Button has come into us in sad circumstances along with another dog as their owner very sadly passed away but hopefully we can find him a new home very soon as he isn't enjoying his time in kennels - poor boy must be terribly confused.

Unfortunately due to his previous owners declining health Button hadn't ventured out of his home and garden for some time so when he first arrived he was pretty shut down, no sign of a tail wag, didn't really want to move from his bed and was evidently struggling with the change of losing his owner on top of finding himself in kennels but he has made great improvements since then!

As mentioned Button has come into us with another dog, we have split them as Button was very overbearing with the other dog for example he wouldn't allow him to walk freely instead glued himself to the other dogs side and cut him off when he didn't want him to go any further almost herding him, the other dog was also of poor health so we decided that it would be best for both dogs to be separated. Since the split Button has come into his own, rather then latching on to the other dog and ignoring everything around him including people, he is really coming out of his shell, interacting and becoming a very happy wiggly Labrador!

On the whole he does/can walk well though he can be very strong at times and will pull you especially if he wants to pee up something! We are working on this at the moment but further work will need to be continued in his new home. As he hasn't had many walks of late he is loving all the walks he can get here, so we are definitely looking for an active home where he can make up for lost time going on plenty of adventures!

One of Buttons favourite things is tennis balls, he gets super excited when you pick one up and loves to retrieve them for you, though sometimes he isn't the best at finding them especially in the long grass! He has been off lead in our playpen and fields where he was brilliantly behaved, not straying further then eyeshot of the person throwing the ball, happily fetching the balls and dropping them back at their feet.

Button is generally quite an obedient dog, he has a good knowledge of commands and is always looking to please his handler.

Ideally we are looking for a dog free home for Button, along with no children as he has no experience of them at all however we have information that he has previously lived with a cat whom he ignored but he hasn't formally been cat tested here so we wouldn't want to take the risk.




WALKER needs your help and a home!! 🤞
Walker was our dog back in 2019, he showed good aptitude to be a working dog so he was placed with Wagtail specialist dog services where he completed his training and got to work!!
He has now been retired from working and is looking for a permanent home to retire into and we have been contacted to help his search as so far it has proved fruitless and he is really hating kennels now 😢
Walker is a large Labrador X who is approximately 6-7years old and is currently with Red Paw rehoming so have a read of the below and then contact them if you think he could be the one for you... if not please SHARE on social media to help this boy find his forever after !!
Walker is available to foster with the view to adopt!!
Sadly he is kennel stressed so we need to find him a home ASAP
Walker is a male Labrador cross who was a stray before coming to us, so sadly not much is known about his life prior to being with us. Walker is a very cuddly and affection dog when having a good bond with you. He has had a couple of years working over in Northern France where he has worked closely with a few handlers whom formed a close bond with him.
He can be cautious of new people and most often men.. during his time with us he has rarely taken a dislike to any of our female handlers. Some men he absolutely loves and has an incredible bond with but he is very specific about who he likes and who he doesn’t. He will make it very apparent In the early stages if he isn’t your biggest fan.
Play - He LOVES to play but can go from 0-100 very very quickly and with that becomes a lot of jumping around and nipping at your arms. Even if he has a toy he gets over excited and will redirect on to a person. In this situation it’s not that he doesn’t like you and is trying to eat you it’s just how he plays.
Other dogs: He socialises really well off and on lead and gets on with most dogs that we have here. However out and about in public, when walked on a lead, he will around he will lunge and try and get at them, and bark! His handler has been working on this.
Cats: Cannot be rehomed with them
We don't know if Walker is house trained but he is clean in his kennel.
He is the most amazing boy and once he trusts you he is the softest snuggliest boy. He truly deserves the best home.
We will not be allowing anyone with young children to adopt him.
If you would like further information about Walker please send us an email to [email protected] with some info about yourself and we will send you an application form