Adopted dogs can take 3 days to decompress, 3 weeks to sart to know your routine and 3 months to start to feel at home.

Please give them the chance they deserve.

Tips for new owners

Portion sizes -

To control weight, limit portion sizes at mealtimes and consider a senior specific dry food. Only give them the occasional treat with high quality natural ingredients.


Adequate water -

Help your dog meet their daily water requirements of 1072ml for a 20kg dog; provide multiple bowls of fresh water or try a pet fountain for dogs attracted to running water.


Regular exercise -

Help your dog maintain muscle mass, mobile joints and a healthy heart with regular short exercise sessions; gentle exercise such as walking and swimming is best.


Dental health -

Keep a close eye on the dental health of your dog; try dental chews, daily brushing and a professional clean where required.


Treat Fleas & Worms -

Keep on top of your parasite control. As your dog's immune system will become weaker with age, fleas & worms ticks can pose greater health risks.


Safeguard environment -

keep clear paths for your dog by removing any potential hazards and use a pet gate to confine them into a space when you are unable to supervise


Supportive bed -

As your dog ages, having a supportive bed is important to the comfort and eases of getting up and down; try an orthopaedic memory foam bed & a heating pad to provide warmth & ease joint pain.


Hand signal training -

If your dog struggles with hearing loss, use hand signals and body language to communicate with them.


Affection -

Show love to your dog with touch and affection; massage can also provide relief for joint pain, while brushing will help your pet with grooming.


Mental stimulation -

Keep your dog's mind active with chew toys, treat puzzles & interactive toys.



When walking your dog make sure you dress them in a dog coat in cold weather and ensure the track is sturdy without steep hills or obstacles that they may need to jump over

Use a baby gate to prevent your senior dog climbing stairs which maybe difficult on their joints.

Provide a daily routine of exercise, training and play to prevent cognitive decline.

When outdoors remove potential hazards for your dog such as chemicals, pesticides and poisonous plants.

When in the garden, ensure your dog is safely away from any potentially dangerous garden tools like the lawn mower & don't forget if its sunny or hot use pet sunblock on their ears & nose and plenty of shade to lie in & water to drink.

If your dogs is deaf or hard of hearing, try using hand signals & a flashing light to call them.

Apply non skid surfaces throughout the house

Shake out bedding frequently to keep it fresh; vacuum or dust it with flea powder to kill parasites.

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