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Forest Dog Rescue News & Updates

Happy Tails - March 2016

Welcome to 

"Happy Tails"

This new page is where we hope to share monthly updates from some of the lucky dogs who have been in our care and have finally found their forever families, we adore the stories and pictures people share with us, we hope you do too.

We start March 2016 with Mollie! 

Mollie - just thought we'd update you on Mollie. She came home on Saturday. She has been an immediate hit with all our friends, family and neighbours. She hasn't put a foot wrong and is settling in really well and bringing us so much joy already. She was quite nervous to begin with - and not sure what to expect from everyone, but already within 4 days she is wagging her tail much more and starting to make herself at home. Thanks so much for her. We will do everything we can to make her a happy doggie as long as we have the pleasure of sharing our lives with her.
Here is Mollie with her new best friend from over the road, Cozy.
Evening cuddles with Mollie.
Kirsty Fletcher-Burns

Homer - A week in and Homer (now Fergus) has settled well! Only 1 puddle in the house (on tile). Enjoys the school run and big walkies! It is always a great game to play hunt the missing slipper, sock, cushion, dog coat, teddy...... Oh, he's very cleverly trying to cover his mess in the garden!!! Never did like mowing the lawn any way!!!

Ted aka Kingston - Shhhh here's a quiet update on sleepy boy Ted (formerly Kingston) lol

It's coming up to 2 years since we adopted Ted (was Kingston). He's totally bonkers, but very happy as you can see, and soooooo loved. Thanks again. X

Milo aka Juno - Here are a few photos of Milo (was Juno). He's loving his long walks, especially to the pub, & loves to look at himself in the mirror haha!

My Kevin from FDR 
just love him

Maggie and Saffie - A lovely picture sent in of Maggie and Saffie looking bright eyed and ready to go, thanks Sue

Luna - Still the best of friends x 

Flick - We had Flick (springer spaniel) from you a few years ago. Thought you might like to see him in action at the N.E.C recently. It was his first time in the arena doing an agility demo with my daughter, as part of the '       Barkaway Bullets Junior Dog Agility Team' and he really enjoyed it!

Ellie aka Alesha - Well I've just been given a lovely warm bubble bath as my new Mommy & Daddy said I smelled yukky. How rude !! Now I'm all dry and fluffy and having cuddles with my Daddy. I love my new forever home and family and are settling in nicely. Thank u FDR for taking care of me and letting my family adopt me.  Love to you all   Ellie (was Alesha) xx

Indi - Hello Ladies
Little picture of the beautiful Indi occupying herself with a bone! All wounds doing well. Bandages off on Saturday then stitches out and bucket off next week...then serious play and training can commence!
Indi's had her stitches out and bucket off...what a relief!
Going to show her off to my colleagues now!
we're all happy here! Indi has gone happily to play with her friends at day care today, loves going! We're getting ready for a week's holiday at the lovely dog-friendly Low Nest Farm (look it up!) in Cumbria on 18th and it will be so lovely to have darling Indi with us. We let her off the lead on the golf course on Sunday and did some recall training and she was amazing! Happy days!
Just started a week's holiday at Low Nest Farm, Keswick. Lots of doggy fun being had!
X Veronica 


Nelly - Gorgeous girl Nelly and just look at those super ears, thanks Sarah :-)
We rehomed Nelly from you in 2011.  
We still have Nelly, but have moved house since we rehomed her from you. 
I should add that Nelly has developed into a loyal, good natured dog, she is a delight
We love her dearly and are so proud of the dog she has become . She was really difficult at first, wrecked the house on more than one occasion but we persevered and she is as good as gold now  
Just to show her out and about. She has great recall but better to be safe than sorry :-)

Pebble - We have a sad post to share from Ian, please accept our condolences Ian and thank you again for allowing us to share beautiful girl Pebble rip gorgeous girl X

With great sadness i have to let you know that Pebble we got from you in Jun 2009 has gone over Rainbow Bridge into our memories R.I.P our sweet lady.

