About Me

Age: 3 Years
Sex: male
Breed: Greyhound


No Under 5's


Ideal Home

Treasure came into us after he was retired from racing, sadly we soon realised that the reason for his retirement was due to a career ending injury.
His back right hock was blown up like a balloon and after some doing some digging we found out that he had broken his hock, had been successfully operated on and went through the beginnings of rehab before coming to us.
Sadly this means poor Treasure is on very restricted exercise to minimalise the motion and strain on that back leg.
As you can imagine the poor boy was really starting to get down in the dumps so we moved him to a kennel where he can see the goings on, started him on frequent very short lead walks so he could do his ones & twos along with a good sniff around!
We also started providing him with as much enrichment as we can (without making him an overweight little piggy!) such as snuffle mats which he thoroughly gets his hooter stuck straight into, dog puzzles which he works out in minutes but his absolute favourite is a LickiMat smushed with Peamutt Butter , sardines and all of his favourite things... The only problem is as you can see by the photo, is that he loves his Lickit a bit too much at times and the corners didn't survive his attempts to try and get that last lick!
Treasure is such a loving boy, he is super friendly, walks well on the lead and we know he gets on with dogs his size though we aren't sure about anything smaller due to having to keep his exercise and excitement bounces to a minimum.
We know Treasure will be over the moon when he can finally run free but we also know he would love nothing more to have his own family to love and pamper him to help him recover fully!

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