About Me

Age: 2-3
Sex: male
Breed: Crossbreed

Dog Friendly


No Under 5's

Vaccinated & Neutered

Ideal Home

Meet our lovely boy Corey who has come into us from another rescue, to begin with he was a bit shy and had no idea what the lead was for but he has come on a long way already!

Corey's favourite thing is zoomies in the playpen, with or without toys, he doesn't mind and will zoom about as fast as he can with the odd leap round and roll on the floor! If you follow us on Facebook you might have seen a few of his zoomy escapades!

Despite not really sure of lead walks he has now come full circle and really looks forward to seeing that lead because he knows it's his turn for walkies! When he first comes out he can be quite excitable and bouncy (gone are the days of hiding behind someones leg!) but he does then settle and walk nicely.

We are now working on him meeting new people as his shy side does come back but he is going out with new volunteers as much as possible, once he knows you he is your best friend for life.

Corey loves other dogs, he has walked with a multitude of different dogs here and has wanted to play with them all, he has even helped one of our more nervous dogs gain some confidence. Corey could live with another dog but we do think he would be equally happy to be the centre of someones world as an only dog, to relive his puppyhood and be utterly adored as an only dog with just having dog friends out and about!

Overall Corey is just a big dafty with a big heart and loveable nature, he really will make someone a very lucky owner.

Interested in Corey? Send us a message!

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