About Me

Age: 1-2 Years
Sex: female
Breed: Crossbreed

Active Home & Needs Training

Dog Free Home Needed


Needs Socialisation

No Cats

No Under 5's

Vaccinated & Neutered

Ideal Home

Little Miss Pixie is ready to fly out of kennels and into her forever home after coming into us from another rescue where sadly no history is known about her life before us.

On the lead Pixie walks relatively well, she may need the odd reminder every now and then but that's all.

In the playpen she loves a tear round, full pelt zoomies are first on the priority list then once they are out of the way we move on to playtime usually in the form of playing up the human to chase her as she isn't overly fussed about toys even in her kennel. Last on the list but definitely in no way less important is fuss and cuddles galore as she just can't get enough, especially belly rubs, she loves any interaction a human can give her and certainly gives the best kisses back!

We have found Pixie can be a little less angelic than her name suggests when around some dogs, she is 50/50 with the dogs she does and like, if given the opportunity she can react towards them on the lead however she has been in boot camp and with distraction along with firm but fair handling she is responding really well learning to refrain from using her voice instead sitting and letting them pass by. That being said if she likes a dog then she will happily say hello and play for hours but we've not quite worked out the strategy she has for friendship worthy dogs especially given prior to coming with us she socialised with an array of dogs without issue. For this reason we are looking for a home with no other dogs and one with experience to continue her training so she can become a more sociable and tolerant pooch.

We know Pixie wants to be a good girl, she is an absolute little beauty with people so let's hope we can find someone who can look past her little hiccup of dogs to fall in love with her and give her the best home with every opportunity to succeed!

Interested in Pixie? Send us a message!

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