About Me

Age: 2 Years
Sex: male
Breed: Lurcher

Active Family

Dog Free Home Needed

Needs Training

No Under 5's

Ideal Home

We've been asked by another charity to help them find poor Echo a home as he has had little to no interest and how could we say no to that gorgeous face! So he's with us and we are keeping our paws crossed that we can indeed help find him a forever home!

Since being with us Echo has been an absolute gentleman with people, he loves everyone and graces each and every person with the typical Lurcher lean up your leg for fuss!

On the lead he can be strong at times, he's not really a scanning the horizon for small furries kind of sighthound but a nose to the floor sniffer kind of sighthound but once his nose is off the floor, he is in check at heel he can and will walk nicely.

Echo does have a mixed reaction to dogs, some he ignores, some he is interested, some he loves and some he will react towards. That said we have found that even those he does react towards initially he can learn to be friends with given correct instructions for example, upon first meeting Ginnie the Whippet X he did react towards her barking and grumbling but now they are very good friends!!

In the playpen he does love a good blast round, chasing toys though he's not a retriever so the toys stay wherever they are thrown for him! In the safe confines of our playpen he does have a pretty good recall to his name but we would suggest that any off lead antics in his new home are also in an equally enclosed safe space... just in case 🙂

We do know that Echo was in a home prior to coming to us where he was sadly returned to the rescue due to pregnancy and adoption of two XL Bully puppies so sadly Echo had to go however he did live with children and loved hanging out with them.


Interested in Echo? Send us a message!

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