Our lovely little Ginnie is now ready to find herself a third and final forever home! After coming to us from an owner who was unable to cope with her, we promised that we would find her the most paw-fect home!

Ginnie is a typical bouncy pup who is full of the joys of spring, she was a little shy when she first arrived but she is full of confidence now.

On the lead she can be a bit of a monkey at times, usually when she sees another dog or human the excitement is too much to resist to bounce around but we are working with her and getting her to understand that she can be excited but not act like a kangaroo!

We are also finding her some friendly dogs to make friends with, it's clear she hasn't had much socialisation before coming to us so we are teaching her that although she can play with some dogs we don't greet them by jumping on their heads or paws in their faces. She is doing much better, she could potentially live with another dog who would cope with her energy to teach her but equally she would be just as happy as the only dog with dog friends on walks and to continue her socialisation.

Ginnie's favourite place is the playpen, she has got so much energy and is as fast as lighting when the zoomies kick in! With her clever mind and speediness we have started to introduce her to some agility equipment, it's safe to say she is a tunnel monster already and is mastering the dog walk. Once you can harness her concentration and enthusiasm she could make a cracking agility dog!

We are looking for an active family, one to take her to training classes to work on the areas she is lacking, one to absolutely idolise her and her stunning huge ears!!!