If you are looking for a walking partner then Jasmine is the girl for you!!
Jasmine has come into us from another rescue where she has spent most of her life in a small yard with no walks... as you can imagine this has taken it's toll on her but probably not in the way you'd first imagine.
On the lead she walks beautifully, she will trot along next to you and would walk all day long, she is relishing every walk and sniff she can get so evidently making up for lost time. We will definitely be looking for a home where she will get out and about on lots of walks, adventures, holidays and hikes!
Jasmine gets on great with other dogs, she has met and been off lead with others since being here and generally she isn't too fussed about them, more interested in carrying on her walkies or sniffs! Though we would say she is better with bigger dogs or more of her own size as she can be a little OTT with smaller dogs.
In the playpen you'd expect her to be going hell for leather zooming but in fact she isn't too interested in speeding round, she will chase a ball but usually just mooches about.
Now for not so glowing part of her report... Jasmine doesn't like to be confined, she struggles with crates and will Houdini out of them, she also uses her Malinois intellect to open pop holes in the kennels. We are hoping this is predominantly due to the kennel environment and that the problems may ease within the home and with someone around but we can't be sure so we are ideally looking for someone with a bit of experience with shepherds/Mali's and possibly someone who is around a lot to help if there is any separation anxiety.
Jasmine is a lovely dog with a lovely nature, we just need to find the paw-fect home to suit her so she can get in all those missed experiences!