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About Me

Age: 2 Years
Sex: male
Breed: Crossbreed

Dog Free Home Needed

Needs Training

No Cats

No Under 5's

Not Cat Tested

Vaccinated & Neutered

Ideal Home

Little Nero has come into us from another charity where nothing is known about his life before being found as a stray.

Nero's most favourite things are people, fuss, affection, comfort and cuddles! If he was older we would say he would be the perfect little companion dog for someone who just wants a pooch to sit upon their knee... however he is only 2 years old though he isn't an avid walker (he probably wouldn't want to walk up to the top of the Malvern hills!) he does have a fair amount of energy.

Before coming to us we don't think he has ever been on the lead before so it has been a learning journey but he has done really well, he doesn't pull, he is usually by your side or trailing behind trying to get in as many sniffs as possible!

We are looking for a dog free home for Nero, he isn't a happy bunny in close presence of other dogs, he isn't reactive on the lead towards others either in passing or walking with but close proximity he isn't shy about telling them off if they get too close to him/his face - who can blame him really. That being said he has got much better and does take confidence from his handler, if told to leave/stop he will so he would benefit from some socialisation to help this going forward.



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