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Become a Sponsor

Many people would love to offer a home to a Forest Dog Rescue dog but sometimes work commitments, family issues or personal reasons mean that it's just not possible. We would like to offer those people an alternative, why not become a Sponsor?

Every month it costs the charity over £18,000 to provide food, a warm and clean bed, and veterinary care to the many dogs looking for their new forever home and we are totally reliant on donations. We need regular income to ensure we can continue our work.

By sponsoring a dog your money can help with…

£5 will feed a dog

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£10 enables us to advertise 

to find new homes for the dogs 

in our care

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£20 will provide a dog 

with a clean, warm home 

and regular exercise

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£60 pays for a dog to be vaccinated, micro-chipped, plus basic flea and worm treatment

Helping to care for a dog can mean almost as much as owning one of your own.

Many of the dogs that come into rescue will eventually find new homes but for some it's just not possible. We never put a healthy dog down so we have dogs which we know may remain a permanent member of the Forest Dog Rescue family whether they stay with us or in foster.

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Meet Tucker

Tucker is one of our lucky dogs who is in a very loving and caring foster home where he excels daily. Ria and Phil Baxter have been devoted to Tucker from day one and have continually helped this lad get through so many problems and still with a smile, even when times have been so difficult.

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As a sponsor you will receive regular copies of our newsletter, "The Howler",

which will keep you up-to-date with what's going on at the charity.

To download a Sponsorship Form

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If you would like to discuss sponsorship in more detail 

call Wendy on 01299 823621 or email [email protected]