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Awareness Day - Tesco's Kidderminster 15 & 16th December 2028
Awareness Day - Tesco's Kidderminster 15&16/12/18
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Awareness Day - Tesco's Kidderminster 15 & 16th December 2028

Awqreness Day - Tesco's Kidderminster

Day 1 -  at Tesco’s at Kidderminster!

Thank you to everyone at Tesco’s and their customers for your time and generosity today, you all made us so welcome, especially our 4 legged friends. 

We would also like to thank our volunteers too for the valuable time you give to FDR. Mathew, Stephen, Anita & partner, a huge thank you to you all.

Note - Ezra (greyhound) joined us today too, he was rehomed the following day! Be Happy Ezra! :)

Day 2 - Thank you once again to Tesco’s and their lovely customers for another absolutely fabulous day at your store today
Everyone was so kind and generous, spending time with us and our 4 legged friends, Ozzie, Lady, Blue, Smurf, Kerry and Misty who totally soaked up all the attention (treats included lol).

Thanks also to our volunteers for spending a second day by our side, wonderful company, thank you so much.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2019! 

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