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GSD X, Male

Approx 5-7 years

Frankie is ready to start the search for his new home, specially as now his best friend Dixie the GSD X has found hers leaving him without a play mate :(

Frankie came in to us via another rescue so his history remains unknown however when he first arrived he was very shy/nervous and more so of men but fast forward a few weeks later and he is so much better! He has now started to go out with some of our long term volunteers for his walks and he's loving it. He can be shy of new people still but this is improving daily. Despite being fearful he hasn't put a foot wrong only opting to back away slowly rather then anything else.

On the lead Frankie gnerally just plods along, he can at times be a bit strong usually when he is following his nose fogetting his is attahced to the lead still but a gentle 'check' on the lead and he soon realises.

We have found that he is brilliant with other dogs, as mentioned above, his best friend was Dixie and they loved going off lead together playing! He could be homed with another dog as long as they weren't too over the top in their demands for play as Frankie is pretty chilled and doesn't pester other dogs to play but when the right time arises he is up for it! If you have Facebook and want to see him in action with Dixie please click on this link:

Frankie is looking for a faily chilled home where he can sprawl out on the sofa thorughout the day but still have lots of exercise as he loves exploring!