Dot has come into us from a private home, sadly her human daddy passed away and her human mummy could no longer cope with her so we promised to findĀ  her a new home.

Despite Dot's age you wouldn't think she was an older dog, she still has lots of energy and loves her walks, not really your typical lap dog companion.

Dot does walk well on the lead rarely leaving your side, just happy to be out exploring and sniffing. We have walked her with lots of other dogs and she is overall very good though some she might have a bit of a bark at (the only one she has here is a large white dog!) but with a check on the lead and firm 'no' she stops immediately. Dot has also lived with another dog which was her canine dad however we do think she would quite like to be the only dog and have all the cuddles and attention to herself for once.

We have been told that she is crate trained, fine with visiting children though never permanently lived with them, does get travel sick on longer journeys, happy to be fussed & cuddled, food motivated but is particularly scared of thunder, bless her!

Dot is looking for a relatively active home so she can still go out on lots of walks but also one where she will get all the fuss and cuddles she likes!