About Me

Age: 9 Years
Sex: female
Breed: Labradoodle

Calm and Quiet Home

Dog Friendly

No Under 5's

Not Cat Tested

Ideal Home

Lilly has unfortunately made her way into us due to a bereavement along with another dog (Rita, who is also up for rehoming) sadly both girls whilst well loved were in quite a state when they arrived Lilly being in a worse state than Rita.

The first thing that Lilly needed was to be clipped off so we could remove all of the matting she had, she must have been in a lot of discomfort but was soon feeling much better and a lot more mobile - as the matting did restrict her legs and would have also impacted her ability to go to the toilet easily. Once she was clipped we then tackled the fleas and got her booked into the vet as it was clear there was something going on with her ears and eyes.

Sadly her ears were much worse then originally anticipated, she had infections in both ears and both ear drums had burst along with an eye infection she also a grade 1 heart murmur but no medication or treatment required for that. She went straight on to medication and drops for both ears and eyes, though she is still under the vet with ears/eyes at the moment and will need further treatment, we want nothing more then for her to be in a home getting the additional TLC she needs however we are ideally looking for someone local to us or a Severn Edge practice so she can attend our vet for any future treatment.

She is such a sweet  happy girl, very friendly and will greet you with a wiggly bum. Lilly is very people orientated, she absolutely loves fusses and cuddles. She can sometimes jump up and put front paws on your chest when she wants your attention but she responds well to commands.

She walks beautifully on the lead once she’s settled after the initial excitement of coming out of the kennel but as she hadn't been walked for several years prior to coming in to us she has some catching up to do on walks. She loves to have a sniff and a mooch round on the field and in the play pens. She doesn’t seem overly interested in many toys more so a mooch round and plenty of fuss,  who can blame her!

We feel she could live with another dog however one to complement her relaxed nature rather then overwhelm her however she would be equally happy being an only dog soaking up all the attention, loving and cuddles to herself.

Lilly would love a family to call her own who will give her all the love and care she deserves. Definite no to cats and older children as she has never been around them.

Interested in Lilly? Send us a message!

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