About Me

Age: 12 Years
Sex: female
Breed: JRT

Calm and Quiet Home

Dog Free Home Needed

Good on Lead

No Cats

No Children

Secure Garden Needed

Vaccinated & Neutered

Ideal Home

Dearest little Beau is sadly back with us through no real fault of her own for the second time in a year so fingers crossed her luck will come in a third time!!

Beau was rehomed from us about 10 years ago but came back into us as she became less & less tolerant of the other dog/s in the home and began to cause fights, so the sad decision was made to return her so she could find a home of her very own without the stress of other dogs within the home. We managed to find her such a home however due to bereavement and a lack of time the owner could no longer continue caring for her so she made her way back to us for the second time.

The type of home Beau needs is a quieter one, one where she can find companionship with her owner/s, where she can still enjoy her walks and live out her retirement in peace.

Beau walks lovely on the lead just enjoying her time out, she goes out with all of our volunteers with out an issue. She loves a fuss and is incredibly affectionate, ideally she would suit a female as she can be cautious of some males but has been fine with our staff here.

In the playpen she isn't too fussed about all these zoomies the other dogs do, she does on occasion have a spurt of energy and play of a toy but all in all much more interested in the sniffs, investigating and the cuddles the human can offer!

We know Beau isn't a fan of other dogs so we are looking for a home with no other dogs/pets, she doesn't want to interact with other dogs when she is on her walks so if you are looking for a social butterfly to join you on walks with other dogs she may not be the one for you. She isn't at all reactive on the lead, she just keeps herself to herself and we absolutely don't blame her!

At 12 years we really hope she doesn't have to spend any more time in kennels then needed!

Interested in Beau? Send us a message!

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