About Me

Age: 4 Years
Sex: male
Breed: Greyhound

No Cats

No Under 10's

Vaccinated & Neutered

Ideal Home

Doyle has hung up his racing shoes for good and will be looking for his retirement home… he’s only just cottoning on that retirement is on cards as he’s still got some beans in the tank... though sometimes it's quite short lived as his initial excitement coming out of the kennel eases and he strolls out like a king!
So far he has proved to be a gentleman, he walks really well on the lead practically glued to your leg sometimes feeling like your maneuvering a double decker bus with ears and a tail.. we're not entirely sure he is aware of just how big he is - bless him.
He is great with people, he loves a a fuss and has perfected the art of leaning in to your leg for more!
On the lead he seems good with other dogs out and about, we know he has been previously kenneled with other dogs and that he has taken a bit of a shine to one of our female Lurchers Cerys... but she also quite likes him too so they often share their walks! Doyle could well live with another dog but we would be looking for a companion more of his own size and energy.
In the playpen he opts for a sniff and a mooch before returning to your side for fuss... and sniff of your pockets to see if you have any spare snacks!
He is still quite switched on surveying the land for small furries and can get excited, bouncy & can jump up when you go into his kennel but who can blame him with a new pace of life… you’ve got to make your own excitement🤣 but probably best for no such small furries in his new home! 
Doyle is a wonderful boy who is turning in to a big friendly gentle giant... he will soon be living life to the full snoozing his days away in retirement never to have to see a racetrack again.

Interested in Doyle? Send us a message!

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