Patch - I was spoilt today by my new doggie mum I shared the roast dinner.!!Thanks FDR for finding my new family love from Patch xx

Rosie aka Tweadle - Happy Mother's Day ! Thank you for finding me the best mom     ever love Rosie Puddin (aka tweadle).

Happy Mothers Day 
love from Arfur

Molly  - Sweet update from Molly who has been with her family for 5 years now, reckon we can safely say she has settled in nicely then lol - wonderful pictures of Molly especially the one where she has fallen asleep with her beloved ball bless her.
Her favourite activity is chasing balls and she was not going to let this one go out of her reach even after a spell of ball catching earlier lol many thanks Gwyneth :-)

BUD - This is Bruno and Dudlee (Bud) as you can see everyone needs a bum for a pillow

Bobbi & Sonny- New Found Friends...
On the left, Bobbi (formerly Tinsel) adopted at the end of February. On the right, Sonny adopted October 2013. Both now enjoying their new found friendship in a bit of rarely seen sunshine. A friendship made possible by Forest Dog Rescue. FDR, your good work continues long after the dogs have left your kennels. Thank you x

Lola & Bailey – formerly Isla & Cooper –
Hello forest dog rescue, Lola here (formally Isla) I just wanted to let you know how well that I am getting on! I'm extremely happy in my new home 15 months on, bailey (formerly cooper) and I are the best of friends, I couldn't imagine us not being together. My humans, I adore, especially Rebecca. She has never given up on me and continues to take me to regular dog training, I am now trusted to run off the lead and I do not pull on the lead anywhere near as much! Here's a few pictures of us, please share them with Alison. All our love Lola and Bailey. XXXX

Shadow - We have some amazing pictures of Shadow in his new home, they alone speak volumes. thank you so much both and please keep them coming :-)

I know Shadow only came to us yesterday but it seems like he's been here ages. He is so funny at times with the noises he makes (talking, grumbling etc). He has watched the TV and barked at a dog on there. He has laid down in such funny positions. We bought him a new collar and lead today and a rope toy which he loves. He has spent the whole weekend with both of us and had a great time. The eye drops have been no problem. John seems to be Alpha male and Shadow follows him round.
You are quite right he is very food orientated and as soon as the cupboard door opens (the one with the dog biscuits in) he is there. As soon as one of us puts a coat on he is ready to go out!

Glad you found a loving home mum. I am well and would love to see you again soon. Love sky x

                                                           Stanley - Watch driver about! 
                                                           Stanley is on the road!!

Poppy - 3 months tomorrow we have had little Poppy. She's just a pleasure. Can't believe no one wanted her! She's such a good girl

Dudley - Here is a photo of Dudley bounding around this morning. He has now been with us for almost 3 months and has settled in so quickly. None of us know what we did with ourselves before he came as we now walk around 60 miles a week with him! Thank you to Forest Dogs for all you do. — in Cleobury Mortimer.


Kerry - Happy Easter to you all from "slimline" Kerry. See how much weight she's lost, she really is a good shape now. She is the most well-behaved, gorgeous girl and we are perfect for each other. Thank you again for letting her into my life.
Beryl and Kerry

Hector aka Bounty - Hi all, Just wanted to let you know that Bounty, or as we know him, Hector, has settled in well at his new home. He has taken the journey, cats and new home in his stride and is just amazing fun. We will see you at your open days and we also have stuff we can bring to some of your car boot sales.
Thank you for finding Mr Hound for us, we will keep you updated with his progress, he is our little ray of light.
Andrea & Rob

Zoe - someone has made themselves at home on the sofa after a restless night and a few mishaps.... it's all so new.... We are loving her to bits..... THANK YOU to all at Forest Dog Rescue for letting us have this beautiful little girlie.

