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About Me

Age: 4-5 Years
Sex: male
Breed: Greyhound

Dog Friendly

Good on Lead

No Cats

Secure Garden Needed

Vaccinated & Neutered

Ideal Home

Roddick is ready to find a nice retirement home as his racing days are behind him, he has come into us after being retired from the track and has taken to it like a duck to water - basically has his pipe and slippers on!

Since the day he arrived Roddick has been as chilled out and laid back as they come, he is such a gentleman and always on his best behaviour.

Roddick walks paw perfect on the lead, always by your side pootling along without a care in the world just enjoying his stroll, you sometimes need to check he's still there he's that good!

We have to say Roddick is probably one of the most cuddly and affectionate Greyhounds we have had, he loves the fuss he gets and has nailed the 'lurcher lean' on your legs.

We've walked him with a multitude of different dogs and he hasn't put a toe out of line, so he could live with another dog but one on his energy level as he may not cope with anything high energy, though we don't doubt he might like a gallop every now and then!

If your looking for a perfect Greyhound, Roddick could well be the man for you!

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