About Me

Age: 3 years
Sex: female
Breed: Husky X

Active Family

Dog Friendly

Needs Training

No Under 5's

Not Cat Tested

Secure Garden Needed

Vaccinated & Neutered

Ideal Home

Arka was rehomed from us last year originally coming into us from another rescue where she was found as a stray with a significant leg injury (which thankfully is all healed up barely noticeable anymore!) but was sadly returned to us as her owners could no longer keep her safe despite everything they tried, it was a very heartbreaking decision!

We will start with her positives, Arka is brilliant with other dogs has regularly socialised on and off lead both with her previous owner and since she has come back to kennels, we haven't found a dog big or small she didn't love! It may benefit her having another dog as companionship within the home.

Arka can walk well on the lead, at times usually when she is excited she can be strong but with a or two reminder she will drop back to heel but this may need a little bit of work in her new home.

Arka loves people, she is very friendly and has lived with a child in her previous home, initially she was unsure what the small person was for but she soon found out they bring snacks and cuddles which she soon clocked and formed a great relationship with.

She's extremely gentle, has never snatched food when given treats and will now sit down nicely when asked. That being said, her owner said she does get particularly excited around human food, we they found it best to shut her in another room while they were eating as the more you push her away from the table the more she sees it as a game and the more skilled opponent she becomes.

Arka loves a blast off lead as well as a good sniff, she is also quite partial to a lounge in the sun so a nice big garden would definitely be high prioti

Now the negative... Arka does have severe separation anxiety, her previous owner worked with behaviourist's, crate trained, built up time left amongst a whole host of other things and at breaking point they asked if an outdoor kennel could be an interim solution so they could leave the house, which we agreed would suit her however it soon became victim to Arka's separation anxiety as she began to escape it and their garden which is what lead her to come back to kennels. With this in mind we are looking for someone experienced enough to continue working with Arka, the maximum time her owner could leave her for was an hour but evidently coming back to kennels will affect this so it may well be back to square one in a home environment.

Her owners couldn't speak highly enough of her and were truly upset about having to return her to us, below is some information written by her owner:

Arka is not a dog. In fact she is a hybrid - the best bits of a dog and a cat! Every morning she gives you a nudge to let you know she's there and she's quite content to a have a cuddle for 10 minutes before letting you know it's time for her morning walk. She's very bouncy when it's time for her walk but once she gets going she's excited to see fellow pups, humans and most importantly the squirrels. She's strong on the lead but I've found that she doesn't pull the ladies half as much as the gents (I'm sure she knows what the walker can handle and pushes it right to that line). Shes extremely conscientious when choosing her toileting spot as without fail there is a dog bin in sight. She is still a little frightened of loud or big vehicles on the road, but now moves away from the road and waits rather than jumping and yelping like a lunatic - this took alot of time, patience and reassurance.

When we first had Arka she was rather unsure of our then 5 year old. After patience and time she has learned to trust unsure hands again and is happy for fuss from all the children when I take her on our school runs - she even chooses to sit next to our little boy on the sofa on occasion.

Shes the most intelligent dog I have ever met! She has escaped from every crate and opened every stair gate that we have ever used within minutes for shutting her away. With the advice of a behaviourist we were advised to cut down on her food as she was becoming a little 'chonky' (baring in mind she was walking twice a day everyday). Arka was not impressed with her now smaller portions and chose to 'fend for herself' and make a meal out of pigeons in the garden! After getting fed up of chasing her around the garden trying to retrieve the pigeons she had hunted I began to watch and work out how she was so successful at catching them. I sat behind the door peaking through as she took a mouthful of her food, walked into the garden down the steps and dropped the food in a pile. She then retreated behind our patio gate and waited as pigeons landed and began eating her food.. she then had to have the door shut until she finished her breakfast! To reiterate - she is EXTREMELY clever!

As I hope you can tell our family is completely in love with her and deciding to re-home her has been one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make. Arka has the best temperament, and loves her humans immensely but we have found that she becomes a very different dog when left home alone for more than an hour or so. We decided to get a dog when we did because we had moved into a new house that needed alot of work and it wouldn't be too much of a drama if there was initial damage or issues while she settled in. Unfortunately we have had to have a real look at how Arka is feeling and how it's affecting her being left during the day (with breaks and a lunchtime walk) . Even with the help of the amazing behaviourist she is becoming more and more distressed when being left and it's beginning to cause issues with her mental well being, when medication from the vet was suggested to us we looked into the possible side effects and the risk to her health is not something we can morally do when a new family could possibly be a better fit and give her the chance and time that she needs and this is why we have hopefully made the best decision for her future. I would quit my job in a heartbeat, but with a young family in mind, I can't.

She loves her cuddles, and even on a sleepy Sunday she will check in every now and again, give us some attention and go back to her bed to sleep on her back. She pats you back when having her head scratches, she loves a belly rub but her favourite fuss spot is just behind her ears. She's so beautiful and so wonderful that you can't help but fall utterly in love with her and I desperately hope that the right, patient, loving and equally as wonderful person or family is out there for her. She truly deserves the world - I just wish it could have been us that gave it to her. 

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