bit sick in the car just as we got home so think he may have a bit of the old travel sickness, or he was just nervous. Sat beautifully in the car though, had a run around his new garden and now hes having a snooze xx thanks all . X
Ps He such a delight! Been playing fetch in our garden and we were very suprised to see that he hands the ball back no problem and even does paw for a treat

Sweeney - Sweeney is more spoilt then me !!

Max - Just a quick note to all my friends following my progress, everything good here in Malvern. I am at work full time now, the lads are great met Rob this week I think he probably eats as much as me !!!!!! Chris was right a lot of nice people round here. Anyway just going to have a snooze for half an hour, he is watching that bloody football again !!!!!!!

Thank you all for your fabulous updates this month, please keep them coming!

See you in March for more great updates! :-)
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