Beautiful girl Jade has come into us as her days on the racetrack are behind her and she is now looking for a new pace of life being a sofa surfer home dog with a family to love her!

Since she arrived she has been golden on the lead, not straying from by your side nor taking an ounce of notice of anything going on around her, just simply enjoying her walks and time of our kennels.

We have found that Jade is good with dogs, she has been introduced to plenty since being here so could well live with another dog providing temperaments suit.

Jade has taken to retirement like a duck to water, so far she hasn't even bothered to break out of a trot in the playpen but that's not to say she might like a zoom round her new garden when she finds a home! At the moment toys aren't really of interest to her, so we are trying to show her that squeaky toys mean playtime but she's not overly convinced... yet!

Overall Jade is your typical chilled out, easy going greyhound who loves a good fuss and would make a great family pet, we don't have anything bad to say about her other then she might need to learn some manners with high value items such as chicken as she can snatch but is good with her food all other treats.

Hopefully she doesn't have to wait too long before she is out of kennels to never see or be in one ever again!


Button has come into us in sad circumstances along with another dog as their owner very sadly passed away but hopefully we can find him a new home very soon as he isn't enjoying his time in kennels - poor boy must be terribly confused.

Unfortunately due to his previous owners declining health Button hadn't ventured out of his home and garden for some time so when he first arrived he was pretty shut down, no sign of a tail wag, didn't really want to move from his bed and was evidently struggling with the change of losing his owner on top of finding himself in kennels but he has made great improvements since then!

As mentioned Button has come into us with another dog, we have split them as Button was very overbearing with the other dog for example he wouldn't allow him to walk freely instead glued himself to the other dogs side and cut him off when he didn't want him to go any further almost herding him, the other dog was also of poor health so we decided that it would be best for both dogs to be separated. Since the split Button has come into his own, rather then latching on to the other dog and ignoring everything around him including people, he is really coming out of his shell, interacting and becoming a very happy wiggly Labrador!

On the whole he does/can walk well though he can be very strong at times and will pull you especially if he wants to pee up something! We are working on this at the moment but further work will need to be continued in his new home. As he hasn't had many walks of late he is loving all the walks he can get here, so we are definitely looking for an active home where he can make up for lost time going on plenty of adventures!

One of Buttons favourite things is tennis balls, he gets super excited when you pick one up and loves to retrieve them for you, though sometimes he isn't the best at finding them especially in the long grass! He has been off lead in our playpen and fields where he was brilliantly behaved, not straying further then eyeshot of the person throwing the ball, happily fetching the balls and dropping them back at their feet.

Button is generally quite an obedient dog, he has a good knowledge of commands and is always looking to please his handler.

Ideally we are looking for a dog free home for Button, along with no children as he has no experience of them at all however we have information that he has previously lived with a cat whom he ignored but he hasn't formally been cat tested here so we wouldn't want to take the risk.




Doyle has hung up his racing shoes for good and will be looking for his retirement home… he’s only just cottoning on that retirement is on cards as he’s still got some beans in the tank... though sometimes it's quite short lived as his initial excitement coming out of the kennel eases and he strolls out like a king!
So far he has proved to be a gentleman, he walks really well on the lead practically glued to your leg sometimes feeling like your maneuvering a double decker bus with ears and a tail.. we're not entirely sure he is aware of just how big he is - bless him.
He is great with people, he loves a a fuss and has perfected the art of leaning in to your leg for more!
On the lead he seems good with other dogs out and about, we know he has been previously kenneled with other dogs and that he has taken a bit of a shine to one of our female Lurchers Cerys... but she also quite likes him too so they often share their walks! Doyle could well live with another dog but we would be looking for a companion more of his own size and energy.
In the playpen he opts for a sniff and a mooch before returning to your side for fuss... and sniff of your pockets to see if you have any spare snacks!
He is still quite switched on surveying the land for small furries and can get excited, bouncy & can jump up when you go into his kennel but who can blame him with a new pace of life… you’ve got to make your own excitement🤣 but probably best for no such small furries in his new home! 
Doyle is a wonderful boy who is turning in to a big friendly gentle giant... he will soon be living life to the full snoozing his days away in retirement never to have to see a racetrack again.


Watson has come into us from another rescue where he was picked up as a stray so no previous information is known. He was a little shy when he first came into us but he has certainly found his confidence now, though he does still have times where he gets nervous such as around traffic and can at times be a little handshy.

Watson is an affectionate boy, he loves chilling out on the sofa having cuddles, he walks well on the lead occasionally needing the odd reminder when his nose gets the better of him, he is selective with the dogs he likes but in no way is he reactive. He does have a lively side and when the zoomies takes over he can forget his usually very good manners and jump up at you 🙈 but we are working on this.

All of our volunteers comment on what a good boy he is and a joy to walk!

