Beautiful girl Jade has come into us as her days on the racetrack are behind her and she is now looking for a new pace of life being a sofa surfer home dog with a family to love her!

Since she arrived she has been golden on the lead, not straying from by your side nor taking an ounce of notice of anything going on around her, just simply enjoying her walks and time of our kennels.

We have found that Jade is good with dogs, she has been introduced to plenty since being here so could well live with another dog providing temperaments suit.

Jade has taken to retirement like a duck to water, so far she hasn't even bothered to break out of a trot in the playpen but that's not to say she might like a zoom round her new garden when she finds a home! At the moment toys aren't really of interest to her, so we are trying to show her that squeaky toys mean playtime but she's not overly convinced... yet!

Overall Jade is your typical chilled out, easy going greyhound who loves a good fuss and would make a great family pet, we don't have anything bad to say about her other then she might need to learn some manners with high value items such as chicken as she can snatch but is good with her food & all other treats.

Hopefully she doesn't have to wait too long before she is out of kennels to never see or be in one ever again!


Doyle has hung up his racing shoes for good and will be looking for his retirement home… he’s only just cottoning on that retirement is on cards as he’s still got some beans in the tank... though sometimes it's quite short lived as his initial excitement coming out of the kennel eases and he strolls out like a king!
So far he has proved to be a gentleman, he walks really well on the lead practically glued to your leg sometimes feeling like your maneuvering a double decker bus with ears and a tail.. we're not entirely sure he is aware of just how big he is - bless him.
He is great with people, he loves a a fuss and has perfected the art of leaning in to your leg for more!
On the lead he seems good with other dogs out and about, we know he has been previously kenneled with other dogs and that he has taken a bit of a shine to one of our female Lurchers Cerys... but she also quite likes him too so they often share their walks! Doyle could well live with another dog but we would be looking for a companion more of his own size and energy.
In the playpen he opts for a sniff and a mooch before returning to your side for fuss... and sniff of your pockets to see if you have any spare snacks!
He is still quite switched on surveying the land for small furries and can get excited, bouncy & can jump up when you go into his kennel but who can blame him with a new pace of life… you’ve got to make your own excitement🤣 but probably best for no such small furries in his new home! 
Doyle is a wonderful boy who is turning in to a big friendly gentle giant... he will soon be living life to the full snoozing his days away in retirement never to have to see a racetrack again.


Olly has recently come back to us due to a family difficulty which left them in absolutely no other option but to return Olly to our care, understandably they are heartbroken but have given us lots of information so we can help him find a new home.

We originally had Olly after his racing days were over and he was starting his retirement, we are hoping that he finds a home as quickly as he did before as he isn't a fan of kennels especially now having a taste of domesticated living... not to mention finding his love of sofas!

We are ideally looking for a home with no or older children as his previous owners have told us he can be a little possessive with high value items but they have worked really hard to combat this and had made a great deal of improvement. Olly commendably gives ample warning if he isn't happy about a person taking the item from him, he has never been put in a position to take this any further but he will need owners to continue working with distraction and trade going forward.

In the home Olly is as relaxed as they come, opting to spend the majority of the day lazing around snoozing, he is housetrained (though may need reminding of this after his stay in kennels), he travels really well, he is super affectionate and friendly with everyone he meets... his only downside in the home is that he is counter height so no food left on the side is safe from his nose & stomach.

Olly has lived with a cat though he will chase if the opportunity arises but nothing more, he is also good with other dogs though he's not overly interested in them as he's more interested in his walks and sniffs.

We are looking for a home where someone is around a lot as he isn't a huge fan of being on his own, in his previous home he was gradually built up to be left for around 2 hours a day cozied up in his crate with the TV on, so any new owner will need to help him built up to be happy left longer.

On the lead Olly walks immaculately always by your side on a nice loose lead trotting along, his owners have told us he has good recall and some basic commands.

Overall Olly is a gorgeous boy who deserves another chance and will no doubt make someone a very lucky owner to have him.