About Me

Age: 1-2 Years
Sex: male
Breed: Crossbreed

Active Home & Needs Training

Dog Friendly

Needs Socialisation

No Under 5's

Not Cat Tested

Secure Garden Needed


Ideal Home

Marchel is just about ready to get started in one of those things we call a forever home for a new life!! After coming into us via another rescue from a foster home kennels to begin with were a bit of a shock for him however it has done his confidence a world of good but the journey isn't over yet.

As you can imagine when he first arrived he was pretty bewildered and a tad shut down however he has taken a little time but he has come on so much, we can now see the cheeky boy that was waiting to come out!

Marchel is great with other dogs, he has been off lead with plenty since arriving with us and he just loves to chase and be chased, we haven't found a dog he doesn't like though he can be a bit much for some dogs.

On the lead he does need some work as he can be a bit skittish, more often then not when he see's another dog he can barely contain his excitement so can pull and jump around wiggling his bum everywhere so some socialisation/training classes would definitely be on the cards for him so he can understand there is a time and a place to say hello to other dogs.

In the playpen he loves a good blast round zooming 100mph, especially with a toy in tow - he's not entirely convinced about or why he should bring toys back for you yet though.

Marchel has just started to go out with some of our volunteer walkers, he is shy about meeting new people and does take some time to warm up but once he is your friend, your friends for life! He will need some work on meeting new people in his new home, as mentioned he has come on a lot in confidence but he isn't quite there yet so an understanding, firm but sympathetic handling should help no end.

Though shy Marchel is no shrinking violet, he has bundles of energy and will need an active home to keep him out of mischief and when he has gained some confidence we are certain he will want a life of adventures and fun!

For a boy described as a lovely nutter, there is a perfect home out there somewhere, hopefully we can find it soon so he can be on a sofa & running round his very own garden soon!

Interested in Marchel? Send us a message!

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