We think Watson will make a great family pet with a bit of additional training, hopefully he will soon be saying goodbye off to his new life as he has been with us for over 2 months now 🙁


Skiff came in to us as a stray with no history, not even a microchip to find his out his name and sadly nobody came forward to claim him. Skiff is a special boy who has come on absolute leaps and bounds, if you follow us on Facebook you'll have seen his updates but this is his journey;
though right from the off we knew this boy would be a challenge as the only way to safely handle him in to the kennel was for the dog warden to catch pole him, something that isn’t used lightly and only when absolutely necessary.
Once he was in his kennel it was abundantly clear that he was terrified and very uneasy with all these new people that wanted to care for him.
What was also clear is that he had an abscess in his mouth which had burst. Evidently we couldn’t whisk him off to the vet for a check up so we worked closely with the vet who thankfully prescribed antibiotics and anti inflammatories to help get him feeling better!
So the journey started…

Day 2:

Skiff as you can imagine was still extremely terrified of the situation, people and the kennel environment, his response to this was barking, growling and hackles up. None of which we blamed him for.
His red eyes were still very red but an improvement on the day before, we hoped his medication for the abscess was starting to kick in but we knew this called for a gentle approach, leaving his kennel as his space.
so sitting outside his kennel, offering treats and speaking softly (and for some even singing) was the first step to gain his trust.
Day 3:
We never expect miracles and fully appreciate that dogs need time.. time to process, time to learn, time to decompress and time to trust.
We were spending as much time outside of his kennel as we could, any passing minute or opportunity. We knew that every minute helped.
Day three we finally had a little break through, we found his love of food and he started to gently take treats through the bars from us. We managed to get the odd touch of his face but he was still uncomfortable with this so we didn’t push any further but bridges are starting to be built. (https://fb.watch/qpqELrV-xg/)
Day 4:
Day 4 was the first day we managed to enter his kennel, he was still scared and uncomfortable, he didn’t seek out attention but equally no longer showed signs of fear aggression.
He had quick sniffs of us, we had quick touches we had quick touches but having us that little closer without the safety of bars his love of food couldn’t entice him for a treat for our hands… we were a long way off from waggy tails and happiness.
His eyes were becoming less red and his mouth was definitely starting to look and feel better.
Day 5:
Building on day 4s amazing progress of being able to safely enter skiffs kennel, we found some super yummy food (Lee’s lunch) to encourage him to come nearer to us with minimal pressure.
As you can see from the video (https://fb.watch/qpqDLfD1Ct/)  he was still very wary,  on edge and alert, sometimes wanting to run away but to ensure he knew he still had a safe place to retreat to we always leave his pop hole open so he can gain access to his bedroom… but his guard is dropping, taking treats from hands and even partially enjoying a fuss.. the first time we have really had contact with him!

Day 6:

Skiff was starting to realise that no harm would come to him, starting to understand that humans bring food and starting to get a wee bit of confidence.. so much so we even got a paw for a treat on day 6 🥰
This was monumentous considering we couldn’t get anywhere near him to begin with, to him optionally touching us, again with no pressure, access to his safe place, no leads and no expectations.
Day 7:
What we hadn’t managed to capture in previous videos was Skiffs sheer panic and fear at the sight of a lead… we have no idea if the trauma of his arrival was the source of his fear or if it stemmed back prior to this but we knew that desensitisation was the way forward.
Skiff is definitely a man’s man and 7 days in brought the dog we all knew was in there somewhere… a happy bouncy boy with a super waggy tail!! We started by having the lead on the floor, just so he can have a look, sniff and play with it, so it’s not so scary when it comes to being clipped on…. Turns out despite being cautious it was turned into a game! We couldn’t have asked for more.
Just look at the difference in him ❤️ https://fb.watch/qpqKVgIsgU/
Day 8:
It was time to get Skiff out of the kennel… you might think that 8 days is a long time to be confined to a kennel but if you’ve kept up to date with Skiff’s progress you’ll know that anything before this would have been too soon, too overwhelming and too stressful for him.
Thankfully he is in a kennel block with direct access to a playpen, so with the help of a few boards blocking certain areas we were able to create a corridor straight to the outdoors. As you’d probably guessed it took a few attempts for him to brave putting the first paw out of his kennel that had become his safe space and comfort…. But he made it and didn’t he enjoy himself!!
Once he’d finished his zoomies, relishing in the space and feeling the sun on his back we did attach a short lead to him, just to get the feeling of the pressure on his neck, we didn’t use it just purely left it hanging. https://www.facebook.com/reel/887283976510222
Day 9:
With his new lease of life and new found love of people (mostly the male staff) we started working towards getting him out on the lead.
Starting by walking him up and down the corridor, back in to his kennel, lots of praise and food we felt it was time for a short trip round the field before going into the playpen for fun… and didn’t he do well, yes there was stress panting, a lot of searching for reassurance from his handler but so much progress we were bursting with pride!
Day 10:
It was a long time coming but we can safely say he is a HAPPY BOY!! He is now going out on walks, enjoying life being a dog, relishing in cuddles galore and even meeting strangers!!!
He is still wary in his kennel and of certain things that are out of the norm, but for the most part this dog who would have once been classes as aggressive albeit fear driven dog to a loving, friendly boy who is now ready to find a new home!!
Skiff has made SO much progress since he first arrived, a full u-turn in temperament so now we can start the search for a forever home for him! One with experience, dedication to continue his training and socialisation, one with understanding and patience to allow him to grow and learn. We are ideally looking for a home with no other animals or children so he gets the 1-2-1 attention he needs.
There is a perfect home out there somewhere we just have to find it for this special boy!


