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Autumn Fete - 18/08/19 Green Gap Kennels
Cleobury Community Show - 29/06/19
Spring Fayre 19th May 2019
Doggie Easter Hunt 21/04/2019 Wyre Forest
Awareness Day - Tesco's Kidderminster 15&16/12/18


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July 2014 Newsletter

Hello everyone

February/March Newsletter

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well and survived the winter floods etc, what a mess they left behind. Fortunately the fields here at FDR are starting to dry out and hopefully will be dry enough for the 1st Car Boot of 2014!
Before we get started on the updates, please accept my apologies for not sending out a Newsletter for February...we had27little beauties find their wonderful forever homes and a very successful Auction, the rain had pretty much scuppered any plans for improvements at the kennels til now.

December Newsletter 2013

December Newsletter 2013
Hello everyone, please bear with us this month because we have to dedicate part of this month’s Newsletter with sad news, we lost a very dear old friend this month.  Bandit (otherwise known as Bullseye) has crossed “Rainbow Bridge” to join all others who have walked the pathway before him. Bandit had been poorly, he did start to brighten up and everyone thought he was going to make it but unfortunately he didn’t. This fella has been with FDR for 9 years and had a foster home waiting for him when he improved but sadly  he didn’t get there, here’s what a very close friend to Bandit has to say about him;

November Newsletter 2013!

Hello Everyone!
Great newsto start this month’s Newsletter- Sethis finally by his very own fireside! This chap has waited years for this day to arrive and so have we, he has joined a lovely “Foster“ family and is enjoying amultitude of new experiences-smells, sounds and wildlife. Whereas Seth always seemed quite happy in kennels, sadly that isn’t always the case, as we have mentioned before we do have those who just cannot cope and slowly go from bad to worse. Everything is done to help these poor souls but it would be lovely to have a few more “Foster” families who we could turn to as when things get so heartrendingly difficult.

October Newsletter

October Newsletter 2013 
And we're away again, 16 dogs packed their bags to move into their new homes and all settling in so well too! 
Barely a look back and away went Sam, Max, Bruce, Lucy, Dan the little man, Geordie, Charlie, Sid, Savannah, Topsy, Trudy, Bluebell, Bobby, Beau, Archie, and Marnie!
And in no time, all those vacated kennels have guests again, we rarely wonder why any longer, there are always so many different reasons and though we'll never understand the "why" bit, one stroll round to the kennels and see those hopeful faces looking out at you, putting their trust solely in our hands, if they can do that and not give up, then why would we.

July/August Newsletter 2013

July/August Newsletter 2013
Hello everyone! Many apologies for a very late July but a very early August Newsletter!
My only excuse is we’ve been really busy with fundraising events, which have all gone astonishingly well (apart from one which I’ll get back to later) then there’s always work to be done here there and everywhere...  have I got you wiping your eyes on your sleeve yet?...if so, that me out of the dog house for now at least! lol you’re far too kind x  

June Newsletter 2013

    June Newsletter 2013
Hello everyone! I was only joking when I mentioned Christmas in the May Newsletter but guess what...Maureen (funding raising Trustee) is well on her way with her famous Doggie Christmas Crackers!!! She is falling short of kitchen rolls tho folks, so should you use kitchen roll at all, could you please save them for this very busy lady, thank you in advance.
Unfortunately Michael (new kennel manager) decided his heart lay elsewhere, which ever path you take in life Michael, we wish you well and hope you find your vocation soon!

April Newsletter 2013

April Newsletter
April started off really well! We had our first Car Boot at Green Gap, all the dogs enjoyed the extra company on a cool but sunny day.
Jessie Jay got herself noticed and was rehomed within no time, this was really exciting for all at Green Gap because Jessie Jay was one of our long stayers, she has been so patient and finally it was her turn to say goodbye and live the life they all so deserve.
Beau, Hero and Buster also joined their forever families and have settled in really well, which has got to be a little scary for any dog who has to start all over again.

March Newsletter 2013!

March Newsletter!
Blimey, March has come and gone already and no one can believe we’re heading for spring, it’s still so cold! This hasn’t stopped our wonderful volunteers though; they continue to come to help walk our boys and girls regardless, plus wash, clean and of course bring rays of sunshine with their wonderful warm smiles and words of encouragement, thank you one and all, you truly are amazing. x
We have a new member of Staff, welcome aboard Alan; we hope you will be very happy here with all at FDR.

Februarys Newsletter!

Hello everyone - It may have been a miserable muddy month but we've had lots of rays of sunshine with our super dogs and walkers. Bella leftafter several photo shoots in which she posed like a true prima donna. Good luck girlie we know you will
be spoiled rotten. What we particularly liked about Bella going, was the look back
over the fields as if wishing all her friends good luck, while they patiently wait for their forever families to find them too.
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