About Me

Age: 10 Years
Sex: female
Breed: Collie

Dog Friendly


Needs Training

No Under 5's

Not Cat Tested

Secure Garden Needed

Ideal Home

Some of you may recognise BEA from a post on Facebook… she came into us with THE most shocking teeth, there was so much plaque, swelling & infection her teeth were barely recognisable as teeth even moving so much so she had to readjust her jaw every time she opened her mouth - you could even here them move - so was booked in to have an emergency dental!!
We can now confirm Bea is feeling SO much better, has been given the all clear from the vet and a green light to find a new home.
Bea is 10 years old and is deaf. She came into us from a private home, full details will be given to those interested in rehoming her but we can say she has had her fair share of upheaval being bought from Facebook with potentially having several homes prior to coming to us.
Given Bea’s history we are seeking a lovely retirement home, where she won’t have to be uprooted again, one where she can get all the love and attention she needs and craves and one where she isn’t left too long as she really loves human company.
Bea has found a new lease of life since having her teeth done, she is pain free and loving all the walks, meeting new people and not to mention food she can get!
At the moment Bea is in a foster home where she is living with other dogs, though she isn’t really one for opting to interact with other dogs much preferring humans though she is very bossy towards other dogs very much thinking of herself as top dog so may not suit particularly shy/submissive dogs equally any dog who would challenge her. She could live with another dog but would be best suited to being an only dog with lots of human attention instead!
Bea really deserves a wonderful home, let’s hope we can find her one soon!!

Interested in Bea? Send us a message!

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