Little Striker has come into us from a very sad situation and full disclosure will be given to those interested in adopting him. He has now completed his assessment and is definitely ready to get out of kennels, start fresh in his new life & be settled in ready for Christmas!

Striker is a typical super happy and friendly puppy, he is full of fun, energy and enthusiasm! He absolutely loves people, he greets everyone with a waggy tail and can't wait to receive cuddles and attention from anyone willing to give it!

In the playpen he loves to zoom round and will come back to his name 90% of the time however we would recommend some recall training before letting him off in the big wide world as his attention span can sometimes waver if there is something more interesting about.

Striker is all about the toys, he will play with anything and everything, even better if it makes a noise! The only negative we have to say about him is that he will need some work with toys in his possession, there is no problems playing tuggy with him and no problems trading toys for other ones but we are currently working with taking a toy from him that he has in his possession on the floor. He is still young, super motivated to appease you and also loves his food so someone with a bit of know-how experience could continue this work to solve this.

We are looking for a home where he can go to training classes, he is so eager to please he just lacks the basic commands so just needs a helping paw to get up to scratch - as mentioned above, he is a 'foody' so armed with treats, his clever little mind should pick everything up like a sponge!  He has already nailed his leadwork as he walks quite nicely, just the odd occasion where his excitement gets the better of him does he need a reminder to walk to heel.

Striker is good with dogs, he has met lots since being here and his reaction is always the same... super pleased to see them and really wants to play. We do think he could live with another dog, one perhaps a bit older but still  likes to play!

Overall Striker is a wonderful happy playful pup who just needs to gain some weight and find a family to give him the training, cuddles and attention he deserves!



Decker has come in as a stray so no prior history but he has won over all the staff with his cuddly and amazing temperament. He literally hasn't put a paw out of place here and flown through his assessment.

He is good on the lead, loves a good pootle and mooch around and his favourite thing in the whole world is getting as many hugs and fusses as he can. He is all about people and although good with dogs he tends to ignore them as the person on the end of the lead is more important.
So if you are looking for a calm, gentle cuddle bunny then look no further! He hasn't been cat tested and preferably would like a home on his own so he can be the centre of someones universe.






Meet our beautiful boy Linus, he has come into us from another rescue in the hope we can find him a forever home before Christmas!

Linus is such a happy boy, his tail doesn't stop wagging, he is always pleased to see you and would happily accompany you anywhere. He loves to meet new people, go new places and take on any adventure he can!

On the lead he can walk amazingly well glued to your side though there are times that his nose and excitement get the better of him but a quick reminder and he is back at your side.

In the playpen he loves to run and charge about though he isn't quite sure of the purpose of toys yet he is getting intrigued! When he does get super excited he can be a bit mouthey but there is absolutely no malice in this boy, we firmly believe that with a routine, ample exercise and some education this will be a thing of the past but it may be for now he is best suited with no young children.

Linus is fab with other dogs, he has met a whole range since being here and he is as equally happy and friendly to see them all. He could potentially live with another dog provided temperaments suit otherwise he wouldn't be at all fussed being the only dog and kind of the castle.