We are looking for a new home for the lovely Cora. She originally came into FDR back in 2017 aged 3 years. She was snapped up just a few weeks later and had been living very happily with her new owner until recently. Very sadly her Daddy passed away and she now finds herself looking for a warm, loving and quite home.
She is still in her home and has friends and family visiting regularly through out the day for lots of walks, feeds and cuddles. Cora is used to having someone around pretty much all the time so as you can imagine, despite coping very well with longer periods alone, she would really like a companion again. It must be so hard for her to understand why her Daddy isn't around anymore.
Cora really likes a routine, she likes to know her walking route. She does plenty of sniffing and enjoys a slow pootle. She enjoys her walks and has been used to a couple of 30 minute walks a day but would likely enjoy more time out and about.
She loves soft toys and loves to play with them throughout the day.
She will be the only dog in the house and we won't be re-homing her to a household with cats or children.
She has been very much used to the quiet life and we want to find this for her again. She really loves having a companion/s around most of the time but she isn't a lap dog. She enjoys a fuss but on her terms.
So if you have a quite space in your home for Cora then please contact the kennels for an application.

Gamble & Vegas

Is anyone looking for a stunning pair of gorgeous Pocket Bullies?! If yes then GAMBLE & VEGAS could be the paw-fect duo for you!!
These two have come into us from a private home, unfortunately a relationship breakdown meant that their owner had to move accommodation meaning less time and space for them, so they made the decision to find them a new home where all of their needs are met.
Gamble is the male who is brown and white, Vegas is the female who is grey & white, they are completely bonded with one another and complement each other well.
Since they have arrived in kennels everyone has fell in love with them, but how could you not?! they are both super friendly to everyone, they walk nicely on the lead, they are fairly calm and relaxed, not to mention they love attention and fuss! They have literally not put a toe out of line since being here.
They are both good with other dogs, generally having a sniff and carry on doing their own thing. We do think they would be best suited to a home where they are the only dogs as this is what they have been used to.
We really are hoping to keep them together, Vegas really relies on Gamble if you take her for a walk on her own she sits and waits, longingly looking at the door waiting for Gamble to appear to be back at her side.
*Thank fully neither of them are in the XL bully ban category given the government guidelines, they are both far too short!


Our lovely little Ginnie is now ready to find herself a third and final forever home! After coming to us from an owner who was unable to cope with her, we promised that we would find her the most paw-fect home!

Ginnie is a typical bouncy pup who is full of the joys of spring, she was a little shy when she first arrived but she is full of confidence now.

On the lead she can be a bit of a monkey at times, usually when she sees another dog or human the excitement is too much to resist to bounce around but we are working with her and getting her to understand that she can be excited but not act like a kangaroo!

We are also finding her some friendly dogs to make friends with, it's clear she hasn't had much socialisation before coming to us so we are teaching her that although she can play with some dogs we don't greet them by jumping on their heads or paws in their faces. She is doing much better, she could potentially live with another dog who would cope with her energy to teach her but equally she would be just as happy as the only dog with dog friends on walks and to continue her socialisation.

Ginnie's favourite place is the playpen, she has got so much energy and is as fast as lighting when the zoomies kick in! With her clever mind and speediness we have started to introduce her to some agility equipment, it's safe to say she is a tunnel monster already and is mastering the dog walk. Once you can harness her concentration and enthusiasm she could make a cracking agility dog!

We are looking for an active family, one to take her to training classes to work on the areas she is lacking, one to absolutely idolise her and her stunning huge ears!!!



Meet our lovely boy Corey who has come into us from another rescue, to begin with he was a bit shy and had no idea what the lead was for but he has come on a long way already!

Corey's favourite thing is zoomies in the playpen, with or without toys, he doesn't mind and will zoom about as fast as he can with the odd leap round and roll on the floor! If you follow us on Facebook you might have seen a few of his zoomy escapades!

Despite not really sure of lead walks he has now come full circle and really looks forward to seeing that lead because he knows it's his turn for walkies! When he first comes out he can be quite excitable and bouncy (gone are the days of hiding behind someones leg!) but he does then settle and walk nicely.

We are now working on him meeting new people as his shy side does come back but he is going out with new volunteers as much as possible, once he knows you he is your best friend for life.

Corey loves other dogs, he has walked with a multitude of different dogs here and has wanted to play with them all, he has even helped one of our more nervous dogs gain some confidence. Corey could live with another dog but we do think he would be equally happy to be the centre of someones world as an only dog, to relive his puppyhood and be utterly adored as an only dog with just having dog friends out and about!

Overall Corey is just a big dafty with a big heart and loveable nature, he really will make someone a very lucky owner.


Treasure came into us after he was retired from racing, sadly we soon realised that the reason for his retirement was due to a career ending injury.
His back right hock was blown up like a balloon and after some doing some digging we found out that he had broken his hock, had been successfully operated on and went through the beginnings of rehab before coming to us.
Sadly this means poor Treasure is on very restricted exercise to minimalise the motion and strain on that back leg.
As you can imagine the poor boy was really starting to get down in the dumps so we moved him to a kennel where he can see the goings on, started him on frequent very short lead walks so he could do his ones & twos along with a good sniff around!
We also started providing him with as much enrichment as we can (without making him an overweight little piggy!) such as snuffle mats which he thoroughly gets his hooter stuck straight into, dog puzzles which he works out in minutes but his absolute favourite is a LickiMat smushed with Peamutt Butter , sardines and all of his favourite things... The only problem is as you can see by the photo, is that he loves his Lickit a bit too much at times and the corners didn't survive his attempts to try and get that last lick!
Treasure is such a loving boy, he is super friendly, walks well on the lead and we know he gets on with dogs his size though we aren't sure about anything smaller due to having to keep his exercise and excitement bounces to a minimum.
We know Treasure will be over the moon when he can finally run free but we also know he would love nothing more to have his own family to love and pamper him to help him recover fully!


Olly has recently come back to us due to a family difficulty which left them in absolutely no other option but to return Olly to our care, understandably they are heartbroken but have given us lots of information so we can help him find a new home.

We originally had Olly after his racing days were over and he was starting his retirement, we are hoping that he finds a home as quickly as he did before as he isn't a fan of kennels especially now having a taste of domesticated living... not to mention finding his love of sofas!

We are ideally looking for a home with no or older children as his previous owners have told us he can be a little possessive with high value items but they have worked really hard to combat this and had made a great deal of improvement. Olly commendably gives ample warning if he isn't happy about a person taking the item from him, he has never been put in a position to take this any further but he will need owners to continue working with distraction and trade going forward.

In the home Olly is as relaxed as they come, opting to spend the majority of the day lazing around snoozing, he is housetrained (though may need reminding of this after his stay in kennels), he travels really well, he is super affectionate and friendly with everyone he meets... his only downside in the home is that he is counter height so no food left on the side is safe from his nose & stomach.

Olly has lived with a cat though he will chase if the opportunity arises but nothing more, he is also good with other dogs though he's not overly interested in them as he's more interested in his walks and sniffs.

We are looking for a home where someone is around a lot as he isn't a huge fan of being on his own, in his previous home he was gradually built up to be left for around 2 hours a day cozied up in his crate with the TV on, so any new owner will need to help him built up to be happy left longer.

On the lead Olly walks immaculately always by your side on a nice loose lead trotting along, his owners have told us he has good recall and some basic commands.

Overall Olly is a gorgeous boy who deserves another chance and will no doubt make someone a very lucky owner to have him.