Marnie's Story

Marnie in Foster

Hi Auntie Emma and all my friends at Forest Dog,

My foster mum has finally found out how to send you some photos (It's so hard to teach an old human new tricks!!)

I guess Auntie Kath told you how I walked straight in and settled down in front of the fire. I've fitted in as though I always lived here - and doggy Aunt Tippi cheered up straight away and after worrying foster mum and dad for weeks grieving over the loss of her mum - they are SO relieved.

Training is nicely underway, I keep 'dad' busy with rough and tumble play (I exercise him regularly), mum' is more of a 'throw and fetch' type and makes a good 'cushion'. I'm learning as I go along, Tippi is teaching me how to ask to go out, how to not jump up at mum when she first gets up, but to wait until she calls us over to her.

You will notice how the accommodation has gradually improved, Aunt Tippi and I found the old bed far too big, so we were given cardboard boxes overnight!! Luckily it was only overnight whilst they hunted down the 'proper' bed/baskets. I'm glad I have Aunt Tippi for company at night or I wouldn't be too keen on being left alone or know for sure I was supposed to stay in bed. It took a few nights - but I know I have Aunt Tippi for company and when mum sends us to bed and tucks us in with our blankets, we settle down and stay in our beds until dad wakes us in the mornings.

I've also taught mum and dad not to leave their shows lying around - serves mum right!! To make the lesson more memorable, I chewed the left shoe of one pair and the right shoe of another pair - thoughtful of me - because although they don't match - at least I've left her a pair to wear. Dad caught onto the lesson straightaway and keeps his shoes in the cupboard...mum does too hee.

With Love from Marnie XX  (24/01/14)


Hi Auntie Emma,

I hope you are keeping well and hope my friends are finding forever homes.

Goodness! I'm so glad I brought my coat with me!! Auntie Tippi and I are sleeping through the wind and rain as much as possible, and even when we are not sleeping - we are pretending to's not very pleasant being so close to the ground in the mud, wind and rain !! (Of course, the 'benefits'' are the "ahhh, so cute" value from all the humans who meet me) - 'course as soon as the sun breaks through we perk up and run around playing - then dash back indoors to warm our paws.

We've taught mum not to part us - the cheek of the woman!! Auntie Tippi hates vacuum cleaners - and punishes mum by 'letting rip' with a high pitched scream until the machine stops - mum learnt that if Auntie Tippi is not in the same room as the vacuum then Auntie Tippi ignores it - but I don't like being shut out (I leave a puddle to make my point!) so mum thought a good idea would be for me to join Dad in his office while Auntie Tippi stopped in the kitchen, away from the vacuum. Ha!! Aunt Tippi made more noise 'shouting' for me than she did about the vacuum!!! Serves mum right!! We were apart for about ten minutes!! ten whole minutes!!! Wow what a reunion we had, we were SO pleased to see each other.

Lesson accomplished!! We have taught mum not to part us!!

I'm still working hard - This is me guarding the front path - (and Aunt Tippi watching me watching the path

Aunt Tippi can't manage the window ledge and can't hear if anyone knocks the door, so it's up to me to 'sound the alert' for Auntie Tippi).

This is us forming a sleep heap. And this is us warming our paws in front of the fire after a trip outdoors.

Love, hugs, and lots of tail wagging 'hello's'

Marnie XXX (12/02/14)

PS Mum says that she totally understands how Auntie Tippi feels about noisy vacuums and secretly wishes mum could scream too hee hee!!


Hi Auntie Emma,

Very sorry to hear that you are suffering from the dreaded lurgy - mum and dad send loads of empathy and sympathy and we all hope you feel better very soon.

Thank you so much for sending the news - you must be psychic mentioning towel drying (more later) - sorry to hear that it's been a slow month - and I hope all goes well with the puppies (all err....umm....2 (ish) ?? of them hee hee) - just between you and I - mum and dad are pushovers and in a short term 'emergency' just give me a 'shout' and I will see what I can do.

Thank goodness there are folks like you and Forest Dog in the big outside world - I dread to think what would become of us - but warm hearts, the care, and a welcome roof over our heads, and the love that is so obviously showered over us while we wait for our forever homes, is priceless !!

Hmmm the towel drying..... hee hee.... well.... it was the first sunny day in many a moon, so mum and her lovely little grand-human-puppy, decided it would be ideal to hunt snowdrops - Auntie Tippi decided to stay in the warm with mum's human puppy and a chew bone, whilst we donned leads (and reins), wellie's, jackets, (Oh auntie Emma - why does it take so long for humans to get ready???) I was ready in a jiffy and nearly went to sleep from boredom!! Anyway, we eventually went through the back door, what fun!!!

I know I hate going out in the rain, but a sunny day and a nice deep muddy puddle is a different matter all together !! I splashed and splished and got myself wonderfully mucky and was just about to dash in and dry myself on the sofa .......caught!!! The next thing I knew I was standing in the sink in warm water having a bath!! Mum's puppy's pup was SO gentle I actually enjoyed the bath (don't tell anyone but the lovely little lady thinks I'm a 'baby' dog so the sweet mini human is extra gentle!!)

The towel drying wasn't that great, and I mistook it for a toy - so I made sure I used two towels, one to wrestle with - while I was dried with the other. I think I heard Aunt Tippi giggling !!

Everyone here sends their love and best wishes for a rapid recovery.

Love, hugs and slobbery kisses from Marnie XXX (17/02/14)

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