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Autumn Fete - 18/08/19 Green Gap Kennels
Cleobury Community Show - 29/06/19
Spring Fayre 19th May 2019
Doggie Easter Hunt 21/04/2019 Wyre Forest
Awareness Day - Tesco's Kidderminster 15&16/12/18


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Autumn Fete - 18/08/19 Green Gap Kennels

FDR's Autumn Fete Thank You's

We couldn't get these very special days together without he help of many kind people. It is always hard work but with your help and support, hey presto, we did it!

A very special Thank you to all below

To all who so kindly Sponsored the Fun Dog Show 
Revival Trailers Ltd
MS (Midlands) Ltd
Compressor Service & Batteries Ltd
At Sheds
Hire It
Airwair Int LtdFun 

Dog Show Judge for the Day
John Griffin

Jo Bird
For sponsoring all the Trophy’s, Rosettes and special Rosettes for the Fun Dog Show

Cleobury Community Show - 29/06/19

Cleobury Community Day


Thank you to everyone who joined us today, it was hot but all the dogs were well taken care of, buckets of water for soaking towels in to cool the dogs down if needed, quickest dog show ever and Have a go at Agility reduced the runs and fun to a minimum because of the heat but all had such a great time nevertheless . 

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers on the registering table and thanks to Debbie (cake lady) for taking the hugely difficult job of Judge for today.

Spring Fayre 19th May 2019

Spring Fayre - Green Gap Kennels

Thank you to everyone who joined us today, fabulous day all round and the weather was beautiful too thankfully lol.
If anyone managed to get any photos during your visit we would love to see them. 
Unfortunately we didn’t get the time to get out n about to take any!
We must thank all our volunteers who joined us too today, you were all amazing, Ellis for dressing up as a dog known as Frederick and having photos taken with anyone who wished to have a cuddle, Brian on the parking, Joan keeping everything spic n span, all the ladies in the buttie bar, Debbie in the cake stand, plus all the ladies on registration, Brian on parking, all volunteer walkers, Kath and Kathryn who held a Tombola on behalf of FDR, Jo Bird and Nicki who jhad the difficult job of Judging in the ring today, Sue and Neil (NDTS Agility) who ran "Have a Go Agility" all proceeds going to FDR too bless them, sincere apologies if we have missed anyone, so many amazing people, thank you all for your wonderful support.

Doggie Easter Hunt 21/04/2019 Wyre Forest


Doggie Easter Hunt!
Wyre Forest

Many thanks to everyone for joining in the fun today at Wyre Forest, what wonderful weather too!
Fabulous turn out for both the Doggie Easter Hunt and the children’s Easter Egg Hunt. 
We had some great updates including some members of our extended family who actually came along to say hello in person, thank you all so much!
Special thanks to Kathryn and Kath who came up with this brilliant idea and for all their time and hard work putting it all together, so many commented how much they had enjoyed it and would love to do it again.

Awareness Day - Tesco's Kidderminster 15&16/12/18

Awareness Day - Tesco's Kidderminster

Day 1-Thank you to everyone at Tesco’s and their customers for your time and generosity today, you all made us so welcome, especially our 4 legged friends. 

We would also like to thank our volunteers too for the valuable time you give to FDR. Mathew, Stephen, Anita & partner, a huge thank you to you all.
Here are a few photos taken during the day with some of our 4 legged friends, please note Ezra (greyhound) joined us today too, which gave this lovely fella time out from his kennel.

Volunteers Do - 11/12/18 Cleobury Social Club

Volunteers/Staff Do!

Thank you all who made it last night, it was such a pleasure to see so many there! We had a full house! 
Hope you all enjoyed the get together which gave us and you a chance to get to know each other better.
Also thanks to Beth who kept everyone happy from the other side of the bar lol. Apologises for the photos which aren’t the best but hey ho, we all had a great night didn’t we hahaha 

Thanks again everyone for your support and company, have a great Christmas!

Awareness Day - Kidderminster 08/12/18

Many thanks to Jeanette & Dave hands, Bruno, Jean Onslow & Sammy Sparks for giving your free time to join us today in Kidderminster to help raise funds on behalf of Forest Dog Rescue.
We know your free time is precious, thank you so much for sharing some of it with us today, truly appreciated. 

Bewdley Xmas Lights - 01/12/18

Bewdley Christmas Lights!

Wow! What fun Cindy and I have had today! Thank you all so much for your company, time and support spent with us today.
And no, we didn’t get to see Santa because we were soaking up the pleasure of all these lovely happy dogs and their families who came to say hello, so chuffed to meet you all, thank you.
Thank you also to Anthony (Anthony Arnold Entertainment) for spending a few minutes with us too.Enjoy the few photos we did manage to get, some from FDR’s extended family and others with our new found friends, doesn’t get any better than that.

Car Boot - 07/10/18 Green Gap Kennels

Thank you for joining us again today, it turned out to be quite a nice day didn’t it once the early morning frost slowly disappeared lol.
Thank you also to all our volunteers, Kathryn, Kath, Debbie, Joy, Jayne, Glynis & family for your steadfast and always cheery support in the buttie bar, on the cake stand and on your own stalls, you’re all so valued and loved by everyone. Thank you 
Not forgetting our volunteer walkers and staff, you keep everyone happy with their walks plus introducing some to the crowds.

Annual Autumn Fete - 16/09/18

Annual Autumn Fete 16/09/18

Thank you for yet another very enjoyable and successful day, we couldn’t do it without you.
We hope you all had lots of fun!

We have so many lovely people to thank for offering their support as well as our guests, including all those adorable 4-legged friends, always such a joy to see so many of FDR’s extended family come back to say hello and let us know how they’re doing plus we met so many new faces too, fabulous uplift to all here at FDR, thank you.

We would like to pass on our sincere thanks too to all named below, every one has worked so hard to put this day together plus all who donated their kindness in other ways on our behalf.
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