Belle was rehomed from us in December last year however sadly she has been returned to kennels due to increasing problems in the home with the other dog which we believe was a conflict of personalities which only proved problematic the more Belle settled in so sadly and heartbreakingly for the owners the decision was made to bring her back with the welfare of both dogs in mind.

When Belle first came into us she was very shy but there were glimmers of a very cheeky little girl to come out, she is still a bit shy meeting new people so more confidence needs to be gained but she is making improvements all of the time.

Because she was so shy and reserved we were looking for a home with a calmer older dog for her to gain confidence from which is exactly what we found but it seems the older dog didn't have the tolerance for a youngster once she got her paws under the table similarly Belle didn't quite have the self control or knowledge to leave the other dog alone when needed which caused the problems. We do feel Belle could live with another dog still but one  more matched on her energy level and demands of play equally she may be fine as an only dog with doggy friends out on her walks to play with.

Her owners have said that she is housetrained and asks to go out, she is fine to be left and has been left up to 3 hours, she loves to play with toys, travels well, walks well on the lead, happy to be fussed and cuddles all over but does get scared with loud noises such as fireworks and motorbikes.

Belle is a beautiful girl who will make someone a lovely dog, we just need to find the right home for her 🙂


WALKER needs your help and a home!! 🤞
Walker was our dog back in 2019, he showed good aptitude to be a working dog so he was placed with Wagtail specialist dog services where he completed his training and got to work!!
He has now been retired from working and is looking for a permanent home to retire into and we have been contacted to help his search as so far it has proved fruitless and he is really hating kennels now 😢
Walker is a large Labrador X who is approximately 6-7years old and is currently with Red Paw rehoming so have a read of the below and then contact them if you think he could be the one for you... if not please SHARE on social media to help this boy find his forever after !!
Walker is available to foster with the view to adopt!!
Sadly he is kennel stressed so we need to find him a home ASAP
Walker is a male Labrador cross who was a stray before coming to us, so sadly not much is known about his life prior to being with us. Walker is a very cuddly and affection dog when having a good bond with you. He has had a couple of years working over in Northern France where he has worked closely with a few handlers whom formed a close bond with him.
He can be cautious of new people and most often men.. during his time with us he has rarely taken a dislike to any of our female handlers. Some men he absolutely loves and has an incredible bond with but he is very specific about who he likes and who he doesn’t. He will make it very apparent In the early stages if he isn’t your biggest fan.
Play - He LOVES to play but can go from 0-100 very very quickly and with that becomes a lot of jumping around and nipping at your arms. Even if he has a toy he gets over excited and will redirect on to a person. In this situation it’s not that he doesn’t like you and is trying to eat you it’s just how he plays.
Other dogs: He socialises really well off and on lead and gets on with most dogs that we have here. However out and about in public, when walked on a lead, he will around he will lunge and try and get at them, and bark! His handler has been working on this.
Cats: Cannot be rehomed with them
We don't know if Walker is house trained but he is clean in his kennel.
He is the most amazing boy and once he trusts you he is the softest snuggliest boy. He truly deserves the best home.
We will not be allowing anyone with young children to adopt him.
If you would like further information about Walker please send us an email to [email protected] with some info about yourself and we will send you an application form


Olly has recently come back to us due to a family difficulty which left them in absolutely no other option but to return Olly to our care, understandably they are heartbroken but have given us lots of information so we can help him find a new home.

We originally had Olly after his racing days were over and he was starting his retirement, we are hoping that he finds a home as quickly as he did before as he isn't a fan of kennels especially now having a taste of domesticated living... not to mention finding his love of sofas!

We are ideally looking for a home with no or older children as his previous owners have told us he can be a little possessive with high value items but they have worked really hard to combat this and had made a great deal of improvement. Olly commendably gives ample warning if he isn't happy about a person taking the item from him, he has never been put in a position to take this any further but he will need owners to continue working with distraction and trade going forward.

In the home Olly is as relaxed as they come, opting to spend the majority of the day lazing around snoozing, he is housetrained (though may need reminding of this after his stay in kennels), he travels really well, he is super affectionate and friendly with everyone he meets... his only downside in the home is that he is counter height so no food left on the side is safe from his nose & stomach.

Olly has lived with a cat though he will chase if the opportunity arises but nothing more, he is also good with other dogs though he's not overly interested in them as he's more interested in his walks and sniffs.

We are looking for a home where someone is around a lot as he isn't a huge fan of being on his own, in his previous home he was gradually built up to be left for around 2 hours a day cozied up in his crate with the TV on, so any new owner will need to help him built up to be happy left longer.

On the lead Olly walks immaculately always by your side on a nice loose lead trotting along, his owners have told us he has good recall and some basic commands.

Overall Olly is a gorgeous boy who deserves another chance and will no doubt make someone a very lucky owner to have him.