Meet our lovely boy Jim, he has come into us as a stray but sadly nobody came to claim him so we are going to do our upmost to ensure he finds a paw-fect home for life!

Jim can be a bit of a nervy soul at times and hand shy, heaven knows what's happened to him but he is slowly starting to realise that everything is ok!

On the lead Jim generally walks ok but he can be strong at times if he decide he wants to go somewhere or sniff something so would benefit some work going forwards.

Jim is your typically affectionate and loving Staffy, he loves to chat whilst you fuss him and wriggle about taking it all in! Whilst he loves to give ample kisses sometimes he can mouthe in a little over excitement but there is no malice in him whatsoever - just a happy boy unable to contain his excitement.

We feel that Jim would suit a home best where he is the only dog for now, we have introduced him to lots since being here and if they bark at him he will bark back however when corrected and told no he will stop and sit down. He has walked with plenty of different dogs whilst he is interested in them, he will happily walk alongside them enjoying his walk.

In the playpen he loves to run but ultimately his goal is to play with toys, he will pick up any toy but his most favourite is a football! He does play well though he is a vocal player like some Staffys are he does drop them and wait for you to get them to continue the playtime.

Ideally Jim would suit a Staffy experienced home, one that knows their personality types and love of talking, one who will help him continue to grow in confidence and show him what a forever home is!

Due to Jim's mouthing and nerves we would be ideally looking for a home with no young children.