Nell had a lovely time at a farm today. Ran round and round. Even enjoyed watching the horses. Wonderfully well behaved girl. She is an absolute pleasure to us. Thank you again FDR.


                                                     Little Maggie! 
                                            Happy Easter to you                                                       too little one lol 

                                                                            "Happy Easter everybody xxx"

Mollie springer - Mollie is having a lovely time in a cottage holiday in Devizes. She is doing really well and has settled into our family perfectly. XXXX

Spartacus - Hi All
I thought I’d share these photos of Spartacus happily out and about and hope these reach you okay. He is learning fast and has improved a great deal with the cats. A lovely boy who is well loved by everybody who meets him. Thank you for your help over the past four weeks.
Regards  Sue Corfield and Hugs for Sparty!!!

Happy 1st Gotcha Day Macy! 

A year ago today I bought little Macy into our lives and what a year it has been. Happy 1st gotcha day Mini May.. 

                                                         Hello there all you lovely lot..Love Tizer..xx

Benson - As you can see from the attached pics Benson is now off lead (the last pic is the effect it has!) – we kind of just bit the bullet and tried it a couple of times and hoped for the best and its paid off!! We walked all the way from Highley to Arley on Friday off lead – he is miles ahead but when he cant see you he comes running back – not quite when you call him yet – but it’s a massive step and I have to be honest something I never thought would happen – he gets much better walks and so do we – having let him off in your enclosed field, we just thought we would try him as we desperately wanted him off lead on the beach later in the year too…Thanks again for all your guidance and help over the year or so and continuing – really appreciate it xx

Toffee likes to sit as close as possible for maximum warmth and comfort... For him. He also loves a good lounge in the sun on what used to be the spare bed, obviously now this is his room  wouldn't have him any other way

Kermit aka banjo - Hi guy,s. Banjo ( Kermit ) has settled in really well and sky being so good with him. He likes playing with the toys lol 

Willow - Hi an update from willow the day before her 1st birthday I think she's saving her energy for tomorrow

Angel (Paisley) has settled in very well. She didn't mess in the house apart form a Wee wee on a training pad she lets us know if she needs to go out. She's full of beans and me and mum took lots of photos of her first night at home. We walked her and she doesn't pull after a few minuets she's fantastic.

Maggie aka Ella - This soppy girl has been in our family a whole year today. We love her so                                            much - thank you Forest Dog Rescue for our 
                                           Maggie (Ella)!!

Crystal - Hi all, 
Thought you might like to know that Crystal has passed her Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Course. We are so proud of our little gal!  
KCGCDS Bronze award lessons commence in two weeks - will keep you posted.

Luna (Amber) is home and bouncing around her new home seeing what she can find

It's nearly Billies 1st Anniversary with us! She's a lovely girl. We've sorted skin problem, she was allergic to a lot of foods. She now loves walks and plays with kids and sociable with dogs. (We got her spayed too) Hard work paid off! Thank you xx

Lily aka Caramel -Hello to my lovely friends and carers at Forest Dog's me Lilly!! (Caramel) My new mummy took me home this Monday. I've truly settled in quickly and love my family and the garden which I have been busy exploring and learning to play with a ball.I love travelling in the car and don't think I had ever been up stairs before but now I fly up because I follow my mum absolutely everywhere! we do everything together.,I've had some lovely walks and seen some nice things.I have also become good friends with my nannies dog who has walked with me on Hartlebury Common. I've also explored the canal near where I live and loved seeing the ducks! I really am having the time of my life and feel showered with happiness and love which I desperately needed to move on from difficulties in the past.The family cats are still not too keen on me but we are working on this and hope to be good friends soon.Will come up and see you all at one of the events soon.Thank you  xxx

We hope you have enjoyed this months “Second Chances” now named “Happy Tails”

All these lovely and so gratefully received updates will be refreshed each month so if you would like to join in, please send your stories plus some pictures if you can to either our Facebook page as a visitors post, private message or via email to – we look for hearing from you!



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