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Mervin has found himself back looking for a new home as sadly his first one didn't work out so fingers and paws crossed it's second time lucky.

Mervin originally came in to us via another rescue with no history so we had to get to know him to find out more about him, since being rehomed we have more of a knowledge of the type of home he needs.

Due to his peculiar front legs Mervin isn't going to ever be a mountaineer but would enjoy some nice strolls, he can be very stubborn on the lead and refuse to move unless it's the direction he wants to go but with some encouragement and a firm but fair handler he will continue with his walk.

We have found out that he doesn't like being left on his own so we are looking for a home where there is someone around a lot to keep him company.

Mervin is generally pretty ignorant of other dogs, some he likes and plays well with others he finds too much and doesn't like them in his face and will tell them off. We are ideally looking for a home with no other dogs.

Mervin is a cuddle character that will throw himself on his back for belly rubs at any opportunity, he is very people orientated and would be a great lap dog!