Poor little Hollie has had a bad run of luck throughout her life, she has had several homes before coming to us and has also been the returned to us so we are desperately praying that Hollie can finally get some consistency, dedication and a forever home!

The reason for Hollie's return is due to barking at dogs whilst out on walks, this isn't a problem that we have ever had here in kennels as she walks with and interacts with all sort of dogs from big bouncy GSD's to nutty collies to calm cockerpoos, (she is actually incredibly tolerant, even when they jump all over her) so we haven't witnessed the behaviour her previous owner described. However with this in mind any new owner will need to be aware of this whilst walking and should any problems occur be willing to either attend some training/socialisation classes or be prepared to work with our behaviourist to combat this.

Don't let Hollie's age put you off, she certainly doesn't show it and is as active as a younger dog loving her walks and runs in the playpens! She isn't really your lap dog companion as she will still need a fair amount of exercise but once walkies are done she is the cuddliest most affectionate girl who just wants a human to adore!

We have been told Hollie travels perfectly, she is housetrained, has previously lived with another dog but will chase cats and will try to eat the post coming through the door!

Nobody can fault Hollie in kennels, she is the perfect resident, she has a good level of obedience, she walks nicely on the lead, she sits for her food, she goes out with volunteers and is fabulous with everyone she meets.

We can't let this beautiful girl down again, she deserves her happily ever after!!


Meet the handsome little dude Geoff, who has come into us from a private home. The reason for the rehome isn't for the lack of trying on the owners part but it seems Geoff had a behavioural problem which is centred around his owners within the home environment which doesn't present itself anywhere else nor with any other person and the problem is incessant barking at his owners.

Geoff's owners had sought help with two different behaviourists to see if they can combat the problem however due to the owners personal circumstances the only way to rectify the situation was taking Geoff out of it and rehome him elsewhere. Geoff has stayed with other family members and indeed in boarding kennels and has never exhibited the problem the owners have.

Since arriving we haven't actually heard Geoff bark at all, he is a friendly, happy boy who loves everyone, super biddable and a joy to have around!

We know that Geoff is good with other dogs having stayed with family members dogs and attended doggy daycare, so he could live with a dog in his new home provided temperaments suit.

Geoff travels well but can get a little car sick on longer journeys, he is housetrained, he walks well on the lead and absolutely loves fuss.

He is a very clever boy and has attended several training classes including scentwork which he loved, so it would be great if we could find him a home where he can put his brain (and nose!) to good use either to continue such classes or even try his paw at a new sport such as agility. He is very food motivated, has a full repertoire of commands and is always keen to please his handler.

We will be looking for an active home for this boy, he isn't a couch potato and certainly not a companion lap dog but one who wants to explore and go on loads of adventures, he is a fit little pup who really needs as much mental stimulation as physical stimulation - so long walkies are a must.

Geoff does have some seasonal allergies which causes him to be a bit itchy but this is controlled by medication as and when needed, usually around spring/autumn.

As Geoff hasn't been around children only having briefly met them in passing we are looking for a home with older or no children.

We are happy to discuss Geoff's previous behaviour with anyone interested in rehoming him, we have his behaviourist reports and have our own behaviourist for ongoing support.

We hope with the right home, enough exercise, plenty of work for his brain and an experienced owner Geoff will thrive in a new home!!