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Car Boot - 7 August 2016

What wonderful day for a car boot and a get together! 
Thank you all for the lovely heartfelt compliments to our hard working ladies in the Buttie bar, they totally deserve every one of them and more  
Thank you also for the great response to our post earlier in the week relating to the the start times etc, it was gratefully received, it gave the staff time to tend to the dogs in our care to put their needs first, thank you all very much. 
Also belated birthday wishes to Emma (kennel manager) Emma was presented with a special birthday cake from Debbie (cake lady) which was a wonderful surprise to all, thank you so much Debbie for your kindness. 
Well done to all our other volunteers who continue to stand by our side with their outstanding support. 
We hope you all enjoyed your time with us today and look forward to seeing you again in September! 
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