Star & Sprout

About Me

Age: 4 & 7
Sex: male
Breed: Crossbreed

Calm and Quiet Home

Dog Free Home Needed

Good on Lead

Needs Socialisation

Needs Training

No Cats

No Children

Secure Garden Needed

Vaccinated & Neutered

Ideal Home

Sprout and Star have been with us for some time but have needed an extra helping paw with their confidence, though they aren't what you'd say as 'confident' they have come on in leaps and bounds since first arriving with us so we now feel the time is right to find them a permanent home 🙂

They are a bonded pair however if we can find homes to suit both of their needs then we will consider splitting them but hopefully we can find a nice home for them together to continue their journey side by side.

Sprout is female and she is 4 years old, she is the grey scruffy looking one. Sprout is usually the first to approach you, first to have her lead on and first to lie on her back for belly rubs. She is also the first to decide she doesn't want to walk anymore (hence her portly stature!! but we are working on this) and will need coaxing along. She has an absolute hear of gold, even at her most fearful moments her temperament never wavered.

Star is male and is 7 years old, he is the black and tan fella. Star is the more excited out of the two, he so desperately wants to run straight up to you for fuss but often needs Sprout to go first then he will join in the fuss and nudge poor sprout out of the way! Star loves his walks though sometimes will have to run to his bed for comfort when you put his lead on but will happily walk and sniff all day long.  Out of the two Star has come the furthest, he was very wary of everything and everyone opting to run away from you at every given opportunity.

Both Star & Sprout are now going out with volunteers, though it takes them a minute to suss them out it's not long before they are lapping up the fuss. In the kennel you often see them lay next to each other side by side gazing out at the goings on.

We will be looking for an experienced home to keep their confidence growing, they will need a quiter environment with no children and no other dogs. Just one where they can get the TLC, walks and time they need.

Interested in Star & Sprout? Send us a message!

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