Our gorgeous little Lottie has come into us as a stray with no history so we have promised her that we will find her a paw-fect new forever home!

Bless her she was in a bit of a state when she first arrived, she had heavily matted ears that were very sore both inside and out, she even matting in between her toes! We gently clipped those matts from her ears and toes all the while she was incredibly well behaved! We gave her ears a medicated wash to help relieve the itching, she then went up to the vet who has prescribed some special cream to help them heal so she will be feeling better in no time!

On the lead she doesn't walk too badly, mostly walks with a loose lead just occasionally gets side tracked with a good sniff but Lottie loves her walks almost as much as she loves fuss, food and attention so we will be looking for an active home so she can enjoy lots of country walks and explorations!

Lottie is incredibly friendly, she loves people and hasn't got a bad bone in her body! She seems to get on well with other dogs so could potentially live with another provided temperaments suit.

This little girl will make one family a very lucky one 🙂